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Throwing away a perfectly good black boy.

A couple of black grifters who were sitting in a Starbucks without ordering anything and who had refused to order a simple beverage, (undrinkable coffee), when asked to do so by the manager and who were then subsequently arrested after said manager called the cops have had a little win.

Black men arrested at Starbucks settle for $1 and $200K youth program.


On Wednesday, Starbucks announced it reached a financial settlement with the men. The amount was not disclosed.

The company said they will also be given the opportunity to complete their bachelor’s degrees, their tuition fully covered, through a Starbucks partnership with Arizona State University. The online college education program was created in 2014 for Starbucks employees.

Their tuition fully covered. That’s two full degrees, nice work if you can get it.

During the uproar, Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson came to Philadelphia to apologize to the men. He also announced that more than 8,000 Starbucks stores in the U.S. would close on the afternoon of May 29 so nearly 175,000 employees can get training in unconscious bias.

Holy shit, I bet the training company that scored that contract is making some serious bank for all of the whitey corporate angst on display.

If you’re a black living in the USA at this time and you don’t attempt to scam stupid whites who are literally scared of the color of their own skin then there’s something wrong with you. The new white religion is progressivism and their penance is found by public displays of virtue signaling. Even better if the signaling involves some sort of suffering on their own part.

All we need now is a remake of a classic movie from the 80s, Better off Dead, but this time with a black boy in the lead role. Because it would make a great deal of sense. Here’s one example:



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  1. Dave

    This sets the tone in the US now, if you’re not white, just go sit in a fast food restaurant and never order anything till you are asked to leave. Refuse, get arrested and then rake in the cash – if this became a viral thing I bet these fast food joints would close down the eat-in option and become strictly drive through – with bullet proof glass of course.

    Can’t wait till we start seeing this kind of crap in Australia.

  2. TechieDude

    When I saw this silliness going down, I was amazed at at how ignorant, even oblivious, of common culture or even civic decency people have these days.

    I was a field engineer for years, and still travel quite a bit. There are things that we all knew once;
    First, bathrooms in nearly all major metro areas are locked. (Being a tech, I knew nearly everywhere I could take a dump when in DC or Baltimore). Second, if you want to use the head, it’s simple decency to buy something first. You are then a “Customer” and the rules are now different. Even if the bathroom is open in a gas station or travel stop when on the road now, I’ll buy something. Even if it’s a bottle of water or cup of tea.

    This used to be commonly understood. I guess it’s far above the indigenous population of Philly to understand social graces, and thus not feel entitled. “For our customers only” is not a racial restriction.

    The solution to this is one that I’ve seen all over the UK when I’m there, and once it’s discovered (again) here, it’ll go viral in downtown areas – Pay toilets.

    They’re coming to a town near you. Carry coinage for when you have that sense of urgency. Otherwise, you’ll be browning your drawers in front of all.

    I think I’ll get to work on a card swipe system for the head. There’ll be a market.

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