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Friday hawt chicks & links – The beautiful weather edition.

Friday hawt chicks & links, the links you need when you can never get enough hawtness. The weather has been glorious here in Holland these past two weeks, so much so that I have spent most of my time outside; bbqing, pottering around in the garden, walks through the countryside, you know the sort of thing. I even got a tan. When you live in Holland and this sort of weather comes along you do not waste it. Which is why the posting has been a little light of late.

But do not fear as normal Dutch weather is on the cusp of returning which will mean that I’ll be stuck indoors and I’ll have to bother you.

But a few things caught my fearful yellow eye this week. Let’s see what the candyman in the sinister van has brought you all.

Horsewhipped excuse for a man proclaims that feminism has not effected him in the slightest.

His message is that if you are a good boy like him feminists will be nice to you.  All of those other men must have had it coming.  The men who lost their jobs due to baseless allegations nevertheless deserved to be fired.  Likewise the fathers Dr. Helen referenced deserved to be kicked out of their kids’ lives, and their sons deserved to grow up without a father.

But even more sickening than his inability to feel empathy for other men is the subtext of pleading for praise from mommy.  See, I’m not like those other men!  Aren’t I a good boy mommy?


The BDSM “community” are apparently outraged that some New York politician revealed to be ‘yet another lefty pervert’, (YALP), used them as a convenient excuse for his revolting behavior. The Raconteur Report thinks that they have a point.

The offense being committed in that piece is the same sort of soft-headed insanity that conflates looking at a pretty girl as “eye-rape”, deserving the full judicial punishments with all the penitentiary trimmings.

We call people who can’t tell a baby from the bath water lunatics for a reason.

Let us not be in such haste to move away from people whose practices we regard with distaste, that we flee common sense entirely, and throw ourselves off the Cliffs of Insanity.


Feminism is merely an ideological manifestation of sour grapes.

One tried and true method for women to follow if they want to improve their chance to land a winner man willing and eager to commit to them is to avoid accumulating too many cock notches (really, any number greater than one is a red flag), to resist mudsharking, and to give of themselves heart and vagina at a young prime fertility age to a worthy man.

This may mean cutting back on the number of years devoted to mimosa brunches, college degrees, and cat selfies, but it’s a small price to pay for lifelong happiness. You’d think.


Staying with The Chateau, some brutal before and after shots of women with regards to feminism. The first photo is of a girl with a normal and healthy life. The second photo is taken after she embraced the feminist cult.

Apparently that is what empowerment looks like. They have been infected by an ideological virus. They are the diseased of the mind and thus the body. They will never regain their femininity.

I better quickly add an image to bring this back on track.


National Review column makes the conservative case for rolling over and surrendering to the transgender cult. Some people seem to disagree with the idea.

Young people naturally want to be popular among their peers, to be one of the “cool kids,” to follow the fashionable trend. This is understandable — if only you could have seen me at 19! — but it is the sacred duty of adults to steer young people away from danger, to warn them against following the path that leads to destruction (Matthew 7:13-14). Do conservatives “act theatrically repulsed by transgender people [and] emphasize their weirdness”? Do you suppose, sir, it is merely an “act”? Insofar as the conservatives you describe are adults, it is likely that they are also parents, and do you think sensible parents are not authentically horrified by the thought of their children being sucked into the vortex of the Transgender Cult?

As the above photos demonstrate, the feminist cult is bad enough. The transgender cult is seriously evil.


This week’s long read and it’s fantastic, mostly because it features my favorite ever airplane, the Boeing 314 clipper flying boat. But it also has a backdrop of the Second World War and even occurs on my old stomping ground of The White Nile.

The long way round – the plane that accidentally circumnavigated the world.

And just so you know how much I love this airplane, this is the background photo on my desktop and has been for years.


Are you in a bullshit job?

Support staff no longer mainly exist to support the faculty. In fact, not only are many of these newly created jobs in academic administration classic bullshit jobs, but it is the proliferation of these pointless jobs that is responsible for the bullshitization of real work — real work, here, defined not only as teaching and scholarship but also as actually useful administrative work in support of either. What’s more, it seems to me this is a direct effect of the death of the university, at least in its original medieval conception as a guild of self-organized scholars.

Apart from firefighters, police and paramedics, every public service job is bullshit.


Last week I asked readers to help me out with some new cigars. Commenter Kevin came through with the Padron 3000. I can confirm that it is excellent. Thanks, Kevin.





Podcast #83 – The group think episode.


Sunday lifting thread.


  1. earl

    ‘Apparently that is what empowerment looks like. They have been infected by an ideological virus. They are the diseased of the mind and thus the body. They will never regain their femininity.’

    The ideology promotes androgyny. Basically it takes their God given gifts, crumbles them up, and tosses them into the trash. It’s willingly choosing to be disempowered.

  2. Someone

    “Apart from firefighters, police and paramedics, every public service job is bullshit.”

    Well, almost. If you have laboratory space, you want to hire a competent person to manage the lab and have some technical skills especially when your boss cries poverty while the organization spends millions on ‘duh-versity’. You also need some competent craft people to keep those places running.

    • Adam

      There is no reason whatsoever that the government needs to be in the business of labs or universities for that matter.

  3. Kevin

    Smoking one now. Glad to help.

  4. “Apart from firefighters, police and paramedics, every public service job is bullshit.”

    People who think this often overlook the fact that the military is government work. Plenty of bullshit there, too.

    Along with emergency services, I’d be inclined also to exempt those bits of the government that ensure that your food is fit to eat and your water fit to drink, although I appreciate that this is not so much a thing in the USA (Flint, Michigan in particular). Which kinda proves the point.

    There’s also the department that ensures that cotton farmers don’t completely drain the rivers. Also important. And there’s no point having police if there isn’t a court system, and no use having firefighters without someone to pay them, equip them, and collect the public money that pays for and equips them.

    But aside from defence, national infrastructure (forgot to mention the Civil Aviation Authority), regulating resources that are necessarily public (air, water, the radio spectrum), and a few other things: what have the Romans ever done for us?

    • Oh – need to include regulating the ports, as well. Without a government, one rich bastard with a private army would control all business in the country. As it is, however, it’s a democratically elected squad of bastards with a pubic army. Not much of an improvement, perhaps, but it’s something.

      Capitalism creates monopolies. Once business is locked up into a few giant monopolies, the economy collapses in a deflationary spiral. Essentially: no-one has any money except a few oligarchs, and a few oligarchs can’t generate enough economic activity to sustain a market. One of the most important roles of government is to break up monopolies or to keep them from forming.

  5. TechieDude

    ” All of those other men must have had it coming. ”

    No they didn’t. Vox Day had a quote that has stuck in my head, and other than experience, explains why I’d never work for a woman again; “Women are exclusionary. Men compete then cooperate. Women compete, then cast out”

    I was out at a partner company not to long ago chatting with my counterpart there, and he introduced me to his new boss – late twenties, daddy got her the job, total process monkey, clueless about the core industry she’s in. Poor dude is in misery.

    If I didn’t quit right on the spot, it would be very soon thereafter. I’d be on the phone and computer tagging my friends in the industry. I’d be a ghost in a month.

  6. Paul, You need to do some more research. Flint’s water problems were under the supervision of government agents, not the private sector.

  7. Paul,

    Just read your second post where you made the statement “capitalism creates monopolies”. You demonstrate a mediocre knowledge of economics. Capitalism only creates monopolies if they benefit the consumer and they break up once they no longer benefit the consumer. If you are providing a service and someone figures out a cheaper or better way to provide that service, people will use your service instead. Only government can prevent someone from competing, which is why the big companies lobby for restrictions on their market. Government regulations hamper new startups, who don’t have the resources to hire all the lawyers needed, while big companies absorb those costs into their revenue model. Government imposed costs. All the old examples of monopolies are based on either a limited market or government interference. Standard Oil? Hardly anyone used oil and thus no one was particularly interested in getting into the market. Bell Telephone? Created by government meddling. Businesses that wish to compete to maintain their market share can either lower their prices or improve their service. Consumer wins.

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