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Friday hawt chicks & links – The Africans gonna Africa edition.

It turns out that Minnesotans have been bilked out of $100 million, stolen by Somalis using the state sponsored daycare system, yet another reason that governments should stay out of mostly everything. But don’t worry, American cousins of mine – Australians have been bilked out of billions of dollars this way since at least 2014. What isn’t mentioned in that link is that the vast majority of the perpetrators belonged to a certain imported ethnic group.

Sudanese to be precise. If Africans have a talent for one thing it is the act of taking something that is not theirs. A kid in Africa who successfully steals won’t be slapped around by mummy and daddy. He’ll be promoted to second head of the household. Just how long the native populations are going to put up with this shit is anyone’s guess as Anglo-Saxons have a very high threshold for punishment. But when the dam breaks it’s going to be ugly.

On to this week’s glorious installment of fun and hijinks here at the old hawt chicks & links thread. Get ya popcorn in the stand across the alley next to the thin woman, part of the grotesque attractions here at the site.

A bank glitch gave a 24-year old, down-on-his-luck Australian man access to unlimited funds. Then he did exactly what you think he did with it.

Fortnight after fortnight, his mortgage got paid. Thinking this crazy, he put in a request for $5,000 to be transferred to his mortgage account. A couple days later, he called his bank to check on the transfer—figuring, at worst, he had reached his limit. “Did that go through?” he asked the teller, who told him casually, “Yes, that’s all paid.” A few days after that, on a lark, he called St. George and asked the bank to transfer $50,000 to his mortgage account. “I was literally thinking that I’ll just wing it and see if it works,” he recalls. And sure enough, it did.

This is a story with the best bit at the end.


Modern art is shit – Activist art exposed as an elitist bait and switch.

Misdirection is at the core of the whole rotten Postmodern gambit. “Who is there among you, who, if his son. asks him for bread, will give him a stone?” The contemporary technocratic managerial class, that’s who. Our culture is saturated with globalist diktats that that are fundamentally at odds with reality.  They not only give us stones for bread, they give us leftist activism in place of art, and tell us to swallow it.


Social media and rapid onset gender dysphoria.

To put it bluntly, professional psychology has been captured by the transgender cult. Parents of teens find themselves tag-teamed, pressured into “acceptance” and “support” for “transition.”
What is apparent, from such first-hand accounts, is that transgender activists have created a narrative — a script — that is being promoted in the mental-health establishment, and the online transgender community then acts as Pied Pipers leading vulnerable youth toward “transition.”

The pseudo-science that is psychology embraced this because it has nowhere else to go. You want a crime against humanity? This is a crime against humanity.


Italy turns on the European Union.

Just six months ago, the thought of an alliance between the Five Star and the Lega — as virulently opposed to each other as communists and fascists were before the 1939 Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact — was laughable. When, at the start of the election campaign last October, Matteo Salvini, the 45-year-old leader of the Lega, floated the idea — in the event of the inconclusive election result that was all but guaranteed by Italy’s bonkers electoral system — Luigi Di Maio, Five Star’s 31-year-old leader, retorted that ‘if Salvini thinks he can rebuild his political virginity with the wink of the eye … and an alliance with us he is utterly wrong. I repeat for the umpteenth time: Five Star will not make alliances with the parties that have destroyed our country.’

Who predicated before the election that Salvini would take it? Oh yeah, that would be me.



This video isn’t a satire. It’s the real deal.


Teacher caught blowing a 13 year old on camera.

A sixth-grade teacher in Arizona accused of having sex with a 13-year-old student performed oral sex on him in a classroom — and told the teen she wanted him “every day with no time limit,” according to court records. Brittany Zamora, a 27-year-old teacher at Las Brisas Academy Elementary School in Goodyear, allegedly had sex with the 13-year-old student three times and also performed oral sex on him in her car during encounters from Feb. 1 through March 8, according to court records obtained by the Arizona Republic. Zamora and the teen also traded naked photos, he told police, saying their relationship started when the married teacher began �flirting� with him in a classroom chat group. She then sent the teen a nude picture of herself and another clad in lingerie.

If I had a teenage son and his teacher’s name was something like Brittany Zamora then I’d be concerned. If I didn’t know any better it sounds like the name of a porn star. When civilization is collapsing there are some winners amongst all the losers. Who knew that it would turn out to be 13 year old boys?


How to optimize your bicycle.

The most common problem I see is that the saddle is at the wrong height. A new rider buys a bike and starts riding. One week later, there are complaints about knee issues. This is because the saddle is too low. This puts a lot of stress on the tendons. To set the saddle at the right height, get on the bike and put the ball of your foot on the pedal. At the bottom of the stroke (when the crank arms are vertical), your heel should be BELOW the ball of your foot, but no more than 1″.) as your leg locks out and you sit normally on the saddle. If you can’t do that without blowing your Achilles tendon, your saddle is too low.

The Dutch know how to ride bicycles. They don’t know how to cook a decent lunch though.



A fortunate life.


Sensitive new age lie.


  1. Milky got his money… That was a classic story, he rented a brothel for his personal use for 4 days. That’s a new one. I didn’t think it could keep getting funnier, but it did. You just know he would do it again.

  2. Fokker TISM

    That’s the best hawt chick you’ve put in the HC&L section so far, Adam.

  3. “This is a story with the best bit at the end.”

    I can already guess. In general, fraud is wicked. But if someone simply gives you free money, it’s yours to keep.

  4. Andy in FL

    Where were these horny MILFs when I was in school in the 70s? When I was 14 I had this Greek hottie art teacher that always showed lots of cleavage. During free time I once stood on a chair trying to get a peek at her nips, which was my mission in life at the time. I was focused like a zero pilot lining up on battleship row. I would have definitely been traumatized and victimized if she had taken me into the supply room and blown me, which would have taken the rest of my life to get over (the fond memory). When I got older and realized she knew what she was doing with her fun bag display, I didn’t know whether to hate her or love her, but I have never forgotten her.

  5. Adam
    I, like all the black people I know, despise the term Nigger but in your case I get the point you are making.
    Moving on, back in the early 90s. Myself and my then fiancé (now ex wife) visited Gambia. At the time everyone knew of Gambia because obese white European middle aged women would go there and have loads of sex with young Gambian men for gifts and money.
    I went to see the country and understand the culture. We went up country to a place called George Town (for obvious reasons). I dragged my fiancé onto local transport, standing all the way for 140 miles with vultures in the bus stations. I wanted to see the famous standing stones and look into the rites of passage. I saw many things and concluded in a country of 3rd world poverty standards the people I met where first world. And back home it seemed the opposite. I do not know what the subsequent coup and the influence of Saudi Wahabbism will have wrought on the country today.
    But here’s the thing everyone treated me and my wife with respect, I was there long enough to befriend and get to know the locals a little, Outside of the run down capital and Tourist hotels the people were rich, kind and hospitable. We took gifts for the school but were never hit upon or treated unfairly. People literally gave up their bed for us to sleep in. The hospitality was exemplary. A relative of the person that showed us about visited us back in England and we had to really get our act together to treat him the same way.
    I do not doubt that what you saw in Uganda might be replicable across the African countries and the young Gambians sleeping with obese white women for gifts and money are still plying there trade. I came away with a negative view of Arab Egypt and a positive view of Nubian Egypt, a neutral view of Morocco. So without over reacting I think there is another side to Africa than the predation going on currently in the South, or the unethical behaviour of Sudanese welfare cheats.
    Keep up the good work. Love the Podcast.

  6. PB

    So do British Police not even have tasers at least? No wonder Blackie and Brownie is running riot there.

  7. Dave

    Meanwhile here in Melbourne the Vic police begin a recruitment program for Somali coppers…. apparently the murder of the Australian chick in the US didn’t sink in.

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