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Moving house.

Posting will be light this week due to moving house and doing lots of renovation works which I am in the hatreds of. I shall try for the podcast and the hawt chicks but anything else will be just gravy.


Friday hawt chicks & links – The HOT NEW TREND! edition.


A short story for Matt Forney.


  1. I did a major renovation last fall at our place in the mountains, and there is only one way I can do it. Alone, at my pace. No help, no questions, no discussions. The wife picked out what she wanted, and then she made herself very scarce. I also walked her through every aspect of the job to make sure she had a clear understanding of what was going to happen. It’s the only way I can maintain my temper, and do the job properly.

  2. Hawt chicks with gravy? Things just keep getting better.

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