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Podcast #86 – The Immigration episode.

This episode is about those poor immigrants. A quote from an email I received from David Hiscox the editor at XYZ magazine:

A meme I find telling at the moment is that the difference between socialists and conservatives is that socialists want to give away our countries via illegal immigration, while conservatives want to give away our countries via legal immigration.

Yep. Also, I respond and take apart a comment on my piece yesterday on immigration. Hint: I am not nice.


The conservative madness on immigration.


Selling our children’s future.


  1. Not a new commentator, dude. Used to be TechieGuy. Big fan, Big fan. I just took your commenting about horrible google to heart and have been divesting myself.

    I think you didn’t understand what I wrote, and that may be my fault. I should have framed my response to a person who isn’t American and has never been here. America isn’t south Africa, far from it. It’s far, far different than all your examples in this podcast.

    You’ve missed two huge points, and got up on the word “Native”. By the way, “Native White Children” was your term, not mine. I used quotes because they were your words, not mine.

    First is, America doesn’t have a thousand years of cohesive race and culture. It has a few hundred altogether. And as I said, we’ve had every kind of people here for generations, many longer than whites. They aren’t immigrants. Up until relatively recently, we had a culture where those of any race assimilated, more or less. Their, and their kids values and culture are nearly identical to mine. So, you’d tell a kid who is in every way identical to their white friends, other than what they look like, that they can’t do this or that because – well, they look different?

    600,000 people died in a civil war, and a hundred years later our cities burned because of that train of thought. Of all the misery you pointed out all over the world, you left that out for some reason. We’ve had our time of misery. It may or may not come again, but we’ve had it.

    Second, You missed my point about how and which kids wind up in elite schools, at least ones that are merit based. My kids schools have three tiers of classes – Regular, Honors, & Advanced Placement (or AP, which you can score college credit). AP classes are really just classes taught at the level we were taught back in the day. Regular classes are dumbed down. It’s the parents – of all kinds, that push their kids to AP courses – In our case, our point was they weren’t to take dummy classes in anything important. Asians, whites, and middle eastern kids mostly sign up for them.

    They are, however, available to all. Most don’t bother, and are content to coast along. There’s no unfair advantage with Asians there, they simply sign up where others don’t and do the work.

    So what’s the solution? You missed that point in my comment altogether. Quotas? Should this high school keep slots open for the lazy and ignorant because their skin tone? They aren’t being kept out by this or that race, they are being kept out because they don’t want to compete at that level. There’s a huge statistic missing in that story, one that I’m too lazy to look up – How many of each race bothered to apply? NYC may be the most important city, whatever, but it’s nowhere near majority white. I’d guess that the majority of applicants were Asian.

    You have me wrong, I’m nowhere near how you picture me on the conservative side. We have a huge immigration problem, but it isn’t with Asians, which are like 5% tops. BTW, The reason you don’t see Asians in those pictures you quote about the 1950s is you are seeing what whites, who had cameras, took pictures of. I’m nearly certain NYC had a large Chinatown in the 50s as did LA and San Francisco.

    Our immigration system is busted, and the issue was exactly as you mentioned in the beginning about street shitters. We’re letting in low/no skilled, 3rd world culture that mostly can’t or won’t assimilate to our culture and we don’t have the agricultural/industrial economy we had previously that would compel this.

    I’m not for unfettered immigration whatsoever. I just don’t think who gets admitted to some upper crust high school in New York (or Harvard) has anything to do with immigration or is an indicator of anything other than envy.

    In America, it’s culture, not race that’s the problem.

    • Adam

      Not even Techieguy, one of my favorite commenters gets a pass when he’s this wrong.

      You are as wrong as wrong can be.

      In America, it’s culture, not race that’s the problem.

      Try again. Culture is race.

      Immigration is screwing us on two ends. It’s screwing us on the low end, (shitting in the streets and entry level jobs being snapped up by low skill imports willing to work for peanuts to get a foot in the door.) And it’s screwing us on the high end. Our own kids missing out on the best schools is a clear and present example of the high end screw job.

      The solution is simply but not easy – they have to go back.

      • I think you’re making it too simplistic.

        They have to go back? Where?

        I know 2nd and 3rd generation (hell even some first) that don’t speak the language of their ancestors and don’t understand the cultural mores of the old country. They’ve adopted more American custom and culture than wherever their grandparents came from. I know more than a few Asians, Indians, and Mexicans that are like this. They’d be shunned in the old country, seen as an oddity as well.

        That’s a huge problem where I live. The parents are illegal, hence so are the kids. But they came here as small children and haven’t adopted the full culture, or even the language of their race. I have friends who are a mix of Chinese/Korean, Chinese/Philippine. Where do they go? They speak neither Chinese or Tagalog. What do you do with those mixed race? What culture is theirs?

        Many, if not most, have been here for generations. There’s nowhere to send them, and to imply that they need to be sent anywhere because they are of a different race. That may fly in Europe, but not here where we’ve had a mix of races for centuries. We have issues, but they are different than other countries.

        The solution is to revert back to and adhere to the American system. We have problems, but that isn’t a solution.

        • Adam

          I know 2nd and 3rd generation (hell even some first) that don’t speak the language of their ancestors and don’t understand the cultural mores of the old country.

          This will be irrelevant when the shit hits the fan. And it has countless precedents throughout history.

          I have friends who are a mix of Chinese/Korean, Chinese/Philippine. Where do they go? They speak neither Chinese or Tagalog. What do you do with those mixed race? What culture is theirs?

          This is the great tragedy of mixed-raced couples which begins from the great selfishness on the part pf the parents. The children will indeed suffer for the very terrible thoughtlessness of their parents.

      • “Our own kids missing out on the best schools…” There’s the crux of the whole thing that started all this.

        Stuyvesant High School is the crown jewel of the NYC school system and NYC is indicative of squat when referring to the whole of the US. All three high schools in the city I used to live were as good or better than Stuyvesant. The town I live in now has at least two as good. The difference is they are open to all, and have a variety of programs.

        When dealing with the US in general, you can’t use any example in the top five cities as gospel to apply to the whole country.

  2. I knew when I didn’t see a reply on my comment, and read the description of the podcast, I was in the cross hairs. Like seeing that red dot on my chest.

    Fair enough. At least it’s not boring, forcing me to read your second book a third time.

  3. Lockwood

    “The next step is unpalatable”…

    Won’t be for much longer. They have kicked the can so far down the road that sooner or later they will come up against a dead end and the can will ricochet off a hard surface and hit them in the face.

  4. Weren’t some of those “dual citizens” just children of British immigrants, qualifying automatically for the citizenship? Seems a bit harsh, at least in those cases, to get all outraged (as some of the commentators did at the time) about someone who didn’t even know that they had the second citizenship.

    PS I have written occasionally about the optimal level of immigration to the United States right now (approximately zero) and recommend (if you’ve read everything Adam has written and listened to everything he’s said, twice, to tune in to John Derbyshire at or at his podcast. Very entertaining and relevant to the discussion at hand.

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