Hot new trend? Why goddamit, Marjory – I want to get me some of whatever that there new HOT NEW TREND! is right now!

Yes I know the links thread is late, so blow me. I’ve had a big week. Things that I did this week:

  1. We finalized the purchase on our house and got the keys.
  2. My life as I knew it is over.

So there you have it. This is why it’s late. You should be thankful that you’re getting it at all, (as I said to her.)


Didact talks about some fighter dude named Dominick Cruz, (new to me).

But the majority of such men are also deeply flawed human beings who use their achievements within the arena to cover up their considerable failings outside it.
What makes Dominick Cruz special is that he accepts his failings, and understands the most fundamental, painful, and terrible truth that every man must grapple with:
Every single thing in your life that has gone wrong is YOUR FAULT.

Yes, but can he cook BBQ like I can?


Dalrock talks about the very real evils of slut shaming:

Slut shaming is one of the gravest sins of our feminist age, but it is not merely a feminist sin. Slut shaming is also a sin against chivalry. This goes all the way back to the 1300s and the Order of the Garter, Britain’s highest order of chivalry.  The founding motto of the Order of the Garter shames any man who commits the sin of slut shaming:
Honi soit qui mal y pense (Shame on him who thinks evil of it)
In the case of the slut shaming boyfriend, it was the girl’s father who wanted the world to know who had sinned against his daughter in this way …

And boyfriend’s sin? Telling his prom date that her dress showed too much skin. If this is a sin then my wife has the rights to take me to purgatory.


Young women who are not educated on the realities of acceptable standards graduate to walking around public events dressed like this.

Daddy must be so proud that no rude and uncouth young man ever slut shamed his daughter. Maybe this could become a HOT NEW TREND!


Muh diversities.

As my contribution to the ever escalating price of college credentials I am offering this complimentary course in Gender Studies from the University of Michigan for FREE! I can’t guarantee you a $100k job at the university of your choice but I will guarantee you a better education than you will get for the $250k cost of obtaining the same B. S. degree from the University of Michigan.

Diversity officers are the modern equivalent of concentration camp guards.


How Obama became the first communist president.

The Voting Rights Act of 1965 forced states to gerrymander along racial lines, a clear violation of the 14th Amendment. Johnson was too clever by half as states herded black voters into black electoral ghettos. This made it easier for Republicans to eventually regain control of the House.
The takeover of the academic world was a natural. Smart people are easy to fool. Just stroke their egos and tell them how smart they are.
Churches were easily compromised. Johnson in the 1950s convinced Congress to ban allowing churches to engage in politics — using IRS tax exceptions to keep them in line. This is a clear violation of the First Amendment as well a repudiation of the founding principle of the nation: freedom of religion.

Hillary would have been the natural next step – an insane in the membrane socialist. Which itself is a HOT NEW TREND!


New number one fave youtube channel. If the joys of making home-made weapons is not a HOT NEW TREND! then it sure as hell will be when the shit hits the fan.


Apparently there is a new Star Wars movie. It’s called, Soylo: A Soy Wars Soyry.

You can’t really spoil a garbage fire. You kinda know how a garbage fire goes.
He also notes the “bitchy feminazi SJW robot.” He says it’s Soy Wars’ worst, most SJW, most annoying character yet, beating out Rose Tico for that honor.
He also says this is the worst Soy Wars movie apart from The Last Jedi (which he hated).
Kathleen Kennedy really has no idea what she’s doing. She spent most of her career as an assistant to Steven Spielberg. Now in charge, the only idea she has is to make every 90 pound girl a UFC champion-level badass and make random characters gay (or “pansexual”).
She doesn’t view these as products meant to entertain an audience, so much as to educate them in the mysterious Ways of The Feminist Force …

The feminist force? Could this be … wait for it …. a HOT NEW TREND!?

From left to right: would bang but only in the next 6 months as she’s going to fat; the same as the first one but I’ll give her a year; stop now – I’ll tell you everything that you want to know; the homo bus just called and I’m on it.


Long read of the week from Cappy – Why minimalists need a recession.

Let us be clear what lines are and who they are for. Lines are a waste of time. Lines ARE death. When you see a line you should see the grim reaper asking you to “make an advance payment” before he comes for you permanently because you are literally “killing time.” Lines are also for people who have such horribly boring and empty lives the best use of their time is literally to stand in a line and do nothing.

I don’t do lines voluntarily. Not ever. Line to get in somewhere? Either I skip the line or I keep walking. The only lines that I used to do were Peruvian marching candy.


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