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My colleague in the culture wars economist Steve Kates sent me the following link to a petition in the form of a letter to the Times which is to be sent on Monday the 8th of July. Titled, ‘The non-feminist declaration‘, it is a public declaration in opposition to feminism.

In many countries, virtually all institutions have been deeply corrupted by feminists, and by people in positions of power bowing to feminist influence. These include governments, public sectors, media, family courts, education systems, academia, police forces, criminal justice systems, health services, military forces, and business sectors.

Feminists have been responsible for, or have exacerbated, many of the problems facing humanity today. They include disparities in the treatment, opportunities, choices, respect, protections and rights afforded to citizens.

It all sounds nice and positive, and a step in the right direction. But it is not. It is simply more of the same and will make absolutely no difference to the current status quo. In order to understand why, one only needs to examine who is behind this campaign.

Elizabeth Hobson
(and the women who love them)

That right there is the problem in a nutshell. You still don’t get it? Okay, let me spell it out for you.

We got ourselves into this mess a hundred years ago when we began the process of removing the social restraints on women that had existed since time immemorial and that had served as a check on female hypergamy. Men acted to remove those restraints, not women. Of course women agitated for their lessening, but it was men who ultimately had to make that fateful decision.

Modern feminism is not an aberration of female behavior; it is a feature. Feminism is a reflection of the state of modern women. An extreme one to be sure, but what was extreme feminism 30 years ago is now considered to be acceptable social mores for the modern woman. Feminism merely reflects and casts a light upon where women will be in the next generation. The feminist behavior that we observe now and from which any sane individual rightly recoils will be the status quo in a couple of decades, if not sooner.

In general, women are not able to impose constraints upon their own behavior. Women rationalize their behavior in order to justify it. This rationalization process is the key to understanding the current mess in which we find ourselves. Remember, men are rational in their behavior while women rationalize their behavior. This is the fundamental difference between men and women and the core evidence for why matriarchal societies are always dysfunctional.

Men ceded power to women and women as a result are out of control. Women have no boundaries, and as a result they are miserable. The behavior that we see from modern feminists and women in general is merely an attempt to find their boundaries. But because we opened Pandora’s Box it is not possible to restore order to the situation while women still have a say in how things will be run.

Thus we have the situation of a woman, one Elizabeth Hobson, being the “Director of Communications Justice for men and boys”. The whole thing is completely absurd.

Modern men in general are weak and risk adverse. They are unwilling to stand up to feminism as their excuse is that since women see men as the enemy then their involvement in combating feminism will only make things worse. Far better to have women denounce feminism as coming from women it will be seen to have more potency. Have some women at the forefront and then the men can safely line up behind them in a good semblance of order.

But this merely repeats the same mistakes of the past and thus perpetuates the problem, in effect kicking the can down the road. The only way to combat feminism is to remove the cause; remember, feminism is merely a symptom of the wider problem. The malady is that women no longer have any constraints upon their own behavior. They have been told for years that they “can have it all”, surely the most solipsistic ideology to ever exist in the Western World. Women, encouraged by society in general, aspire to replace men and then wonder why they can’t find any decent men any more.

The only effective strategy to combat feminism is the most unpalatable one; systematically roll back women’s rights, get them out of the workplace, get them out of positions of power, and get them back in the home where they belong. Until that happens we will continue to see the obscene degradations of modern feminism. If we stay on the same course there is no endgame. Soliphisty knows no restraints. We are caught between a rock and a hard place but we put ourselves there and we only have ourselves and our modern ancestors to blame.

In order for that letter to which I linked to be truly accurate, simply replace every instance that the word feminism appears with the word female.

In many countries, virtually all institutions have been deeply corrupted by females, and by people in positions of power bowing to female influence. These include governments, public sectors, media, family courts, education systems, academia, police forces, criminal justice systems, health services, military forces, and business sectors.

Get the picture? It ain’t pretty, is it? Hard truths and realities is what you’ll find here. Don’t shoot the messenger. This letter to the Times is an absurd proposition. But then again, we sure do live in absurd times.

It was men who bequeathed onto women the curse of power. Only men can take it back from them.


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  1. purge187

    The 19th Amendment was a huge mistake.

  2. Allen

    Would it be churlish of me to point out that I might not want the “help” of people who already helped to put us in this mess to begin with?

    You go Grrl, you’re going to fix it for us men. FFS, zero introspection, zero lack of awareness, and zero knowledge of men. It’s a trifecta.

  3. Dingo

    Adam, agree with everything above. Further investigation shows that Justice for Men & Boys is a UK political party founded by an ex Conservative Party member Mike Buchanan. What they stand for is men’s rights and anti feminism. There might be something in it but then again, why does he allow a woman into the position of Director of Communications??? Dah!!!

  4. ‘The curse of power’
    I like that phrase. I’ve noticed that whenever a system has power, it becomes degenerate.

    Syria was the most coup-prone country in the world, giving a lot of power to the military. Syria lost the six-day war, not because their military failed but because their best tank divisions had to be held in reserve to ward off a coup.

    When we do conservation, we make sure to hunt all animals equally to prevent one from becoming dominant, because being a true apex predator distorts the environment as some species grow to hyper-abundance, while others are chased to near-extinction.

    It would almost be worth giving up power so that humanity can live up to its maximum potential, as humans. Maybe the leftists are subconsciously trying to do this with immigration. But sadly, power can’t simply be given up, because that results in extermination. Power can only fade away, as the circumstances that gave rise to it disappear. Until that happens, you’re either dominant, or you’re a threat to someone else.

  5. Post Alley Crackpot

    Most of the “solutions” look a lot like backing certain portions of humanity up against a wall or up to the edge of a cliff …

    It almost makes you wonder whether war is a regularly scheduled feature and not a bug.

    I think it’s because of this that I’m not the least bit afraid of the “robot revolution” when it comes to sexbots, pleasure bots, etc. If a technology puts pressure on low value women, men, and WTFOMGs (or whatever abbreviations they prefer), I can’t see that as anything but an overall benefit to humanity.

    And so the wonderful thing about technological pressure on feminism is very straightforward: feminism ends not in a bloody battle of politics or war, but in the bedrooms of the low value women and men who are essentially the core problem.

    Feminism is a rigged game in which the participants want to win by rearranging things so they’re able to win despite many natural forces being against them. It’s not a question of whether it’s going to end, but how nasty that ending is going to be.

    Technological solutions are probably more humane than the otherwise inevitable wars.

    Still, a friend of mine says I tend toward wanting to see a “global blanket party” much like that infamous scene in “Full Metal Jacket”: “Remember, it’s just a bad dream, fat boy!”

    Gunnery Sergeant Crackpot here wants you goddamned feminists and soyboys to GET THE HELL OFF MY OBSTACLE COURSE. 🙂

  6. Axis Sally

    To me the worst outcome of feminism is that the new face of evil has become a female one, viz.: Hillary Clinton, Theresa May, Angela Merkel, Barbara Lerner Spectre, Oprah Winfrey, et al. Such women seem to be easily corruptible and therefore are preferred by the Enemy as political figureheads. They are not only traitors to civilized society and their respective races, but to their own nature as well given that it is a woman’s natural calling to evolve the race.

  7. TechieDude

    “But because we opened Pandora’s Box it is not possible to restore order to the situation while women still have a say in how things will be run.”

    You can say that again. That particular pooch can’t be unscrewed. Unless there’s a sudden massive conversion to Islam with sudden onset sharia.

  8. gregorysharier


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