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The rising Saxon rage in one photo.

The alt news over the past couple of weeks has been dominated by the unjust and corrupt arrest of UK activist Tommy Robinson for the supposed crime of reporting on an ongoing trial of Asian rape gangs somewhere in what used to be known as Merry England.

On the weekend protesters in support of Robinson clashed with police outside Whitehall. It didn’t go too well for the cops.

Napoleon had this sort of problem very early on when he was in the process of consolidating power. He stuck some cannon and a regiment at the gate and literally blew away the crowd of angry peasants who had been whipped up by his enemies and competitors for the keys to France. Problem solved.

Those in charge today either do not have the balls to do this or they literally have no balls at all, (hello Theresa May, you useless bint.) The English working class is beginning to wake up to this. But the interesting thing about the video is that a casual appraisal of the last section as the crowd moves on in the wake of the fleeing coppers reveals a surprising number of very obvious members of the middle class who are also in the crowd.

The Saxon may just be beginning to rage.

But it was a photo of the drama that struck me as being an accurate portrayal of where the boundaries exist as regards the coming holocaust.

The elite have been continuing the class war of the past 200 years while the rest of us have slumbered and wallowed in unprecedented amounts of wealth, goods and food that have never before existed in human history. While most of us slept they have sought to extend the class war through racial replacement of the unwelcome population to one more pliant and accepting of the scraps thrown by their betters.

But based on this, things are looking up. Onward Christian soldiers.



Judeo Christian values.


Podcast #5 – The no chicks allowed! episode.


  1. OdinsSkald

    Early stages of civil war? Certainly all the prerequisite conditions:

    1. Displacement of native population.
    2. Replacement population with strong sense of culture and belief alien to native population.
    3. Ineffective political leadership.
    4. Selective application of legal system.
    5. Overpopulation, overcrowding.
    6. Policing authorities increasingly seen as part of problem by native population and irrelevant by replacement population.
    7. Censorship of free thought and speech.
    8. Active discrimination against native population.
    9. Economic hardship or uncertainty with economic outlook.
    10.Perceived disconnect of elites from everyday issues.

  2. There were a lot of middle class people around who had been to trooping the colour beforehand. That’s also where most of the security was focused. Most middle class,middle aged people still don’t know who TR is or they accept the “far right” description of him.
    They avoid men in football shirts like the plague. They don’t mind “Rotherham” etc because they don’t think of underclass/ working class as people.
    You can’t imagine how selfish these people are!

  3. Noachideous

    Two World Wars were fought for the benefit of that which was required to be made undead in 1948….. Don’t let this rage become a Blind Rage …… led for the benefit of 1948 once more.

    The Tower of London’s 888 246 sum 420 PoPPies amount to 888 666 …. 24 18 … 42 … by +x 42 58 ….. 1948. AngloSaxon ancestors remain mocked by jews, wherever jews can get away with it as a form of VamPiric, life force feeding.

    There might not be anything left of YT Britain or Europe to salvage if another War is fought for the benefit of the 1948 Judas Goats……. who look ……. AngloSaxonCeltPictGaelicNordic YT … but are in fact glassy eyed, shifty fkn…….jews ….. wearing white skin.

    The personal integrity of any jew is easily tested and measured with question related to the veracity of make undead 1948…. and whether it was paid for with the Blood of Tommy Atkins …. or jews.

    • Jugas Doat

      Noachideous, They don’t look like AngloSaxonCeltPictGaelicNordic YT
      They look like Jews. It’s just that from constant television bombardment of images Englishmen no longer know what Englishmen look like.

  4. The Poms never really lost their balls , they just had them in storage

  5. Dave

    I happened to be in London when he was arrested and attended the first protest. Definitely not many middle class people there but I tell you what, the supposedly ignorant class got it. Completely. They all understood the betrayal of the political class. They understood that this class is engaged in the genocide of the British people.

    Catching the cabs in London and the south East of the the country, I was able to get the drivers to open up too. Every. Single. One let loose. They put up a polite front, but in friendly company, their pent up rage and frustration came out.

    The Saxons are beginning to hate.

    The upper class types though… Just chatting to random guys at pubs and letting them know that I attended the protest. They were shocked, and the disdain they showed for people supporting Tommy was pathetic. ‘Hooligans and football supporters’. They had zero time for them and think they are causing the problem. If only they would shut up, all would be well in their multi cultural utopia.

    When I pointed out that they are simply a reaction to the real problem, the evasiveness became evident. They could not answer any straightforward questions put to them about the appalling state of the nation.

    On the way back from the end of the rally, I saw two policemen armed with automatic weapons guarding parliament. Both Muslims. I kid you not. Less than 30 metres away was the statue of Richard the Lionheart sitting upon his great horse, sword drawn, facing their direction. Across the road at Westminster abbey, the great hero’s of Britain are represented in all their splendour. Men who covered themselves in glory for their country. How awful it must be for them to see what has become of England.

    Literally everywhere one looks, you see Muslims or Africans. It’s impossible to watch television as the advertising is heavily favouring minorities.

    At the airports, Muslims man the security desks and scanners. Same with the customs desks. Why should I as an Australian and Anglo Saxon, coming to visit my ancestral home, have to be asked the 20 questions by these 3rd world foreigners?

    The good people of England are starting to wake. Let’s pray that the majority follow soon.

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