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You cannot make sound decisions based on feelings.

Stuart Schneiderman writes about a 12 year old girl who committed suicide after being bullied at school. The girl’s parents had pleaded with school officials to do something.

When the parents once complained about bullying in the lunch room, the school suggested their daughter eat in a guidance counselor’s office — “further isolating Mallory from the student body,” the suit states.

Another time, administrators had Mallory and her tormenters “hug each other” rather than actually discipline anyone.

Schneiderman has this to say about the hug it out approach:

Shared hugs… now that’s the solution that our empathy laden therapy culture prescribes. To imagine that society can regulate itself on the basis of feelings of a common humanity is an absurdist rationalization for the failure to offer a disciplined and structured social environment.

This personal tragedy, a microcosm in our world, is played out in exactly the same way on the international stage. The use of feelings and hugs to decide national policy as opposed to cold hard facts.

An earlier article from Schneiderman on the pending demise of German leader Angela Merkel is illustrative in this regard.

Never has so much goodness spawned so much misfortune. Normally, embattled leaders seek refuge in foreign policy. But Merkel is running out of partners. Paris and Rome, Warsaw, Vienna and Budapest have opposed her “European solution” for three years. Sweden and Denmark reinstated border controls in 2016. In a new tripolar world, Trump would rather play with the big boys in Moscow and Beijing.

Merkel demanded that Europe “open its heart” to a million third world barbarians, a policy which has resulted in chaos for Europe. If she survives this summer with her political career intact it will be somewhat of a miracle, if the devil deals in those.

The school that directly contributed to that young girl’s demise did so due to the convenient excuse of doing nothing based on the quicksand of lies known as empathy. Merkel has come close to destroying Europe through a similar stance of doing nothing, with the convenient excuse of feelings as her get out of jail free card. Such short term solutions offer brief rewards in a society obsessed with signaling virtue. But the reality is far different when it catches up with you.

The attempt to govern by appealing to people’s emotions is not only unfair; it is fundamentally unsound. Facts are unpalatable and hurtful, as is the truth, an avoidance of which will sooner or later land you in deadly trouble.


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  1. Speaking of the power of feelings. Has anyone considered how it made that girl feel to be coerced into hugging the person who was making her life a living hell?

    It sounds like the kind of thing that would drive me to the edge of killing someone. Not necessarily myself though.

  2. Hugs. Seriously?

    I think in my day, I’d have kicked my antagonist in the nuts right there in the office. My logic back then was simple. I’d already be in trouble, and having “paid for it”, I’d want my due.

  3. The additional factor is the assumption that all cultures and people are the same. The “love your neighbour” paradigm is not necessarily reciprocated in other cultures when in fact it’s a unique feature of Christianity. The refusal of the mainstream media to cover the crime of incoming migrants is traitorous.

    When Donald Trump said:

    “When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best; they’re not sending you,” Trump said. “They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.”

    It was shocking because it was not politically correct and it was also obviously true Indeed, it was measured, allowing for there being some “best” Mexicans who were not being sent and some illegals that were despite their criminal trespass probably “good people”.

    I felt uncomfortable at first as everytime Trump spoke, on Muslim Bans, for example, I thought to myself that makes sense. Whereas virtually everyone I know went up in arms.

    Now, Trump’s opening speech is routinely referred to “emotionally” as racist, bigoted, calling all Mexican’s rapist, etc. A whole strategy is based on eliciting horrified emotional responses rather than objective and thoughtful ones.

    I do not think this was the case in the past. Or maybe I just haven’t noticed. In fairness, POTUS also stirs up the left and it has almost turned into an in-joke to watch them go bonkers. Whilst it is damaging to our politics maybe it’s a necessary drawing of the line.

    What POTUS is saying about immigration was mainstream policy as little as 10 years ago and in the UK the settled view for the bulk of my life. Legal free movement of labour in Europe morphed into free movement of people. Then the former fortress Europe, hard external border policy was abandoned by Merkel and the rest is disastrous history. Though the light at the end of the tunnel is looming.

  4. MatrixTransform

    Love Schneiderman’s Blog … one of my daily go-to sites

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