Friday hawt chicks & links – It’s a joke edition.

What do you call 100 SJWs in a hole?

A good start.

What do you call an SJW in a car park?

A speed bump.

What’s the difference between an SJW and a trampoline?

You take off your shoes before you jump on a trampoline.

What do apples and SJWs have in common?

They both look good hanging from a tree.

What do you get when you cross a blonde and an SJW?

Impossible to know. There are some things even a blonde won’t do.

How do you get an SJW out of a tree?

Cut the rope.

How do you save a drowning SJW?

Take your foot off her head.

Roosh was on a plane home via the UK when suddenly things took a turn for the worse …

The airplane taxied to an isolated area away from the terminal. I saw one police car parked outside. I closely observed the flight attendants to see if they would give a tell by looking in my direction, but they held a stiff poker face. They must be trained to not let the “terrorist” know that he has been found out.

The front door opened and two male Icelandic police officers entered. The lead officer started counting rows as he walked down the aisle. An excited man wearing a yamaka stood up and filmed the scene with a tablet. Would I be the lucky game show winner today? The officer stopped on row 6 and looked directly at me. “Daryush?” he asked. I nodded my head.

Silly Roosh; doesn’t he know that he’s a bad person guilty of bad think?


Trump had another pick for the Supreme Court. He chose Brett Kavanaugh as his guy. This was without a doubt the best pick ever. Way to go, Trump. But some people are unhappy. Boo-hoo. They have a bad case of the sads.

If you believe what Democrats tell you, Kavanaugh is the most extreme extremist in the history of extremism. How extreme is he? Extremely extreme! He’s not just a right-winger, he’s “far-right.” How far? Extremely far! He’s so extremely far right as to “threaten the lives of millions of Americans for decades,” to quote Clinton crony and former Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe.

Millions of SJWs? Let’s get started then


But some conservatives, actually many conservatives, wanted Trump to pick some bint named Amy Barrett. Yes, she looks like her name. Do you want a photo of her? Okay, here she is with her “kids”.

Even Ace of Spades was advocating for her. How is it amongst all this winning that so many of those supposedly on our side just aren’t able to grasp the basic fundamentals?

Because deep down, people are fucking stupid.


Cappy is feeling bad for Millennials. Boo-hoo once again.

And this is how more wealth will be transferred from naive Millennials to Gen X and dwindling Baby Boomer land lords.  With housing prices so high, taxes so high, and all self-inflicted by the socialist voting millennials, nearly every major US town is unliveable.  You need $100,000 just to survive in San Francisco, $80,000 to make a go of it in Seattle, and New York is still the preserve of privileged white grad students or white women who have rich husbands as they finance their faux journalism career at XOJane.  But the millennials will line up in equal droves as they did for worthless college degrees in the 00’s because “that’s where all the action is.”

I am a very big believer in consequences for actions, also known as skin in the game. Next.



Australian government launches some lame code word program to protect the wymens from bad dates. (Why all of this effort? Is dried fruit really that dangerous?) [Indiana Jones almost died from them, so yes!!]

Women who fear they might fall victim to sexual assaults and unwanted propositions have been given a new weapon to defend themselves while on a night out.

From this weekend, women feeling uncomfortable on their date just have to ask staff for “Angela” at almost any bar pub, bar, hotel or nightclub Sydney and the trained professionals will leap into action.

Staff across the city have been trained to either lead the person who asked for help discreetly out of the premises so they can escape or take the complainant to a safe space within the venue — such as a kitchen or staffroom.


See the strong wymens who don’t need no help from nobodies!

The best bit is that if you’re a bartender, now you can get women who are pretty desperate for a good time and take them back to the “safety” of the staffroom, no questions asked. I wonder what will happen … Perhaps they could even take them down into the beer cellar, or the storeroom ….

Someone hasn’t really thought this one through.


Trump is in Europe having a little tour and beating up the local politicians in the sand pit. He is telling the Germans that the USA isn’t putting up with their shit anymore.

It was Trump’s mentioning the role of a former German chancellor – Schroeder – that pleased me the most. Everyone knows Germany is freeloading off the US for its defence needs, but few realise quite how embedded Germany is with Russia, the enemy they’re asking America’s help in defending against. If this were France people might not mind so much because France doesn’t self-righteously lecture everyone else and posit itself as the world’s arbiter on sound business practices, environmental legislation, and ethical governance. But Germany does all that, and then some, while engaging in the most brazen, self-serving hypocrisy.

The EU is like ripe blue cheese – on the nose.


Back at home for Trump the MuellerGate train is plunging off a cliff.

OK, as of today, the “Russia collusion” story is MuellerGate.

For months, I’ve been saying the Mueller “investigation” is not an investigation, it’s a cover-up, the objective of which is to conceal the Obama administration’s illegal surveillance of the Trump campaign, while also manufacturing an appearance of wrongdoing by Trump.

Muller has not yet produced any evidence of the “collusion” that he was expected to find, and why? Because this was a phony conspiracy theory created by Clinton operatives, using Fusion GPS in an attempt to fabricate an illusion of “collusion” that did not actually exist.

I am certain that Trump has a plan here. I am hoping that it involves lots of trees and rope.


It’s a boat, it’s a wood-fired hot tub, and it’s got cold storage for beer. I’m in love.


And this is what you’d fill it up with:

7 thoughts on “Friday hawt chicks & links – It’s a joke edition.

  1. TechieDude

    Conversations I’ve had with nearly every contractor I’ve dealt with this week have started with some iteration of “Did you hear what he said today? HAHAHA! That’s awesome!”

    Trump has a gift for pointing out things you didn’t know, or didn’t think of, usually publicly. I love that. These are things that the right thinking people try to hide. Just why are the krauts so in bed with the Russians? Lamenting publicly that the Brits and Germans ruined their countries with immigration. I’m sure there are Germans and Brits hearing that, and stroking their chins. It’s nice that those two yentas – May and Merkel and getting a good kick in the ribs while they’re down.

    BTW the peoples cube had a belly laugh worthy meme about the baby trump –
    “Non Muslim Baby Spotted” “Londoners shocked to see first baby not named Mohammed in 15 years”


  2. TechieDude

    I’m in the process of pricing hot tubs. Seriously.

    I’m betting the filler isn’t included, and is probably expensive.

    And my wife would make me return it, unused.


  3. David Moore

    “Australian government launches some lame code word program to protect the wymens from bad dates.”

    That is just bonkers. This is what happens when women start thinking it’s a good idea to meet random men off the internet for sex.

    The code word will never help a single woman, but is likely to put a few more of the naive into dangerous situations because of the illusion it helps create.

    Liked by 1 person

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  5. Best part about the Kavanaugh nomination was when the lefty opposition sent out press releases and forgot to put his name in:

    “Judge XX will be the worst thing that ever happened to the United States”. They were prepared to say “worst ever” no matter who the nominee was and then looked like idiots when they said it.

    They also had signs opposing Kavanaugh within about five minutes of the nomination, so I guess we can assume that they had vans full of different pre-printed signs regardless of who the President nominated.


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