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Podcast #83 – The group think episode.

The one where I discuss the prevalence of group think in the alt light.

Also color me not impressed at all by Kayne West.


The nigga word.


Friday hawt chicks & links – The beautiful weather edition.


  1. TechieDude

    You are right, in some respects, that people on the right go way too far giving adulation to whoever is seen as “on their side”, when clearly they aren’t.

    That said, I see this as a vestige of Trump handing out red pills (even if they are small sample sizes). He has a habit of saying something that most people know, that pops this or that delusion.
    For instance, telling Hillary “I wouldn’t go talking about a war on women with that husband of yours around..” or something to that effect. A little piece of candor that starts a trickle, that becomes a torrent of #metoo.

    He also said something (to a black audience) to the effect of questioning what exactly the democrats have done for blacks, other than ruin their cities and keep them in poverty. Another piece of candor that got the brothers thinking.

    So enter Kanye West. He said he likes Trump. He said they had no business hassling a sister for her opinion, and that blacks are allowed to think for themselves. And, he didn’t apologize. He has a huge following, and many black guys like Trump on some level. He apparently has discovered Thomas Sowell, who is surely unappreciated in lefty black circles.

    He’s not a right wing hero. All he did was speak his mind, and defend his right to do so, to a huge following. What’s got your republicans all chubby is that if a small percentage of blacks (like 10-15%) start thinking like Kanye, and start questioning what these lefty black rent seeking politicians have done for them and to them, the democrats are toast. Who knows.

    But the red-pill in the black community, if there is one, started with Trump asking them what voting for these fools all these years has done for them.

  2. Klaus

    Adam…please watch your tone with the cat. I found it VERY disrespectful!

    “Dogs have owners – cats have staff”

    That’s a clever idea for your “customers” to set the price…I would have paid Aaron Clarey more than he wanted – I hope it works out for you! Giving advice, even if you stress that it’s a suggestion, forces one to think hard.

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