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Podcast #82 – The whole lotta heart episode.

How much heart do you have? Do you stand and fight or do you easily capitulate? Having heart is one of the most important virtues a man can have.
Also, I might talk about Jordan Peterson a wee little bit.


We can never have enough enemies.


Throwing away a perfectly good black boy.


  1. Bob's my uncle

    Yeah I listened, not bad. One thing a few of us asked in the military well over a decade ago was, “Why do we check pulse when we already know they’re breathing, wouldn’t the heart still be beating?” Glad they changed it, as the usual answer was, “It’s just the way it is.”.

    It should be of concern for advanced medics only really. That’s where one lecturer had us looking for a reason why to check a pulse, I remember I came up with the answer below.

    There is one reason I may still check a pulse, particularly if I had no medic equipment, if there was a large bleeding wound(that you already taken care of), or chance of internal injury. If the person still had a pulse in the wrist or ankle, then you can assume the BP is at least 80/50, and document the fact. You still have time to work something out in that golden minute, if you succeed then the golden hour.

    So if you have another smart arse you can give them that…

    Couple a things about Peterson, he’s broken two rules I was taught as a young boy. One, boys don’t cry. Two, boys don’t kiss boys. The fact he has a pic of his face all dolled up like a trans out there is good enough for me to say rule two has been broken.

    Another point would be, doctors have a Hippocratic oath. Psychologists and psychiatrists have a code of ethics they have to abide by in every Western country, it’s like the Hippocratic oath, except it has a whole sleuth of SJW activism woven within it. So apart from his Gammatude Peterson would be shackled by that to quite a great degree. Hence why he runs as fast as he can from biological reality. I’m a fair bloke. That will be the only defense I’d give him, as breaking that code could cost Peterson his practice and credentials. For reference.

    As you said if he wants to come out, with what he really believes, he’s anti-fragile. Voxday just pointed out Peterson has aligned himself with Ben Shapiro, so the civic nationalist plot thickens.

    I understand how the gamma and the petulant crying of betas and deltas is cringe worthy, as with Matty. Hey, the world wouldn’t turn round if the obedient Betas and Deltas didn’t exist. If it was all Alpha and Sigma, we would probably just be at each others throats all the time.

    For a few of us fighting is fun, and so the truth hurts. The betas and deltas will come around.

    • Adam

      Yes, they’ll come around. But by then they’ll be knee-deep in the next great delusion.

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