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A short story for Matt Forney.

The week of moving is over. It has been hell. Not literal hell like storming beaches on Gallipoli into machine gun fire but pretty close I reckon. Today the internet finally got connected. I know that you guys have missed me heaps. I’ve missed all of you as well. What were your names again?

As I have had a week sans internet I’m not up to date on all of the current happenings. I assume that exciting things have occurred, that new outrages have been perpetrated and the hosts of virgins violated in great fury. Be that as it may I remain unmoved as I wasn’t in the forest when the tree fell so hear a sound I did not.

As such I don’t have anything for you on the old blog today, but at the same time I do have something for you on a different website.

Matt Forney recently launched a new literary magazine called Terror House. I heartily approve of the chutzpah involved in such an undertaking. Matt approached me to see if I would be interested in providing any original pieces for his new magazine. I dug around in the cobwebs of my computer and I found a short story that I wrote a few years ago but never got around to publishing. It’s a good fit for his new site and as such he published it there today.

So go and support Matt and check out the first piece of fiction that I have put out on the internet, as opposed to my usual non-fiction diatribes.

It’s called Morning Tea.


Moving house.


Podcast #84 – The Bim Bam Boom! episode.


  1. Klaus

    I enjoyed it!

  2. Dalo

    Cool man. Will check it out. Welcome back to the grid of ill-repute.

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