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SJW’s started this fight; it’s up to us to finish it.

Last week a female SJW game designer named Jessica Price had a meltdown on Twitter where she ranted at a fan. Shockingly she lost her job as a result. It’s shocking because it looks like the tables have finally begun to turn in the video game industry, an industry that was well on its way to complete SJW subversion before the spontaneous customer rebellion that was #GamerGate.

My old comrade at arms on the gaming blogging front, The Greedy Goblin himself, had a few words to say on the subject.

I’m afraid we are the victim of the same blindness when we attribute the firing of Jessica to her own actions. The truth is that her actions angered “us” (gamers, gaming community, redditors, Gamergaters, whatnot) but that alone means nothing else than us being angry. We are also angry on many people we can’t fire. But Jessica could be fired, because their company did not want to mess with “us”.

So the SJWs are finally getting a taste of their own medicine. Reason to celebrate, right? Not so fast. According to Gevlon this is all bad.

Despite I strongly disagree with everything Jessica stands for, I am unhappy with this turn of events. I know that while the feminist-antiracist-SJW gang held power over the gaming industry, they got fired many good and innocent guys, like the Subnautica sound dev whose only crime was a lighthearted “Attack Helicopter gender” joke and some modest conservative statements that you can hear on mainstream TV. But now that the tables turned with the election of Trump and KC:D success and #walkaway and everything – now that “we” are the top dogs – I absolutely don’t want us to become them. I hate SJWs exactly for trying to bully and silence instead of discuss. I don’t want us to silence and bully anyone, I want us to discuss and reason with people who disagree with us. I would try to reason and argue even with Anita Sarkeesian, despite I’m fully aware that she would silence and ban and fire me if she could. I don’t see that as an excuse to silence, ban or personally destroy her, because I’m better than her and most importantly, I want to build a better world than her, one that is based on peaceful discussion instead of “the momentarily stronger kills the weaker”.

Oh please.

Gevlon is the Sheldon Cooper of video game blogging. He doesn’t feel normal emotions like the rest of us. He observes humanity through some sort of nebulous Petri dish somewhere in Hungary. When I participated with him in some of his outrageously fun and inventive WoW projects he had a unwavering rule of no voice chat. He said that this was so as to not help morons and slackers, but we suspected that it was really because he was afraid that we would mock his silly Hungarian accent.

He is also quite conservative and has excellent viewpoints on economics among other topics. But his moral posturing on the tiresome cliche of not stooping to the level of our enemies is just completely wrong.

When the Allies ground Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan into dust they weren’t stooping to their level. They were getting the job done and were making damn sure that it stayed done. Cuckservatives have been trotting out the “not stoop to their level” line for decades now and the end result has been an almost complete victory for the left in the culture wars. So now that we have finally pushed back to a point where the SJWs’ own tactics are being used against them, once again we hear the siren call that inflicting the same punishment on them that has been meted out to our side, a punishment tactic by the way that the SJWs themselves came up with, is a bad thing because we would be stooping to their level!

Everyone wave around their arms in the air and repeat it with me – we’re stooping to their level!

No, we’re not. You don’t become your enemy by using their own tactics against them. What you do is you beat them. And defeating people is a rough, cruel and brutal process. But if you’re going to show up for a fight then you had better make damn sure that the fight isn’t fair and that the odds of victory are on your side. That’s what winning is all about. Silence and bully them? That’s just the fucking start, mate. I want to see them destroyed. I want to see them cowering in the gutter as we pass by in our carriages. You don’t reason with these people for they are by default unreasonable. There is no dialogue to open, there is no common ground to find, there are no discussion points upon which we can agree. They are the Morlocks and we are their sworn enemies.

And as for building a better world, please don’t make me choke on my caviar. There is no better world. People today are motivated by the exact same base instincts as everyone who has ever walked upon this earth since we crawled out of the Primordial slime.

Our sworn enemies the SJWs operate on the basis of building a better world. That’s how we got into this fight to begin with. So stop with the better world building. Just mind your Ps and Qs, mind your own business, keep your head down, and destroy every SJW that is unfortunate enough to cross your path.


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  1. There are two ways to exterminate an idea:
    – to convince those who hold it to change their view
    – to kill them all

    I don’t see anything in your post indicating that all SJWs should be rounded up and executed. Then what should stop them from being SJW? Being fired? Being bullied over the internet? Being deplatformed on youtube?

    None of these stopped the conservatives. Actually, it made “us” stronger, because more and more innocent people became their victim. The random dude who got fired because of dumb joke about tits? Well, he sure didn’t vote for Hillary/Macron/Merkel. Every time the SJWs wronged someone without killing or at least imprisoning him, they created another anti-SJW voter.

    You might want to see them “destroyed”, but twitter insults, loss of job, loss of a blog or loss of career does not destroy anybody. You might say “Jessica was utterly destroyed”, but the thing is that her heart is still beating and her vote is worth as much as yours. She still has her twitter account and she is already changing into some “James Damore of the left”. A martyr whose “sacrifice” motivate another bunch of SJWs. Soon she’ll be around on conferences talking about how “the patriarchy” attacked her, side by side with Anita, Zoe and the rest of the SJW troublemakers.

    Did “we” destroy her? She just became much more dangerous. Instead of working on video game dialogs and sometimes tweeting nonsense that nobody bothered to read, she became an international celebrity. Sure, she suffers. She might cried herself to sleep a few times, realizing that she lost her dream career and all that’s left for her is selling SJW nonsense next to Anita. That might feel good for you. But does it help you win?

    I don’t suggest to “not scoop to their level”. I suggest to not make their mistakes. Don’t become hateful assholes who are … hated by everyone and voted out. Who make bitter enemies wherever they go who curse their name and swear revenge, especially when revenge is so easy as walking to a polling station and place an X next to some SJW candidate.

    • Adam

      There is a third way – make their ideology socially unacceptable.

      SJWs are socials on steroids. Take away their ability to be accepted and praised for the mere fact of holding conforming views and these misfits would disappear into the ether, back from where they came.

      A friend of mine who is at the FreedomFest conference in Las Vegas spoke about how everyone he meets has only praise for Trump. Open and outspoken praise. This would have been unthinkable 6 months ago.

      We must continue to destroy them socially. And if in the process they up the ante to the next step of organised violence then we shall have to immediately follow suit. The Antifa droolers are now being met with real violence on the streets of the USA; it’s not going so well for them.

      Jessica has had everything taken away from her. Her entire existence depended on the nature of her job and the power and social status that it gave her. If she does come back like some deranged harpie reborn from the dead then it must happen to her again. She and her kind are marked. Make no mistake, this is a war, and I’ve been publicly involved since 2009. Let the howlings of SJW rage long continue.

      • That’s what they’ve tried and failed miserably. The problem is the compartmentalization of the society. Lib cities, Right counties. Lib univs, Right clubs. Socials care about their own groups and you can’t take that away from them. Las Vegas, Arizona being Trump land doesn’t change anything about New York or Berlin.

        They have and will always have their friendly groups that support them and which condemn our society as racist, sexist, homophobic deplorable shit. We are outside of that, so us shaming them has no effect.

        I see no other way to change that than luring the moderates one by one to our side. Attacking them viciously decrease the chance of success.

      • Sjonnar

        We’re not attacking the moderates, Gevlon. We’re attacking the SJWs. The same SJWs who constantly attack the moderates every time those moderates slightly violate their wierdo narrative.

      • Holy crap this is EXACTLY RIGHT! That’s exactly what they have done to the right in the West: Our values, our morals, all that we hold dear have been made socially unacceptable to the whiny, faggy, sissy modern, left-leaning society! Make them fear! Make them fear for their jobs when they say crap about how they hate white people! Make them fear for their livelihoods when speak out against law and order and morality! Remember not that long ago when being outed as a homosexual was a bad thing? Remember it was scandalous? Remember, not that long ago, when BEING A PEDOPHILE WAS A BAD THING? Bring that back, in spades!

        Absolutely make their stupid ideology socially unacceptable and give them a healthy fear of spouting nonsense.

    • I don’t keep up with this stuff in “real time”. I don’t have a twitter account, a Reddit account, etc. So I don’t know the exact sequence of events that led up to this. I only read about it when one of the blogs or news sites I follow cover it.

      I think the important key in your post and in this comment is: Was there really “outrage” from your side and incessant demands to get her fired? Were there campaigns to boycott her employer? Were there campaigns to boycott her employers advertisers and partners?

      Were those things what led her employer to fire her?

      Because that’s what the SJWs do that cause such disgust with their tactics…at least amongst us uninvolved observers.

      SJWs are just as entitled to their opinions as anyone else. If they want to say “that’s racist” anytime I comment on the weather, that’s up to them. I can argue with them or ignore them as I choose. But when they call my employer, send e-mails to my friends, try to find my home address so they can publish it…etc…those are the tactics that clue “normal” people in to the fact that they’re freaking nuts.

      Is that what led to “Jessica”‘s firing? That’s not the impression I got. The impression I got was that she was a dick to a customer (as is her right in a free country). Some people pointed out she was being a dick (as is THEIR right in a free country). Her employer didn’t appreciate her being a dick to a high profile customer that can have a large influence over their customer base and fired her for it (which is their right in a free country).

      Nothing nefarious as far as I can see and nothing to cause an outside observer (such as myself) to draw the conclusion that the people who “destroyed” Jessica are nuts. They didn’t destroy Jessica, she destroyed herself by being a dick.

      I have a bit more respect for her employer at this point because they didn’t let the threat of the SJW howling monkeys prevent them from doing what was obviously the right thing to do…not that my respect will make any difference to their bottom line. I’m not much of a gamer anyway.

      Just some random observations from an outside observer.

      • Sjonnar

        There was no “outrage” that I’ve seen. Anet fired Price for her unprofessional behavior, and presumably fired the dude who stood beside her for same. Then the SJW outrage mob descended on Anet.

    • “There are two ways to exterminate an idea:
      – to convince those who hold it to change their view
      – to kill them all”

      There is a third: to see to it that new people do not pick up the idea, and let it slowly die. This is how scientific revolutions happen: the old guard dies off naturally, and the newer people who grew up with the idea find it natural. This is the foundation of the left’s strategy: get hold of the young. A strategy that has worked perfectly.

      What has changed? The internet, of course. SJW-ism will fail for the same reason that Scientology is: it’s wrong, and there’s nowhere for bad ideas to hide anymore.

  2. Sjonnar

    Agree 100%. Normally, if i agree with something and have nothing to add, I just don’t say anything; the important information has already been stated. But in this case, I do think it’s important to explicitly agree.

    The endgame with this fight is to strip the SJW and other loonies of any political power whatsoever – including the right to vote and free speech – because otherwise our grandkids are gonna end up dealing with this exact same shit again in fifty years.

    • Adam

      And we must salt the earth so that the grandkids do not become infected themselves.

  3. Lockwood

    It’s ironic really as Gamergate was were my suspicions about the left were fully confirmed. If you were to ask me how I became red pilled then that was ground zero. It wasn’t you, Tomassi, Cappy, the great one or any of the other manosphere bloggers. You guys were the icing on the cake but not the base. After Gamer gate I started questioning what else they’ve ruined. Answer? Pretty much everything.

    The SJWs are going to rue the day when they tried to take peoples creature comforts away from them.

  4. MPH

    Men ought either to be indulged or utterly destroyed, for if you merely offend them they take vengeance, but if you injure them greatly they are unable to retaliate, so that the injury done to a man ought to be such that vengeance cannot be feared.

    Machiavelli’s view which I endorse. We’ll have peace and prosperity for much longer if they are forced to rebuild from nothing, rather than a nascent kernel of believers.

  5. Dim

    Are you guys really advocating violence and taking away basic rights, like voting, for people whose political opinions you do not agree with? SJW’s have some wacky views, but the whole point of free speech is to tolerate speech that you don’t like. If you feel like you have the right to take that away from someone, do not be surprised when it it taken away from you just as easily. Seems really shortsighted.

    I am a Gevlon reader, and saw the link, but I suspect I have stumbled onto some kind of far right hate blog.

    • Adam

      I am not advocating violence. But if they start it then we must make sure that we finish it.

      Giving women the vote got us into this mess to begin with so that will indeed need to be revised at some point down the line.

    • Sjonnar

      Voting isn’t a “basic right”, retard. It’s a responsibility – a grave one – and one the far left has been misusing under the guise of a “basic right” to destroy our civilization for about a hundred years now. I absolutely 100% advocate stripping the franchise and even the citizenship of any SJW, and any other flavor of Marxist before they can do any more damage.

    • Violence, you mean like masked baseball-bat wielding thugs attacking military remembrance ceremonies? That kind of violence?

      When an aggressor attacks, the aggressed-against does not get a choice about whether or not they are in a fight.

  6. Dim

    @sjonnar I guess you still do not realize that if voting rights can be legally taken away on a whim, based on someone’s political affiliation, there is nothing preventing that from being done to you.

    • Sjonnar

      You’re an idiot. There’s only one thing preventing that from being done to me, or you, or anyone else, right now. And that’s the threat of violence. Certainly not “the law”, or the Constitution. Leftists are ignoring both left and right, and getting away with it, too. What makes you think they wouldn’t do to me exactly what I would do to them if they thought they could get away with it? They would likely try to do worse – need I remind you that all those concentration camps and gulags were established by leftist governments?

      You certainly chose the perfect name, Dim.

      • nightgerbil

        WOW. He was making a legit point. For dam sure the alt left would love to round up everyone on the right and place them in “re-education centres”, but the one thing stopping them from doing that shit is the LAWS we have that stop them. If they tried the centre which is bigger then both alt left and alt right would crush them.

        Advocating for the repeal of the mandate? for the alt left to be rounded up? Dim is right, those laws would be used against you too. Unless your seriously advocating for a civil war where we all go get our guns and fight it out on the streets? Cos if THATS your plan…

      • Dim

        @sjonnar Right, only the leftists made concentration camps. It sounds like you want that system back, only you want to be the one deciding who goes to the camps. I will take comfort in knowing you don’t have any power to do the crazy things you want to do.

      • Sjonnar

        No, retard, I don’t want to create any camps. I want to take their citizenship away and deport them to some socialist shithole like Venezuela. Barring that, I want to disenfranchise them so they can’t create any camps.

        And nightgerbil, read before you respond. The law does not prevent anything. The leftists violate laws every day and suffer no consequences, because their leftist butt-buddy judges don’t enforce them. The only thing stopping the left from establishing camps (again) is the threat of extermination by a much better-armed right.

  7. Allen

    It always mystifies me how a person can think a dialogue is possible with someone who thinks you have nothing to say worth hearing. The left have no intention of negotiating a damn thing. They’ve said so, they’ve shown it, and they continue to do it. How hard is this to figure out?

    This is the primary reason conservatives have always been taken to the woodshed. They think they’ve been negotiating and the left has never pursued such a thing. The only thing to do is when you get the votes, enact your legislation, and kill all of theirs. There is no compromise to be had. If the voters don’t like the outcome they’ll change the power dynamic in Congress.

    • nightgerbil

      Your mistaken about one thing only: your confusing the hard left with soft left and centre. This is because of the way american politics is so unfortunately split into 2 black and white parties, caused by the stupid first past the post voting system. If America was actually able to have a centre party (lets call them whigs), a soft right party (tories?) and a hard right party of diehard repulicans to match up against the soft left democrats and the hard left SJWS, each with their own congressional candiates and leaders, compromise would be easier and the american public would have clearer choices.

      The people who dont care what you think they just flat out hate you exist on the 2 extremes. Not in the middle. Soft left or right, they can debate and even agree to disagree. I’d be wary of stigimatising those of us who believe in universal healthcare and see access to higher education being limited to those with rich parents as a MASSIVE opportunity cost for society as we write off anyone with talent amongst the poor, as evil socialists who must be crushed. You may think I’m wrong and that the involved costs are too great a burden for business, but either way a debate can be had on these facts.

      Nobody can debate a feminist who declares that Im mansplaining and then blocks me.

      • There is no soft left as you put it. The 2010 healthcare bill was a classic example. As soon as the democrats had the power, no compromise, no debate, they passed their legislation with all of them on board. You can’t compromise with someone who has no intention of doing so.

  8. TechieDude

    Adam’s right. The Right hasn’t stooped to that level in the past because we believe in a constitution, laws, rules, and civil discourse. The left clearly doesn’t. Over the last 40 years I’ve watched them become more shrill and insane. They will push to far, then it will be game on.

    I’ve had this sort of conversation with my kids and their friends all through their college years;

    1. The ends do not justify the means, no matter how righteous you think your cause is.
    2. It’s never ok to hurt someone, doxing, financially, or physically no matter how righteous you are.
    3. Never, ever, pick a fight out of your weight class.

    Just because us normies never put up a fight before doesn’t mean it’ll never happen. It’s heartwarming to see the same medicine being applied to these people. Because until very recently, the left has never really lived with the consequences of their actions, whether politically or otherwise.

    #3 is important. If you are an SJW, it’s all fun and games – doxxing people, putting on tactical gear and acting out – until someone delivers a merciless beatdown.

    This woman deserved what she got. And for each one of her, there were probably dozens of normies that got the same treatment.

  9. purge187

    “I would try to reason and argue even with Anita Sarkeesian, despite I’m fully aware that she would silence and ban and fire me if she could.”

    Yeah, that’s pretty much all I need to know about this guy.

    I’m hardly what you’d call a supporter of his, but I agree with Saul Alinsky when he says that you’re better off making the opposition live up to their own rules and standards. What happened to Ms. Price and LaughingWitch needs to happen much more often.

  10. BLBeamer

    I recently hear an interesting lecture from an historian on the Protestant Reformation in the Netherlands in the 17th century, specifically the influence of Jacobus Arminius and his followers. The subject is probably not of interest to most, but the principle is universal: if you tolerate those who squeal for “tolerance and inclusion” of their heretical views, in due time those heretics will be in charge and immediately work to expel you.

  11. Gerald Hughes

    I spent 4 years of my life helping to protect the USA from socialists and communists
    I will not allow the liberal dem bloodsuckers to do it.
    They can stop it or die, no more talk.

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