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Friday hawt chicks & links – The juggernaut of doom edition.

Whip, bang, crash, the juggernaut of doom races on as it catches in its greedy maw all those who conspired and participated but assumed that they were immune from its ravages. The gathering is only just beginning as generations of duplicitous decisions finally start to catch up with those directly and indirectly responsible. Hear the wailing, feel the shuddering, and catch bucketfuls of delightful tears as a billion chickens come home to roost. It is the time of the great roosting, the earth’s surface blanketed with dull feathers of mediocrity.

The Western world has convulsed and felt the pain inflicted upon it and now it shakes itself from an almost mortal slumber. June is almost gone and with it the half way point of the tumultuous 2018 but peak-2018 is nowhere in sight. The great suffering is coming your way in an express train of doom that is hurtling off the tracks. It’s gonna be fascinating and terrifying, all at the same time.

Now where are my meds? Not here? Oh well then, on with the show.

How bad a week was it for the left?

Supreme Court casts public sector unions to the wind reversing 40 year old legal precedent.

The important idea here is that unions for government employees are different from other unions and that everything they do, including bargaining for wages, is political, because they are making a deal with the government.



10 term Democrat who was set to be the next big thing in the House has his butt kicked by socialist Latino woman.

The one little minor teeny weeny tiny little flaw in the Democrats’ plan to use minorities to turn America blue is that before minorities come to comprise a majority of America they will first come to comprise a majority of the Democratic Party. That means that a whole lot of white Democrats will be out of jobs.



Trump gets another SCOTUS pick!

We stand on the threshold of a golden age in conservative jurisprudence. After generations of wandering through a wasteland of judicial activism and unilateral supremacism, we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. And so can the left. That is why it is preparing to go to war for Kennedy’s seat.

Most elections only last for years. But Supreme Court appointments resonate across the ages.



GOP Immigration amnesty bill is dead in the water.

But nearly half of House Republicans abandoned the bill and joined Democrats to defeat it in an embarrassingly lopsided 301-121 vote.

“This Congress was not elected to pass a sweeping amnesty,” said Rep. Steve King, Iowa Republican. “Instead of wasting our time granting legal protections to admitted criminals, we should be addressing the border security agenda the American people want.”

Suck that, Cuck Ryan. Wham!


Trump’s travel ban is ruled constitutional. Lefty celebs freak out.

“Looks like the USA as we know it is over,” actress Bette Midler warned, while others celebrities like director Rob Reiner, Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane, and actress Debra Messing urged their followers to respond to the SCOTUS decision by voting Trump and Republicans out of office.



Remember last week that Trump was apparently in trouble because some snot nosed illegal immigrant toddler had been separated from her mother? No? The sound bites just aren’t sticking like they should, apparently. Here, let me gently remind you.


The UK police are in meltdown. Stories from those on the inside.

Many officers say they cannot wait to get out of the force, sick of seeing the job they loved so diminished. Or new recruits accepted to tick the diversity box, who would never have made it through recruitment just five years ago. White males were not even invited to a day on how to succeed at selection. Only minority, LGBT, Muslim or non-whites were free to attend.


Co-founder of “Youth to end Sexual Violence” charity arrested on child pornography charges.

Over the course of several weeks in June 2018, DAVIS, who started an organization devoted to ending sexual violence, exchanged text messages with law enforcement officers operating in an undercover capacity. During the course of these conversations, DAVIS told the undercover officers that he was sexually interested in children of all ages.

And yes, he is a homosexual. After all, the best way to get access to youths is to start a youth charity.



That was a little gay. Let’s try that again – Toto!


Distiller ships bourbon in barrels down the Ohio River and on to New York in a bid to see if it tastes better the old way.

“In my mind, bourbon proliferated in Kentucky because of the route to market and not, as most people claim, the limestone water,” says Zoeller. To test that theory, two years ago he sent two barrels of Jefferson’s signature spirits along a traditional bourbon shipping route, down the Ohio River to the port of New Orleans and then into the Atlantic and up to New York City. The day he arrived in Manhattan to taste it, he brought the first sample, along with a control batch from Louisville, to Popular Mechanics. The whiskey that took the trip, which Zoeller calls Jefferson’s Journey, was mature beyond its age, richer, with new flavors of tobacco, vanilla, caramel, and honey. It was some of the best bourbon any of us had ever drunk.


Who else read the Choose Your Own Adventure books as a kid?

Maps reveal the hidden structure of the choose your own adventure books.

In just about every case, it can be surprising how a simple choice leads you down a complex path. In By Balloon to the Sahara, you’re in a balloon and are presented with a choice on the very first page. Storm clouds are on the horizon. Choice 1: “If you act now, you can release gas from the balloon and land before the storm overtakes you.” Choice 2: “Perhaps the storm will pass quickly. Maybe you can ride it out.” That’s just the beginning, since this book has the most decision points—48—of the series.

My favorite was Your Code Name is Jonah.




Selling our children's future.


Reflections on my first year in The Netherlands.


  1. earl

    Leo does a good job of turning mediocre pop songs into rocking metal.

  2. Leo’s version also a little gay, mostly when he is sitting at the mixer board making weird faces. Plus cute chick has nose ring, which is disgusting.

    Pumped about all the winning. I am a teacher in the US. Trying to find out exactly how the SCOTUS decision will be applied. I have to swing by school office soon and tell them to stop taking out dues. My guess is it will be a while before they know exactly what they can and cannot do, in spite of clear direction. I would also guess that the Washington state government will be doing all they can to throw roadblocks in the way of anyone who attempts to leave the union.

    Related story, Service Employees International Union has been collecting “authorization” cards from union members the last couple months, allowing them to continue deducting union dues. They were claiming that changes in the law required them to have the cards although they have not been needed in the past under the “you have to be in the union” rules in place in our state. However, buried in the verbage on the cards was the word “irrevocable”. Trying to get ahead of the Janus decision and then force all the poor saps who signed to take them to court to revoke the irrevocable.

  3. Ain’t tired of winning yet and as a bonus the hawt chick is actually hawt this week, though that necklace is amazingly ugly.

  4. So much grinning this week.

    Is it possible to OD on schadenfreude or fremdschämen?

    Of these, the primary win by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will probably lead to the most fun. Crowley got pummeled because he figured he was save and barely tried as much as anything. It’s a win-win. If I were the GOP I’d find someone that seems lucid and go for it in the main. Just because she won the primary doesn’t mean she’s a lock for the big game.

    She wins? One of two things will happen. She’ll join the screechy lunatic caucus of Maxine Waters, or she’ll be crushed by the Pelosi wing. I think they are fearful enough of her type, and annoyed that she knocked out one of their own that they’ll crush her, probably before the election.

    Age and guile will triumph over youth and exuberance every time.

  5. Hans Tholstrup

    She’s the young Margot Robbie, isn’t she? Nice.

  6. jan smith

    Keep it up, Adan, like everything you write

  7. Dave

    Just had another fantastic vibrant African enrichment here in Melbourne…. 50 “youths” later reluctantly identified by the media as being of “African appearance” trashed an expensive Hawthorn East airbnb property and then started attacking occupants of neighboring properties who resorted to the use of guard dogs to try an keep the friendly enrichment at bay till police finally showed up.

    Airbnb – the preferred choice of African gangs………..

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