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The gym as metaphor – you never arrive.

Brutal session in the gym today. Early Sunday morning, had the whole place to myself so no distractions, and it was failure all around. It’s because I missed a workout this week – at my age you start going backwards immediately.

My squat run looked like this: 5 reps, 4 reps, 4 reps, 4 reps, 3 reps.

Press was the worst. At 47.5kg I thought that I could finally unlock 50kg.

5 reps, 5 reps, 5 reps, 5 reps, 4 reps. And that was with 4 minutes rest between sets. Soul crushing.

Deadlifts went about as well as you would expect after that effort.

I came across this article from Mark Rippetoe this week, The 3 most effective ways to waste time in the gym. Happily I have never been an adherent of either stretching or warmups, not only because I am a free thinking red-pilled batch of awesomeness, but mostly because I could just never be bothered.

But his third way of wasting time is really crucial.

Throughout my career in the fitness industry, I have heard the following phrase repeated ad infinitum, ad nauseum: “I think I’ll just stop here at 90 pounds until it gets easier, and then go up.” This excuse – and that’s precisely what it is, a lame-ass excuse to not do something perceived as harder – has wasted more time after stretching and warmup than any other single lame-ass excuse ever uttered in the gym.

People: 90 will be easy when 135 is hard, and not before then.


The fact is that the gym is always going to be hard if you’re doing it right. You never have an easy day at the gym, (particularly as the 5×5 program has you doing squats every damn time.)

In other words, you never arrive. Arriving isn’t the point. The point is in the doing.

110kg for a deadlift is snore material warm-up chickenfeed for me now. It used to be really hard. But that doesn’t matter as now I’m trying to bust 130Kg and my eyeballs are popping out of their sockets, not to mention my grip failing at inopportune times, so what do I give a shit about the fact that 110kg is a warm-up lift for me? Life isn’t about warm-ups.

The gym is a perfect metaphor for life. You never arrive and if it gets easy then you’re not doing it right.

Just a light Sunday afternoon post for you all.


The likelihood is that you are not red-pilled.


The nigga word.


  1. In that vein, something light for Sunday. The worst driver in Southern California: a woman driving a Tesla.

    • Adam

      Asian? Wearing a hat? Baby on board sticker?

      • Blue hair, post wall, with serious attitude, drifting on the highway.

    • haha, good, that dreadful story above about weight lifting is enough to make any weakling depressed.

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