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Selling our children’s future.

I’ve had a bit of back and forth with a reader over my article and podcast this week on immigration. There are a couple of points that I would like to publicly address as I feel that they are both interesting and useful. My correspondent had this to say:

Chinese immigration is an Australian problem, not American by and large. The problem with your example is the schools in NYC are not indicative of dick anywhere else in the country.

There was a Democrat election in NYC this week that had a very surprising result with the ten term Irish-American incumbent being unceremoniously turfed out in a landslide to a Marxist Latino who wants free everything and open borders.

The interesting thing for me in relation to my discussion was the breakdown of the voting stats by race for the 14th district:

18.41% White
11.39% Black
16.24% Asian
49.80% Hispanic
0.45% Native American
3.71% other

In what is predominantly a Latino neighborhood there is still a large percentage of Asians, a percentage that is almost on par with the number of whites. It might not be happening all over the country but it is happening.

But I found this comment from my correspondent to be far more interesting:

As far as immigration goes, these Asian guys by and large are not immigrants. And they are taking the place that the whites walked away from. My kids competed with them, no problem, and weren’t held back one bit.

First of all it is a mistake to use your own micro experiences to try and make sense of a macro issue. We’re not on N=1 ground here. But then I thought about this some more and something came to me. This actually is a very big problem for my correspondent’s kids. Let’s go back to the numbers breakdown for Stuyvesant High School again:

Asian — 613
White — 151
Hispanic — 27
Black — 10

There are two reasons that you send your kids to an elite school. One of those reasons is for the quality of the education, but that is not the first one. The primary motivation to send your kids to an elite school is for the doors that it opens. These kids are the future leaders of the country, whether in business or in politics. The networking opportunities that arise from mixing and socializing with peers that will be powerful in the future is huge.

But race determines all things. The Asian kids when they grow up will be passing on their favors to other Asian kids. That is simply the way of things. There may well be a few N=1 aberrations but in the main the Asian will look after the Asians and so on. Perhaps the Asian kids will be locked out of the power structure in the future. Even if that is the case it is still a huge disadvantage for the white kids who are currently at this high school, for the simple fact that their future networking pool is only 150, whereas if the school had been all white they would have had over 800 networking opportunities to cultivate and exploit.

It’s beyond useless to walk around saying that your kids got in so they’re okay. Got in to what exactly? You paid for the high education but you’re not receiving the main benefit.

The schools don’t care because they’re getting just as much money as before if not more. No “Tiger Mom’s” kids will miss out on any extracurricular activities.

This has gone to such an extreme in Australia that our major universities are now simply degree factories for Chinese and Indians who often don’t even speak any English. They still get given the degree though; after all, they paid for it.

Chinese students in Australia dominate a range of popular ­finance and business courses ­offered by metropolitan univer­sities through a sheer weight of numbers. Often more than eight in 10 students in particular courses are international students, particularly students from China.

80%. That’s beyond a joke; it is a betrayal. Keep in mind that these universities receive hundreds of millions of dollars in taxpayer funding. Check out the breakdown of stats:

What’s not mentioned in the article is that these students don’t just receive a degree for their money; it is a backdoor pathway to citizenship. If you are studying in Australia then that confers on you residency status which means that you can purchase as much property with your family’s money as you want. This then leads to permanent residency so you can bring in the entire family as well. There are over 1 million foreign students currently studying in Australia which is over 5% of the total population.

This is what happens when you give away your country for the short term buck. You sell your children’s future, whether that be a high school, a university, or a future contact that would get their foot in the door in an elite profession.


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  1. Abelard Lindsey

    I’ll play devil’s advocate here. So bear with me.

    The Chinese immigrants getting university degrees, mostly in business and engineering, may continue to live in Australia. In addition to getting good jobs,. they are likely to start new businesses which, in turn, creates more jobs and opportunities for others. it is certainly true that Chinese people tend to be cliquish and will often hire and do business through personal connections. But the increased economic growth resulting from this is not zero-sum. It would create more growth and opportunities for everyone in Australia, not just other Chinese people who are friends and family connections of the Chinese people generating the increased economic activity.

    That is the “pro” argument in a nutshell. What I am NOT saying is that I agree with it. There are equally good arguments against allowing this to happen.

    The public financing of these universities is an issue. Are these international students attending university for the same tuition costs as the domestic student? Or are they paying ‘full fare” where the universities are actually making more money from them and, presumably, using to allow more Australian nationals to attend university?

    Foreign (mainly Chinese) students are increasing making up the bottom-line for our universities in the U.S.,particularly what are called the “state” universities. These international students and their families pay “full fare” tuition, whereas there is all kinds of scholarships, waivers, and other kinds of cross subsidization for U.S. national students (as you may know, both our university system and health care system work on the same model as the airline industry where those paying “full fare” tickets end up subsidizing everyone else). Over time, most of our universities have become financially dependent on the income from the foreign students. This dependency is about to become more acute as a massive retirement wave of faculty and admin (hired in the 1970’s) begins to hit the relevant pension funds of the universities.

    It sounds like Australia is facing many of the same issues as the U.S. One issue you DON”T face, however, is the flood of low skill, low wage immigrants that the U.S. and Europe are experiencing.

    • Dave

      Here in Australia I can assure you the majority of Chinese attending universities such as Monash University are not that talented – When it came to an IT project subject where students had to think up innovative and radical problems (in society) to solve as the basis of an entire semesters work, I (the only white) in the allocated group of diversity, ended up providing all the vision… the Chinese were only good as work horses to address my identified problems – I had to field everything from the problem, means of attack in terms of formulas, supporting open data sources, and general strategy….. ironically we won our project division as a result, which I credit to my self and the novelty of the identified problem and devised approach – anyone can code a solution when it is given to them.

      I don’t fear them in industry because I’ve seen how weak they are in terms of problem solving…

      When forced to operate independently they showed a preference for reinventing of the wheel and plagiarism (a huge problem at Monash here in Australia with Chinese students) and I personally liken them to ants in some ways as they don’t seem able to operate as individuals… maybe it’s a cultural weakness…. but a weakness none the less.

      Whites have proven themselves far more versatile historically.

  2. Couple thoughts.

    NYC, a deep blue city, is not representative of the US in general. It’s primarily democrat, and they are currently swooning to the siren song of socialism. Bet many whites voted for her as well. Homey lost big, bigger than the percentage population of Hispanics. Where do the gullible east coast gentry liberals fit in your race calculation? How about Jews? I’d bet money, lots, that 70-80% of that 151 white number are Jewish.

    Asians, more so than blacks, tend not to vote or get involved in politics. As they get bagged on, that will change. Read Ying Ma’s “Chinese Girl in the Ghetto”. It ain’t all peaches for Chinese immigrants. (as it wasn’t for Irish). The black underclass brutalizes them in a way that if it happened to Irish or Italians, there’d be blood in the streets.

    Asians help out Asians, for sure. Americanized ones help out their Anglo friends as well. Happens to my kids, happens with me. It may surprise you, but I’ve been to Sushi restaurants in San Antonio where the only Asian was the dude at the cash register. Ditto with some Chinese places.

    Asians are a tiny portion of our population. We aren’t giving away the store to the Chinese whatsoever. Keep in mind, we have Chinese, but also Koreans and Vietnamese. They don’t all get along.

    It’s a high school. I doubt very seriously that students are bonding for life. Harvard, yes. Stuyvesant? Doubt it. With Harvard, you are right on the money. And it is a money thing. It’ll become more so as American kids wise up and realize it’s not worth the dough. Many in my kids class (and I’m sure it’s repeated elsewhere, so the logic is valid) have shunned ivy league, even though they were admitted, in favor of the local campus of UT. Why? full ride. You know who didn’t? Asians. Same School as UT Austin, better campus. So much so it’s growing geometrically.

    Conversely, I’ve been reading stories lately of Chinese that came over here for the name brand schools, and now feel they were ripped off, and could have gotten an better education, cheaper, at home.

    Should have read some Clarey before signing up I suppose.

    • Abelard Lindsey

      Yeah, Clary should publish Chinese-language version of some of his books, especially “Worthless”.

  3. Wasn’t voting stats dude, Twas demographics of the district.

    So to bolster your points, natives sold out, probably more so than Hispanics voted for her.

  4. I think that Adam’s point is actually about race consciousness and in group preference. Why do white parents and politicians not see the impact of closed off career, education and employment opportunities for their own children as a collective threat? Why are whites so apparently atomised? It is easy to describe these trends as though they were natural or as though we are neutral. Neither is true and the social changes have required multiple policy initiatives and a massaging of public opinion to negate or refute the obvious downsides of unnecessary multiculturalism.

    Take New York:
    On the ground in New York’s neighbourhoods, there is a staunch race consciousness across all the patchworks of communities. The white liberals have created policies that allow violent crime to grow and lead to a general decline in the environment which they then blame on capitalism or criminal justice or waysism.

    A comparison in the UK would be the redefinition of state school educational targets to favour girls and minorities, leaving the middle class to buy their entry into quality schools by relocating into their catchment areas, and excluding the low income and often working-class white boys to flounder. The Labour Party has so many teachers in its elected Members fo parliament and so much teacher funding that there is no chance of this being faced up to.

    The reason why white populations don’t challenge this is probably our nefarious Neo-Marxists. In the UK it is acceptable to be a Scottish nationalist, a Welsh nationalist, various black and brown religious or national identities, a Republican Irish. But Unionist, English let alone white nationalists are frowned upon because they are the backbone of the national patriotic identity and need to be reframed into a federalised Europe.

    Blair invented the concept of “middle England” which we all knew was white to woe and seduce those floating voting. For a while, we have had “hard-working families” or “the squeezed middle” but one day someone will break through with w”hat about the white people”. As the EU declines and Brexit splutters forward this is changing, slowly. For a time Farage spoke for the left behind and those, mainly whites, uneasy at mass uncontrolled immigration. An unease felt amongst some ethnic minorities who did not move legally to the UK to then see that which they left behind invited in.

    POTUS drew everyone’s attention to the existing long-standing native flyover population of, MAGA is about economics but not merely the economy it’s about making it better for the formally “left behind” citizens and to hell with illegal immigrants.

    I don’t think the fear of being called racist can adequately explain the suppression of race consciousness amongst whites and in particular political parties and leaders. Since Powell and Thatcher, there has been little acknowledgement of the matter. And again this is most profound in the Anglo-sphere. But it will be the gradual unravelling of multiculturalism, the failure of assimilation or integration and the very cost or resettlement into the 3rd and 4th generations that will eventually transform policymaking. Sadly it could ruin the situation of everyone before too long.

  5. “Again, the devil took Him up on an exceedingly high mountain, and showed Him all the kingdoms of the world and their glory. And he said to Him, “All these things I will give You if You will fall down and worship me.””

    Maybe the underlying thing that starts to explain the above is a spiritual warfare that goes back beyond communism or the Jacobins. Its a form of Luciferian transhumanism that started in Eden and can be seen more clearly every day. From Transexuals, to sex robots, to the undermining of genuine science by the pantheism of Ghia or catastrophic anthropomorphic global warming.

    To achieve their satanic goals the family and the nation must be undermined and the church converged. Mass immigration aids all these things. There’s the internationalism of the delusion of Babel, the disastrous feminism or Asherah worship, and the depravity, paedophilia and abortion of Moloch worship. This is nothing new just an invitation to stand with the righteous.

    “The coming of the lawless one is according to the working of Satan, with all power, signs, and lying wonders, and with all unrighteous deception among those who perish, because they did not receive the love of the truth, that they might be saved. And for this reason God will send them strong delusion, that they should believe the lie, that they all may be condemned who did not believe the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness.”

    Just saying…

  6. Pat, At an exclusive high school these relationships do indeed start this early. I went to a private boys school in Canada because my parents were worried that I was not being challenged at the public school. Many of those I graduated with are highly successful. Were I so inclined this would be a far more powerful in-group than anything else that I have done since.

  7. Allen

    I haven’t had this much fun in a long time. The bit about the NY 14th was delicious. I can hardly wait for the white leftists to start crying about their losses. They are just now finding out that very few people believe in racial diversity for themselves, but only for others. You would think they might have had some clue when Obama pulled a nearly a unanimous vote tally from black voters.

    Just like the Asian kids in the school, does anyone really believe they are just going to step aside when it comes time to give a leg up to others, or will they help their racial relatives? It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature and you sure as hell can’t fool Human Nature.

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