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The Greasy Pole #6 – The PC vs Apple episode.

The Great One and I go head to head on the touchy subject of PC vs Apple systems.
Also, flirting with girls when you’re not dating, a review of Run Guts Pull Cones, and much more.



Time for May to exit.


SJW’s started this fight; it’s up to us to finish it.

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  1. TechieDude

    I think Adam has it backwards. Windows 8 was a bucket of shit. Windows 10 is actually stable and quite good.

    I had a Mac Mini ten years ago. Even today, they aren’t that expensive. I bought it because I work with computers all day, and when I got home from traveling, I wanted to surf, chat, use a computer that I didn’t have to screw with. What kills Apple is hardware and apps. There’s much more variety in the windows world now.

    I’ve found the best deal going is on refurbed laptops. You can pick up a fairly good one for $300 or so. My laptops, I go used. My two “go to” Laptops are thinkpad 431s with an i7 and 12G. The last one I picked up on ebay for about $170. Here’s the secret; corporations that lease laptops turn them in, usually year end. They hit the secondary market a few months later. So you can pick up a perfectly fine, decent powered laptop for a song.

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