Right now somewhere in the world it is still Friday. Hawaii maybe, or even Guam. So technically I am on the side of all that is right in calling this a Friday post, but as we are all aware I am morally on the side of being far too late and a big poo poo face. What can I say? It was a big week for me, both on the blog and in real life. Lots of things happening, and I got home late last night and I didn’t have the creative energy for the links edition that all of you crave so much. So I had a drink and I went to bed.
But today I am energized. It looks set to be a lovely weekend here in Holland. I think some BBQs are in order. I BBQ so that I can stand around outside in the sun, drink fine beer and smoke cigars all day under the pretense of preparing food for the starving hordes. I then eat all of the food.  What is good in life?
The links, fair people, the links. And the hawtness.

Let’s continue straight out of the bat with some updates on the Jordan Peterson saga. Vox Day has turned his dark eye on the man and is proceeding with some severe demolition of his work, his philosophies, and his mental state.
An interesting and revealing comparison of Peterson’s 12 rules for life with L. Ron Hubbard’s 8 Dynamics of Dianetics.
8 Dynamics of Dianetics:

  • Self: Peterson has rule 1, 2 and 10
  • Sex: Rule 5
  • Group: Rule 3, 9
  • Mankind: Rule 6, 11, 4
  • Animal: Rule 12
  • Universe: not applicable
  • Spiritual: Rule 7
  • Infinity: Rule 8

Day’s general view of Peterson is that his teachings are bait for the broken. In other words, Peterson himself as a chronic depressive needed to come up with a way of being able to function in everyday life without having a meltdown.
(On this note, apparently one of his rules in his latest book includes the instruction to make sure to remember that you take your pills every day, something which I assume he forgot to do the day that he tweeted about me).
His book is a guidebook for how to function in the world if you are mentally ill. Crucially, it is not a guide for how to climb out of that state. Vox Day explains his analysis in this video:

Keep her movin’.


The other writer who has been on a bit of a tear this week is The Other McCain. In the following article he explains the Incel community and has some advice for them.
Never give your enemy a reason to celebrate. Nothing gives a feminist more sadistic pleasure than making fun of guys who can’t get laid. For a bunch of pathetic losers to organize a “movement” on the basis of their inability to get laid is, to put it as mildly as possible, not helpful.
A white Canadian feminist goes on an epic rant against white people.

She wants to help you. If you believe that, let me tell you about this sweet deal my friend the former Nigerian oil minister can get you.
Ms. Brook’s assertion that “society” is harming men through “toxic masculinity” is a con, a three-card-monte hustle by which the feminist hopes to convince men that “not wanting to lose” is a bad thing, and that men can actually benefit from losing. Men should be happy to lose, because men losing helps “equality” and that’s good, see?

Apparently the woman is from Toronto. Must be something in the water up there.
And we have an extensive analysis of the transsexual hysteria that is sweeping Great Britain.

As I have said, this agenda is about “equality” for the insane. Feminists are understandably concerned about what this means for the safety of women and girls. Speaking at the York event in reference to the attack on Maria MacLachlan, Linda Bellos said she is willing and able to defend herself: “I play football and I box, and if any one of those bastards comes near me I will take off my glasses and thump them.”
The event was being livestreamed on video, and transgender activists quickly posted clips of this remark with titles like “Linda Bellos threatens violence against trans women.” These video clips, of course, did not explain that Ms. Bellos was speaking about self-defense in response to transgender activists engaging in violence against women.

If you want a free hand to beat up women all you need to do is to publicly declare yourself to be whatever trans-rabbit gender is the current craze, smack on some lippy, and head down to your local feminist meeting where you can smack up some bitches. Fun for the whole deranged family.


The reason that I’m all for crazy trannies beating up feminists is because they’re simply doing to the feminists what they themselves do to others.

Ellen Pao, a dog ugly thing who could be transitioning to either male or female (hard to tell), wants to rid the world of incels (involuntarily celibate men; the female analogue would be insol — involuntary solitude) and has put out a call to liquidate the unloveable. Omegacide.


I found a cigar blog this week that appeared on my radar – Cigar Guide. Here in Holland there are lots of Dutch cigars but I am wary of trying them because, well … because they’re Dutch cigars. But this guy has a bunch of reviews up about them which I read in detail. The end result is that I’m not going to be trying any Dutch cigars anytime soon.
My humidor is getting rather empty, however. Do any of you have any recommendations for me when I restock it?


How Siberian mothers keep fit.


Thought of the week goes to Old Remus at The Woodpile Report.

Your life’s story is made of results, not intentions.



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