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America’s racial power imbalance.

My article on the nigger, (nigga?) word has proved prescient, specifically this part:

Furthermore, black people are supposedly allowed to freely utilise the word to their hearts’ content. Even worse, the people with the black skin are the ones telling the people with the white skin that they’re not allowed to use the word because of their white skin color while the ones with the black skin color freely use the word. Not just freely; they rub it in our faces.

Barely a week later and a black rapper purposely humiliated a white fan at one of his concerts in the following manner:

Lamar was headlining the final night of the Hangout Festival in Gulf Shores, Alabama on Sunday when he invited a white concertgoer named Delaney on stage to sing his song M.A.A.D City alongside him.

Just seconds into the song, Lamar cut the music and scolded the fan for singing the full lyrics of the song, which includes the N-word throughout.

Amid the outrage, some of it directed at Delaney, other fans are wondering if the Pulitzer Prize-winning singer intentionally set out to stir controversy and publicity by inviting a white fan to sing his lyrics.

The fan was not scolded; she was publicly humiliated for singing the lyrics to the man’s own song after he had specifically invited her on stage for the purpose of doing so. The reason for the humiliation was because of her skin color – she is white and is thus the modern day version of the un-person. Whites are slowly beginning to wake up to this.

The idiots behind the Civil Rights Act were of the assumption that the power imbalance between blacks and whites that existed for so long was an aberration. The truth is that it was merely situation normal for the human race. By the gradual reversal of the power balance over the last 50 years, a transition which exponentially accelerated under Obama’s presidency, America now finds itself in a bizarre situation where the social racial balance is held by blacks, a balance which has been essentially bequeathed by whites. The oppressed have actively and publicly sought their oppression so as to demonstrate what pure and virtuous individuals they are when compared to their barbaric “racist” forefathers.

This delicate imbalance is also held by a tenuous thread between whites themselves, as the proponents are liberals and SJWs. Once the internal power balance shifts in the white population, a shift that moved exponentially with the election of Trump, then the entire artificially constructed racial power balance will collapse and revert to its natural state.

Which will be rather messy I would think.

This is why white liberals have been so traumatized by Trump’s election win. Deep down they know what it means. The blacks don’t, of course, but why would you expect otherwise?

Also, this guy is a Pulitzer prize winner? The imbalance is present at all levels.


The delusional conservative media.


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  1. Screwtape

    What do you think the actual “waking up” conversion rate is for whites who pay the toll like the bird at the concert?

    I’d reckon she is upset, but probably at herself for failing to remember that she has no right to the sacred language of the blacks. Has she apologized yet? That’s the pimp hand at its best.

    Most whites I know are goodwhites, the variety that would side with the rap artist (lol). You see, the girl can consume ($$) all the black “culture” she wants. In fact, she SHOULD consume black culture so she knows the depths of their noble suffering (at the hands of her kind).

    But never forget: for whites, all black culture is to be con$sumed through the lens of “dear white people”. It is not to be enjoyed for its juvenile frivolity or appeal to the baser instincts, but rather as an opportunity to celebrate the sacred vibrance of the others while remembering your debt to them as their natural oppressors.

    Using their sacred language is taboo. Using their sacred language against them entitles them to put your head on a spike. Most goodwhites think that if a white uses nigger against a POC, the POC is legally entitled to respond with violence. The entitlement to violence is also implied in schools such that white kids subjected to black aggression and violence is always the result of the invisible hand of white superiority.

    There is no white corollary. That’s why I have my doubts that the meta-pimp-hand will wake people up. These people believe they have it coming, so when it comes…

    Other than paying financial tribute, black culture is not participatory for whites. Their “art” is always an expression of the power imbalance. White participation (outside of financial tribute) is always precarious. Or said differently, “a learning opportunity” waiting to happen. The concert girl just got learned.

    Perhaps the facade of the sacred blackity black will collapse. But the problem I see is that the whites who are close enough to smell the blossoms of black culture are the ones who are so deeply indoctrinated that even a bitch-slap is more likely to result in “he hits me because he loves me” response. They are Stockholmed. The fetish is too strong.

    The rest of the goodwhites are too distant. Their lives are intricately constructed around unprincipled exceptionalism, virtue signaling their non-racism, and pushing their liberal utopian diversity for thee. They take field trips to sanctioned cross-cultural Potemkin villages of black culture but stop short of actually enjoying the toll of vibrancy.

  2. Phil B

    Then there is this …

    One for the “You couldn’t make it up” files where people pay for the destruction of their communities.

  3. Even to consider: ‘rap’ as art, is infantile. Those who praise it publicly, are either deranged, or suffering from a pathological (self-induced: the product of weak, untrained minds) sense of guilt.
    Be damned to all of them – the purveyors of this degenerate rubbish, and their admirers (or self-proclaimed admirers).

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