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The delusional conservative media.

The conservative media are an integral part of the media complex, the same media complex that has morphed into an unexpected mutant bastard child as The Z Man explains.

Then there is the overlap between the academy, government and the media. When Obama took office, over 100 media members quit and went to work for the new administration. As the managerial state has grown and matured, it has absorbed the mass media with it. Look at the major chat shows and you often see people who have been in government, media and the academy.

With Trump slowly steamrolling through the American seaboard swamp, the conservative media who sold their collective souls to be a part of the managerial state are beginning to get nervous. How else to explain lunatic articles such as the following?

From Townhall: The deep state is real and much bigger than you know.

I used to be a doubter who would cringe, just a little, at any mention of “the deep state.” I admit it, it all seemed a little far-fetched to me that there was this cabal of careerists conspiring from within the government to harm President Donald Trump when I first heard it. I never doubted there were individuals doing it, but a wide net of conspirators seemed like something out of a bad movie more than anything that could actually happen in the United States. I was wrong, very wrong, the deep state is real.

The writer, Derek Hunter, used to be a doubter not just for the deep state but for Trump. From a piece he wrote on the eve of the 2016 election:

There are about 330 million Americans I would’ve preferred to be on the ballot than the two major party candidates. But unless a crazy scientist pulls up to my house in a DeLorean in the next 48 hours, either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump will be president-elect by nightfall Wednesday.

The internet is forever, Derek.

But now he believes in the deep state. Hooray! It must really exist now that Derek believes in it. And with all of the advances that have been made in the last 18 months to expose the rot at the heart of the American managerial state, who do we have to thank for that? Let’s ask good old Derek.

Getting the desired message out is only part of the battle, it has to be believed by a significant percentage of the public for it to really matter. Conditioning the public to be receptive to that message, without questioning how it came about or why they should care required subtle indoctrination over a lifetime.

As it stands, liberals have that infrastructure in place, they had that support system ready to go. And, not to get all Scooby-Doo on you, they would’ve gotten away with it were it not for the existence of conservative media.


Stop it, please. You’re killing me here.

The delusion knows no bounds, no bottom, no sunken end game. These people are part of the problem. The only reason that the deep state is in the process of being exposed and hopefully destroyed is because of one man – President Donald Trump. The guy that Derek would have preferred any one of 330 million Americans to stand in his place.

(For some real fun times have a read of this piece that he wrote a few months before the election called advice for Donal Trump. Seriously, why does anyone listen to these people?)

There is one other reason that the deep state is being exposed, and that reason is the internet. If these pathetic faux conservative gatekeepers had had their way like in the old days then we’d all know nothing about it. And now they want to claim credit? Give me a break. You’re part of the problem, fuckers.


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  1. Fokker TISM

    Even the alternative media will glom onto anyone who calls themselves a Trump supporter. Look at that Scientologist Joy Villa, who shortly after Trump won began to call herself a “God-fearing Christian” and Trump supporter.

  2. He’s not being delusional here (at least not any more than any other member of the cabal), he’s just trying to see if you’ll buy his bullshit “You guys should be thanking us” story and keep his job from disappearing. Re-writing history to fit the present is nothing new, that’s just how things get done at Minitrue.

  3. Adam, and readers. There is an interesting and significant method of analysing public political swings. It is the single group measurement over time method.
    You get one small group of people [ usually non partisan ] and measure the attitudes over the course of Government cycle. With remarkable accuracy these determinations can apply to a larger body of voters.
    The good news about this character who you Adam have exposed so well, is that he represents a change of mind.
    Yes, ok, he is probably an idiot, but it the acceptance he has now, is that the swamp is real, he admits it and that is a change for good.
    If reflected in society, we may be closer to the crossroad back to reality.
    This is why [ I think ] Trump allows Mueller the same rope which Comey used to hang himself. A long rope. Eventually the public sees what is real.

  4. MarkT

    I don’t know the guy you’re quoting from a bar of soap, but I’m a little bemused by your hostility to the man. My reaction to your criticism of Peterson was similar. So in your view Townhall has taken some undeserved credit, and only now recognizes what you professed to know all along. So what? It is possible to recognize and identify Trump-derangement syndrome on the left, without being an uncritical fan-boy of the man. It seems in your world-view we either have to unite behind our glorious leader and worship him uncritically (even before he gets into power), or we’re enemies. If someone changes their mind and moves closer to your views based on evidence, you should be pleased rather than critical. Depends on what you’re after I suppose – a cultural change for the better, or a sense of superiority over those who allegedly don’t “get it” like you do?

    • Adam

      So in your view Townhall has taken some undeserved credit, and only now recognizes what you professed to know all along.

      That isn’t what I said at all. Why do you always assume with me that it is personal? It is almost never personal for me. Stop projecting.

      • MarkT

        I wasn’t trying to imply it was personal; just summarizing the essence of what I thought you were saying, and expressing bewilderment at why it was riling you so much.

        • Adam

          So in your view Townhall has taken some undeserved credit, and only now recognizes what you professed to know all along.

          I will say it once again – this has nothing to do with what I wrote. It’s a strawman argument. For some reason you always take my side if I discuss women but if I comment on just about any other topic you immediately take an opposite stance, of which the vast majority of the time you have misinterpreted or misrepresented what I wrote. It’s getting tiresome.

      • MarkT

        On re-reading I see I’ve mixed up my names. Where I referred to “Townhall” I should have said “Derek Hunter”. A simple mistake on my part, with no intention to misrepresent. My post should make sense if you make that substitution.

        I don’t disagree with you most of the time. If I did, I wouldn’t be bothered visiting your site. It’s just when you nail it, there’s nothing further I can add. Usually when I comment I think you’ve got it partially right but partially wrong. I’ve gained some good things from your site, so I’m trying to repay the favour by correcting what seem to me errors in otherwise clear thinking. If I didn’t think you were worth it I wouldn’t even bother. But if you’re finding my posts tiresome rather than helpful or challenging, I’ll refrain from posting.

        • Adam

          Kindly point out to me where in my article I said that:

          1. I predicted that Trump would win.

          2. I would like credit for that prediction.

    • Mr Black

      These people are not changing their minds based on evidence, the evidence has been in full view for a long time now. What has changed is the understanding of the general public, they are now seeing what the well-informed knew a year ago. These hacks are pretending to be on top of the news to that larger audience who doesn’t bother to follow events so closely yet in fact they helped conceal the truth for as long as they thought they could. They are leading from behind, pretending to be heroes.

      • MarkT

        True, politicians of almost all shades don’t change their mind based on evidence, or principles. They change their mind based on perception of what will get them enough votes, or where they think the winds of public opinion are shifting to. Public perception to them is what the market is for a successful business – they are highly attuned to it. It’s corrupt, and I could never do it, but it’s the reality. Given that reality, we should be pleased if politicians are shifting in the right direction.

        I started out disliking Trump too – mainly because there didn’t seemed to be any consistent philosophy or principles to integrate his politics. I still think there generally isn’t, and therefore his legacy will be a mixture of good and bad. But his appeal is that he does break the conventional political mindset I’ve described above. He says what he thinks (or what comes into his head at the moment), without apparent fear of offending the PC crowd or anyone else. For that at least I respect him. Hopefully the lesson being learnt by other politicians is that you can be outspoken and non PC and still be popular. In fact with the growing malcontent with PC throughout the western world it’s a good way to be popular, even if you’re flawed in other areas (as Trump is).

    • MarkT

      1. Crikey, I wasn’t implying you predicted Trump would win. But you’re clearly a fan of Trump, and presumably have been for some time. You’ve documented Hunter hated Trump at the outset, but now seems to acknowledging there’s something to the “deep state” and how they’re aligned against Trump. So he’s starting to acknowledge something (about the deep state) you’ve claimed to know all along

      2. Crikey again, I didn’t say you wanted credit. Your argument is that Hunter and the conservative media want credit – for something you’re saying he doesn’t deserve, and should be attributed entirely to Trump. That’s what I was referring to.

      I thought I was a clear writer, but for some reason on this occasion you’ve completely misunderstood.

      • Adam


        So in your view Townhall has taken some undeserved credit, and only now recognizes what you professed to know all along.

        Like I said – stop projecting. You only know these things because you are familiar with my previous work. Read the piece with the eyes of someone who doesn’t know my work at all.

        And before you say it, no – I’m not going to add disclaimers to every piece I write. The articles stand on their own. If I had wanted to allude to what you thought that I was alluding to then I damn well would have alluded to it.

      • MarkT

        This is a bizarre discussion and I really have no idea whatsoever what you’re talking about.


  6. Wrong.

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