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Podcast #85 – The last week episode.

I recorded this last week but then realised that I needed to upload the Greasy Pole episode so this one went on the back burner. So you get it this week, aren’t you lucky??
Brought to you by the good time great taste of asparagus.


I'm a woman, I'm middle aged, I'm single, and I'm really happy!


Not every woman is a feminist, but all women can prevent it – including you.


  1. Klaus

    Enjoyed the podcast. I had to smile and shake my head at your wife buyin’ the good stuff. My wife is EXACTLY the same. I’m reminded of the, “These are not the droids you’re looking for” quote from the original Star Wars film when a salesman gets hold of her.

    Your previous comments about Australian women are correct as well – they’re rubbish. You put some work into into it! Afterwards, I thought, Adam, don’t be so diplomatic…tell us how you really feel – hahaha.

    Keep up the good work.

    • Adam

      The real problem is that often I am the same as well. Champagne taste, etc etc.

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