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Breaks and hibernation.

Every now and then you need a break. You just can’t keep going at it non stop. Well I do, anyway. I can’t speak for you, whoever you are. I’m not talking about the old blog here, don’t get your tizzies in a tizzle. I’ve taken a few weeks off from the gym after two years of over three times a week almost without a break. It was doing my head in, but I didn’t realise that until I stopped for a few weeks.

I didn’t plan on stopping. The other week I was on my way to the gym after work on a Monday and I just blew right by it. I couldn’t bring myself to go in there. At that moment the thought of doing a squat was akin to voting for Hillary. I’ll be back in the gym next week. And by God yes, the legs are going to be horrible a couple of days afterwards. I know the physical pain. I am well acquainted with the physical pain.

But breaks are important. We need them. We reset during the breaks. We remind ourselves of why we were doing whatever it was that we took a break from. And hopefully we can then return with new energy and a fresh outlook so that after the inevitable dip in performance we can jump up to new heights that before were just out of reach.

It’s one of the big things that I miss from my time in Italy – the hibernation spells. Spring, summer and autumn were a maelstrom of activity for me, but winter was a bit more of the lowdown time. I did more boarding than working. Went outside to gather wood, my footprints leaving small caverns in the deep snow. The days were short and my sleeps were long. Food was rich and luxuriant stews. The wine was red and full. The introspection was random and meandering. And by springtime I was ready to hit it again.

Something to be said for that.


We don't need no help from women.


Time for May to exit.


  1. I’m actually looking forward to upcoming surgery, just so I can lay around the house for a month and recuperate.

  2. Hi Adam,
    Things are not what they appear as you have pointed out in reference to Holland and Italy on numerous occasions. The awful EU is not going anywhere soon and whilst some may leave, including ourselves, eventually a core group will remain in a Federated state structure as the ruling elites across too many European countries want it.

    The question for the UK was always how to leave the political union whilst not disrupting our trade with this major trading block. There was only ever one credible option: take EEA status and the use our huge markets to get better deals whilst being in a much better position than currently.

    Others would probably follow us in time and we’d get the single market, frictionless trade, a cut in our net contribution, end to free movement, though we’d have to negotiate on free movement of labour. As we could restrict our welfare arrangements, enter into trade agreements, and get out of the Common Agricultural policy and the Fisheries policy we could start rebuilding our country.

    The pro-Remain Media gave Rees-Mogg the limelight to discredit eurosceptics and it backfired. Despite his upper-class background and accent, he speaks clearly and effectively. Rees-Mogg social politics is fine by me. But the downside is he’s a free trader, used to compromising his principled Catholic beliefs in a Conservative party that is pro-gay marriage, abortion, transsexual rights and all of the other Theresa May claptrap. Underneath it all, he has no plan of how to leave and on what terms other than slogans. And those slogans get in the way of the real discussion. I fear we are drifting to the absolute worst of all worlds.

    One last observation and anecdote from the White House. People appointed by Trump and Congressmen often seek to avoid him. He has an excellent memory and like any CEO expects outcomes so when he meets someone in a corridor he will ask for a progress report and he knows the keys issues. For members of Congress used to doing very little – under Obama Republicans, in particular, were excluded from the legislative discussion, this is a culture shock. And there laziness and inexperience was partly behind the failure to properly replace Obama care.

    What Brexit has shown to me is how our Parliament and even government ministers have become the same. They end up prattling about transsexuals and making every high paid job 50% women because anything remotely important that needs to be solved is either decided in the EU or is a consequence of a policy they are required to defend such as Carbon reductions based on the Climate Hoax. Parliament is full of MPS with nothing to do and I think this is behind the lack of significant reshuffles of government ministers.

    We now have liberal law and order, collapse immigration policy, terrorist jihadis all over the country, a school system run by hypergamy, lesbians who think men can have babies writing our school sex education policy and all of the SJW claptrap and Muslim religion of peace nonsense.

    In the real world, ordinary Englishmen and women were supporting the national football team in the World Cup and the government’s mess seemed a world away. But in reality, we are facing a reckoning that cannot be predicted.

    Here’s a Brexit supporter Peter North who, with Richard North and Christopher Booker, tried to warn Farage et al of the pitfalls and possibilities before the referendum. This is his way out of the disaster:

    And this is now much more likely to happen:

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