Men are attracted to youth and beauty, not careers and power.

The continuing disaster that plagues so-called “educated” women is the discernible and disturbing lack of any men willing to put up with their shit. A “new study” supposedly proves what those of us in the manosphere have known for quite some time.

Career women find shortage of ‘eligible’ men in marriage market.

It’s pay-walled so I’ll link the good bits.

They outnumber men at university, but a generation of high-flying women are now grappling with an unwelcome outcome: it’s hard to find eligible men whom they consider to be good marriage material.

The problem is not so much the men’s lack of commitment or poor relationship skills but the shortage of men with degrees and higher incomes, according to a new study.

Even when women can’t get their act together to nail down a bloke, it’s still our fault for their hopelessness. The article was written by a man too. Probably trying to suck up to some chick in order to play hide the sausage. Fat chance, mate.

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Somalis vs Blacks.

Melbourne is continuing to have its many problems with the shining diversity that is Sudanese immigrants, but spare a thought for what the poor blacks are having to put up with over in the USA. I mean, their ancestors got out of Africa but now it appears that Africa has come back to haunt them.

The highly anticipated fight between two students who have been off-and-on friends for years became physical during lunch last Friday. According to school officials, they knew of the impending conflict at least a week prior. The day of the incident, the administration claims that they reached out to the students “every hour” before the fight broke out. Unfortunately, the efforts were not successful and the violence erupted anyway.

The fight was not limited to the two students, who were reported by classmates to be a Somali-American and an African American. Over 20 students joined the chaos soon after the first punches were thrown and the original videos that surfaced were titled “Somalis vs. Blacks.”

Somalis vs Blacks. And thus shines our new era of equality and diversity. Everyone is the same but we need everyone to be different. The innate incoherency of prog ideology comes up against the brutal reality of the high school bike racks after the bell rings. And incompetent leftist school administrators would of course be doing their very best to ensure that the school holds to the message in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

Must stay on message. Saddam Hussein’s propaganda guy who denied on camera with a cheeky grin that the bombs were falling while the bombs were falling would be proud.

(H/T Vox.)

Death to all mobility scooter users.

It was bad enough when only old people who would otherwise have been stuck at home and thus would have spared us the chore of tolerating their miserable existence were using them. I’m talking about electric scooters. Scooter carts. Electric carts. Mobility aids. Those ridiculous contraptions that are beginning to infest our towns and cities like some mechanized plague. When we were worried about the robots taking over we had no idea that the guy behind it all would be that dude who was in charge of the Daleks.

As I said, it’s not just the oldies who have them now. They are the number one traveling choice for the fat and lazy. In order to successfully join the ranks of mobility cart users it is necessary to adopt some key attributes.

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Friday hawt chicks & links – The stupidity bell curve edition.

Wednesday was my biggest day so far on the old blog with over 4500 views due to my innocuous and off the cuff piece on what terminology to use to describe Jordie-boy’s mental gymnastics being linked to by Google Chrome and WordPress.

Suffice to say that the ring-ins were not enthused with my take on their guru cult leader.

But hey, I’ll take what I can get, and at the same time I’ll have a jolly good laugh at it all. What was particularly amusing was the number of people who accused me of being a hardcore leftist. It seems that we have almost as many stupid people on the right as they have over there on the left. This dove-tails nicely with my general observation that 90% of people are incapable of doing their job properly.

I also want to make one thing very clear; Jordan Peterson is not on our side. He is a leftie, through and through, and self-declared at that. He is not one of our “generals” for fuck’s sake, as one commenter put it. His good bits are immaterial; every leader in history has had good bits. My cat has good bits. I care not for your good bits.

I only care if you are on our side, and after that I only care about where you sit on the bell curve of stupidity.

It was also a great week on the blog as I got my first ever link from The Woodpile Report. Thanks, Remus.

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