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Time for May to exit.

Two years ago Brexit happened, a wonderful result for freedom loving nationalists everywhere. But the celebration was soured when the leadership of the Tory party was taken by Theresa May. In her first announcement as PM she outlined plans to center her government around the nebulous socialist ideology of social justice, a decision that I panned at the time.

I also had this warning:

What’s the bet that all of the pro-Brexit politicians who have been rewarded with plum positions will be gone within six months? Anyone want to give me an over/under on that one?

I was wrong about 6 months. It took two years.

The resignations of Mr Johnson and the Brexit secretary David Davis, both arch-Brexiteers, were sparked by concessions Mrs May has already proposed and both feared further dilution of British independence in further discussions with the EU before next March’s exit.

Mrs May has shored up her position by appointing Remainers into the most senior cabinet positions, including ­Jeremy Hunt as foreign secretary, angering the Brexiteers. But she made Leaver ­Dominic Raab Brexit secretary.

Theresa May is attempting to out-Merkel Merkel. The difference between the two is that Merkel is as cunning as a fox with a degree in cunningness, while May has two cleft feet rammed squarely up her hideous nose.

The call is on for Boris Johnson to challenge her for the leadership. Now I like good old Boris, I really do. But the fact is that two years ago he got outsmarted and outmaneuvered for the Tory leadership by Theresa fucking May. I mean, is this really the kind of political savvy that we want to see masterminding Brexit? I am of the opinion that he is not up to the task.

So who should take the job? And by take I mean take it very roughly indeed with great roughness, and extra helping of roughage on the side.

I’d back Jacob Rees-Mogg. A staunch Roman-Catholic, he is anti-immigration, anti-abortion, anti-gay marriage, and anti-welfare state. Oh, and he is the biggest pro-Brexiter in the bunch beside Nigel Farage. Because of his traditionalist views he has been dubbed, “The honorable member for the 18th century.”

Great Britain sure could do with some of that.



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  1. Warney

    Farage. The fuck was he thinking bailing out on the process. We needed Farage, but all Englishmen seem compromised to me in any case. They’ve all been cucked to some degree. Even Farage can’t speak freely.

  2. JohnR

    So pleased England lost.

    England’s and Brexit self-confidence fades. Britain isn’t so Great; certainly not out-with Europe.

    As an English-speaking gateway to Europe, already with a special deal (ie. & eg. no Euro), the UK has the sweetest membership of the EU of all the member countries. Why would one throw in a hand like that? To stop immigration? Like that’ll happen.

    Had England won, the chances of Brexit proper would have soared. If there is ever to be another war in Europe, Brexit must happen.

    Freedom loving Nationalism? Right. I’d rather peace and prosperity.

    I’m not very pro-Brexit.

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