Reflections on my first year in The Netherlands.

Last week marked the first anniversary of my move to Holland with the good wife. I’d like to say that the year has gone fast, and it has, but it has also been a fair slog. Relocating internationally to a new culture, even one as similar to my own as The Netherlands, takes it out of you. In the first year I have found full time gainful employment and we have purchased out first house which we are in the process of renovating. In fact, I am sitting down to write this after taking a short break from pounding mortar off an internal chimney, (for the study, you see).

I think for a first year that this is an extremely good result, and it is what I had planned towards. The other excellent result of our first year is that we have more money saved than when we left Australia. So after paying for relocation costs halfway around the world and the costs of purchasing a new house the end result is that we have more savings in the bank than when we started.

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Friday hawt chicks & links – The juggernaut of doom edition.

Whip, bang, crash, the juggernaut of doom races on as it catches in its greedy maw all those who conspired and participated but assumed that they were immune from its ravages. The gathering is only just beginning as generations of duplicitous decisions finally start to catch up with those directly and indirectly responsible. Hear the wailing, feel the shuddering, and catch bucketfuls of delightful tears as a billion chickens come home to roost. It is the time of the great roosting, the earth’s surface blanketed with dull feathers of mediocrity.

The Western world has convulsed and felt the pain inflicted upon it and now it shakes itself from an almost mortal slumber. June is almost gone and with it the half way point of the tumultuous 2018 but peak-2018 is nowhere in sight. The great suffering is coming your way in an express train of doom that is hurtling off the tracks. It’s gonna be fascinating and terrifying, all at the same time.

Now where are my meds? Not here? Oh well then, on with the show.

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Selling our children’s future.

I’ve had a bit of back and forth with a reader over my article and podcast this week on immigration. There are a couple of points that I would like to publicly address as I feel that they are both interesting and useful. My correspondent had this to say:

Chinese immigration is an Australian problem, not American by and large. The problem with your example is the schools in NYC are not indicative of dick anywhere else in the country.

There was a Democrat election in NYC this week that had a very surprising result with the ten term Irish-American incumbent being unceremoniously turfed out in a landslide to a Marxist Latino who wants free everything and open borders.

The interesting thing for me in relation to my discussion was the breakdown of the voting stats by race for the 14th district:

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Podcast #86 – The Immigration episode.

This episode is about those poor immigrants. A quote from an email I received from David Hiscox the editor at XYZ magazine:

A meme I find telling at the moment is that the difference between socialists and conservatives is that socialists want to give away our countries via illegal immigration, while conservatives want to give away our countries via legal immigration.

Yep. Also, I respond and take apart a comment on my piece yesterday on immigration. Hint: I am not nice.

The conservative madness on immigration.

The great failure of modern conservatism has been its inability to hold onto the values for which it once stood, values which built our Western nations. Instead, conservatism got swept along with the rush to modernity that has characterized the left since the 1930s starting with Roosevelt’s New Deal. The Z Man lays out the basis for this predicament in an article titled Nothing to Offer.

From the 1930’s through the 1970’s, the American Left completely controlled the political agenda. They pushed through Civil Right, the creation of the welfare state, the parameters of economic policy and foreign policy. The Left defined the terms and the parameters of the political debate. Then, Reagan won in 1980 and the Left suddenly looked like an old fighter, long past his prime.

The problem was conservatism, in attempting to keep pace with “the changing times,” had forgotten the key reasons for its existence. The left by defining the terms of the political debate succeeded in manipulating conservatives into adopting them as their own. In the last ten years this relentless push to outdo one another in grand gestures of virtue has accelerated beyond belief. In 2008 it was incomprehensible for either party to support gay marriage. Now conservatives don’t even have to publicly oppose gay marriage to suffer the consequences; donating money privately to a religious organisation that frowns on the homos putting a ring on it is more than enough to get you barred from the national equivalent of the local country club.

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