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Podcast #5 – The no chicks allowed! episode.

Joining the Great One and I on the podcast is Aaron Clarey, making it an unlikely threesome. We talk about a bunch of stuff including:

Student debt extravaganza!
Having skin in the game.
What you can and can not mail to Holland.
Red headed HR gurls.
Gun laws in Holland.
TGO’s dating life. Such as it is.
AC and AP are jealous of the fact that TGO can approach 19 year old
Is the optimal dating age one half your age plus seven? No it isn’t.
Rafting with retards.
Dancing with dingbats.
Why there are no musician groupies amongst the #MeToo bints.
AP expects to be paid for his wisdom. You won’t believe what
happens next.
Jerking off into plants.
The man-o-sphere rafting outing.


Forgot to add the photo of the morons we were making fun of:


The rising Saxon rage in one photo.


Friday hawt chicks & links – The whoa! Phat edition.


  1. If you want deer shaped targets to shoot, try 3D bow shooting (“3D vershieting”).
    That is still allowed in Holland.

  2. TechieDude

    Oh man…I mad the mistake of starting to eat lunch as Adam was telling about his time in a brothel. At “HEY YOU CAN”T DO THAT HERE!” I couldn’t decide whether to blow my sandwich on the keyboard or choke.

    At “WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!” I was in full belly laugh. Funniest tale ever.

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