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Podcast #84 – The Bim Bam Boom! episode.

The one where I describe the abject miseries of moving house.

Also I delve into the fascinating case of a strong independent woman who was assaulted on the London tube and laments the fact that two ‘white middle class men’ failed to rescue her.


This is her website.

This is what she promotes:

You did good, white middle class guys.



A short story for Matt Forney.


Friday hawt chicks & links – The douchebag planet edition.


  1. purge187

    I know it sounds chilly on my part, but I hope that more women like her suffer the consequences of their decisions and indecisions. They need men like a fish needs a bicycle – let them prove it.

  2. TechieDude

    You are insane, of course. It’s worth every penny to hire monkeys to do your moving. Especially when there are stairs. I had them move the big stuff, and that was only like $1000.

    And fixing up the house blows. I’m the throws of that now. I bought it because I liked it. If I felt it needed walls moved and new counters, I’d have moved elsewhere. We discussed adding a sunroom, which as morphed into about everything but. Yet, here I am.

    At least you have the interweb back.

  3. Klaus

    Top podcast, Adam. I’ve hesitated writing this but you brought it up yourself – the idea that you need to be “less reactive” in the future.

    You and few other blokes on the net – quite properly – criticicise women who go too far with their demands. It’s very entertaining to read…but ultimately useless. Our society is decadent and I think the most positive response was well described by Aaron Clarey, in his book, “Enjoy the Decline”, as “letting go”. That is, you concentrate on the things you can change. I wish I’d kept the quote but one delightful smartarse wrote that, “Feminism will last for three seconds when the power goes out”. Only when the State has no more money to support folks who care about “injustice”, will things change – you said it better with your “hunger” comment.

    This is not meant as criticism.

    Yes, please write more “28 traits” stuff.

    As to crazy woman who wanted help from strangers – good stuff! Isn’t there an “Emergency Stop” cord or button on the London Underground? If I was threatened/attacked, I’d pull it…and then let the lawyers argue as to whether I should have. Hell, isn’t there video footage as well?

    I’d buy those blokes a beer.

    Something a bit similar happened to me. On a road, during daytime, with some traffic, a woman was parked on the side and was standing there…kind of…waving/gesticulating – not in an agitated way. I drove past as I had something (I forget what) to do. My reasoning? You young women ALL have cell/mobile phones, it’s daylight, why should I help you? Later I thought, shit, maybe she had a small child gasping for breath or something…but then I thought, well if that was the case, I would planted myself in the middle of the road and forced the cars to either stop or bloody well run me over.

    Keep up the good work.

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