The photo shows a late middle aged woman standing on a beach and staring out to sea in a contrived attempt at deep contemplation, an effort which is inevitably ruined when a brief consideration tells us that the woman is no doubt thinking about herself; her angst; her journey of self discovery. A red woolen blanket sits draped over her bony shoulders. It is meant to convey comfort and security. She needs the blanket because it’s just about the only thing that she has to warm her.
‘I don’t yearn for someone to complete me’: why more women are staying single.
It is the time of the great lack of yearning, a time foretold by the soothsayers of old who had foreseen a period when women would be barren, narcissistic, and dull. And very much alone.

Jane Mathews has been single for eight years.
“Everyone sees it as a temporary thing, like I’m in some sort of a holding pattern on my way to the sunny heights of coupledom,” she said.
But for Jane, 57, coupledom is not the end goal.
“I’m getting happier and happier living alone. And the longer I do it, the more self-sufficient I become,” she said.
Jane is among a growing number of Australian women choosing to be alone or finding themselves without a partner later in life. In Australia, one in four women between the ages of 35 and 65 is single.

The main reason that these Australian women are single is not because of the claim by the ABC that they choose to be. Their desperate attempts to prove that their real happiness is a result of their supposed self-sufficiency isn’t fooling anyone. The reason that a quarter of Australian women in that age group are single is for the simple fact that they are amongst the most god-awful women on the face of the planet.
Australian women in general are the pits of the earth. They are shrill self-absorbed harridans whose countenances would cause raging jealousy in a pack of harpies. Their voices are the sound of coarse sandpaper furiously rubbed against an empty bottle of beer which is then thrown at a brick wall. Flocks of seagulls grow quiet in the presence of these women out of grudging respect. They dress like a cross between a prostitute shopping at McDonalds and an early 20th century Antarctic explorer who is yet to get out of bed. Their opinions are many, undesirable, available and incorrect. They commit the dual sins of being both dull and boring, traits which extend to every corner of the marital home.
Frankly I’m surprised that only 25% of them are single. I would have thought that the number would be much higher.
Obviously these single women must have a lot of time on their hands. I wonder what they get up to?

Research has also shown single people tend to have greater involvement with the broader community than their married peers.
“From little things in everyday life, like a ride somewhere or help with an errand … single people are consistently there more often than married people,” Dr DePaulo said.
Single people tend to participate more in civic groups and public events, and volunteer more often in their community, she said.

No attempt to elevate the social status of single women would be complete without the obligatory denigration of married people. But this aside, it seems that the majority of these single women are interfering busybodies. The dogooders who do their best to “raise awareness” about some shitty social issue that nobody gives a rat’s arse about, or who relentlessly badger public officials until every little enjoyment that we value is banished to the nether regions of one more thing that is not allowed.
It was the spinster brigade that was responsible for prohibition. Remember that.

For Jane, the best thing about being single was the sense of total autonomy.
“You have enormous freedom being single. You can do pretty much what you like, when you like,” she said.

You do not get 10 points for guessing that all Jane does is stare at daytime television while eating Snickers bars.

Otherwise, Jane said single living had reinvigorated her friendships and overall sense of wellbeing.
“I feel really happy at the moment,” she said.
“I think the perception of a single person is someone who is missing out, they are one of society’s outliers … they won’t leave as big a mark on the world.
“The reality is that I intend to leave a very big mark on the world.”

All I can say is thank God we have gun control in Australian, [/sarcasm] as that is about the only way that she’s going to leave a mark on the world.
The reader who emailed me this link described the article as cancer. I don’t think that cancer is a perfect analogy as it is possible to recover from cancer. No Australian woman can recover from a situation described in this article. Her only real hope is to go into politics where her barren brethren await.
The media is attempting to glorify loneliness because of the sheer numbers of women who find themselves alone and desperate, a situation that they created for themselves because they listened to the very same media who kept telling them that they could have it all and that they deserved everything and that men should worship at their unwashed feet.
You’ve got to be dumb to believe that shit, but they did and now look where they are – in the process of being tricked into believing that being old and lonely is somehow empowering. It’s not, it’s just sad.

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