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Why doesn’t your husband want to have sex with you?

The modern psychoanalysis industry can no longer count on regular Woody Allen movies to bolster its profits and productivity.  Lying on a couch and wallowing in your personal problems to an industry professional who are most likely themselves on some hideous regime of anti-depressants isn’t as popular as it once was. In order to boost its flagging fortunes the industry increasingly relies on pretend studies that are then dutifully circulated by a compliant media and sold as real news.

It is useful to be able to dissect their propaganda efforts and reveal them for the ridiculous deceits that they actually are. Such an article appeared on my feed recently. The title is clickbait worthy of the name: Why doesn’t your husband want to have sex?

If the article was making an effort to be in any way factual the proper title for such a piece would be along the lines of, “Why doesn’t your husband want to have sex with you?”

I am not going to dissect the article line by line as such an undertaking is tedious both for myself and for you the reader. Instead I would like to focus on a few key passages which show the set up and the soft sell for the psychoanalysis industry. The general strategy goes something like this:

  • Invent a new disorder for what is in actual fact quite normal behavior.
  • Publish several studies with the aim of proving a preconceived conclusion.
  • Commission an advertizing campaign in the media which consists of serious sounding articles on the topic as opposed to actual advertizing.
  • Hopefully profit.

Contrary to conventional wisdom, sometimes it’s men who first lose sexual desire in a long-term relationship, a new study finds.

That’s the first line of the article. It reads as if it is something extraordinary, but the use of the adverb ‘sometimes’ reveals how utterly mundane the topic is, and by consequence how utterly inappropriate it is for an article published by The Wall Street Journal and then syndicated to The Australian for publication in its news section.

The bulk of the article is complete tosh, with throwaway lines presented as solemn fact such as, “… men also feel pressure to always be ready for sex and to initiate it …”, complained exactly no man ever. That is unless of course his wife has morphed into a shrill fat ugly pig, a common event that the article does its best to avoid ever mentioning, (we mustn’t upset the customers you see.)

There are often physical issues, as well. A man’s less-efficient bloodflow as he ages, diseases such as depression or medicines for issues such as high blood pressure or mood disorders can all hurt a man’s sex drive.

This is the key passage, hidden away exactly halfway through the article. Feeling depressed is now a disease, or at least it is if we listen to the advice of experts in a field of charlatans such as psychology. It’s not a condition anymore, its previous label, but an actual disease. If you have a disease you need to go to a health professional. A condition sounds like something that you can get looked at if you can be bothered, but a disease is really scary and requires immediate expensive help.

What drastic measures are needed to combat such a terrifying disease?

But often the problems can be solved. This will require talking, the experts say, and it’s important to do that before it is too late.

The experts say that talking is required. And just whom should we be talking to so as to remedy this awful situation?

Consider therapy

If the male partner is reluctant to go, the woman can suggest he talk to the therapist on the phone.

Anyone cognizant with the manosphere will know that the very last thing that you do to resurrect flagging sexual desire in a relationship is to talk. As usual the ‘experts’ have the whole thing ass-backwards. But keep in mind that this is intentional. They have no interest in solving problems but in the creation of faux problems that can only be managed, not cured, by lifelong dependence on their product.



Sensitive new age lie.


The delusional conservative media.


  1. While I agree with the main theme of your article, I want to state that chronic depression is a sometimes serious mood disorder, which can often be remedied once the person knows/realizes that this is what is causing them to be miserable. Chronic depression can easily be the result of your wife turning to a shrill, fat, ugly pig; but once you understand the etiology of the discomfort you can then address applying the correct treatment.

    Now treatment in this particular situation can still be very expensive as you will probably need the services of certain professionals, but they are called “counselors” and not therapists.

  2. purge187

    “There are often physical issues, as well. A man’s less-efficient bloodflow as he ages, diseases such as depression or medicines for issues such as high blood pressure or mood disorders can all hurt a man’s sex drive.”

    All true. I hear constant nagging, manipulation and the wife letting herself go all play an integral part too.

  3. TechieDude

    Well, as a mid 50s guy, with plenty of friends my age, I can say that physical and medical issues most certainly play a part. A lot of things in this like can crater your t levels. Unless it’s a medical condition (mine was), then the little woman is the locus of the issues. Her actions probably started most guys down the path of drinking to much, eating too much, etc. And I’ve seen more than one of my friends wives become rather wide in the beam and obnoxious. Mine is neither by the way.

    I’ve also been down that path, even the counselling part, which on the final session came apart even before we left to go when we had a discussion prior to leaving. I think my line was something ‘if you want me to initiate sex, then I need to get the impression that you like me. I’m not going to waste my time tapping on that door if I think it’s barred and padlocked. You could be nicer’

  4. Wahmen always project. They don’t want to bang beta men they chose to marry after sampling exciting alpha cock.
    Of course, the social convention introduced in the piece (men don’t want sex!) is perfect to calm down the ruffled hamster who looks at the dead bedroom and wonders what’s going on.

  5. Add into it servicing the divorce industry. Your man no longer hopping to sexually? No problem, have him see a counselor, which BTW usually has no privilege attached, and you will now have more ammunition in the divorce.

    Sure ladies, go ahead and dump him at 50+, you can then go on to a stimulating career in writing articles about how hard it is being single at that age but still having the right stuff. Dream on ladies, in case you didn’t notice those years took away a bit from you to.

    Come the revolution all women will be endlessly sexy to all men despite their age or looks.

  6. Iris

    Can I just represent normal older women? I liked my husband and quite honestly if we spent time together (even doing chores) we’d basically be happy to “celebrate our marriage.” We were happily married for 26 years.

  7. deni101

    Can I represent normal women? My husband and I actually liked each other and if we spent time together just naturally “celebrated our marriage.” Adam is correct that these are red flags but I just want to say that not all women are like that!!

  8. The critical reality has been recognized by Adam .
    Why doesn’t your man want to have sex with you /b>
    I deliberately entered a relationship with only moderate sexual passion so that I could retain my common sense [Thai girl ]
    But you will forgive because I am in my 60’s.

  9. sorry my capitals kept on running after with you r

  10. “Why doesn’t your husband want to have sex with you?”

    That alone could be a thesis.

  11. dvdivx

    Well as someone in a sexless marriage (no sex in years) let me answer that.

    1.Don’t cut off sex and then expect things can restart later. Was told by my wife after our second child that she was done having sex as for her it was for procreation.

    2. Don’t get fat. That would be true for the man as well. I didn’t have this problem. I think most men will tolerate some weight gain but some is not 50+ pounds.

    3. Don’t be a bitch. Years after being cut off my wife went back to school to get a new career. The rest of the class was about 15-20 years younger. She was the invisible woman and later avoided the group study sessions. Predictably she asked for the sex to resume. I will never forget her standing in the bathroom doorway in négligé that I wasn’t even aware we had. I just told her I wasn’t interested after years of having nothing and I was just there for the kids not her. She never asked again.

  12. A lot of wives eventually stop doing sexual things. They dont dress sexy, they dont talk sexy, they dont act sexy.

    If you want your husband to have sex with you stop being a frumpy wife and start giving him the girlfriend experience instead of acting like his second mother or a sister. Guys like sex. Guys like sexy women. Guys like sex with sexy women. Be that sexy woman. A man goes out and works. He has a thousand, thousand things on his mind: Dates, times, numbers, deadlines. Put yourself in his brain like you were when you first met and he couldn’t stop thinking about you. The smell of your hair, the caress of your touch, the pretty face and smile. A few unexplained and unexpected blowjobs and a few nudes over the text message and he wont be able to concentrate on work, he will have to fight to keep you out of his mind.

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