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Sunday lifting thread – Coming back from a break.

Today I went back to the gym after a 3 week break. The break was spontaneous; I was on my way to the gym after work and suddenly I couldn’t face it. Two years hitting the gym three times a week with only occasional misses here and there and I just needed the time off. But today I went back.

To a new gym. I joined the Sportja gym in Leiden. I’ve had my eye on the gym for a while but I couldn’t make it work due to its location. But now I’ve figured out a way to incorporate it into my busy schedule, which is awesome seeing as it’s a real lifting gym. Loads of squat racks. Deadlift platforms. Bench press benches with safety bars. No cardio machines!

Yes, I know what you’re thinking – the first workout after a break, you know what that means. Pain, my friends. Exquisite pain. There is nothing quite like the pain of muscles that are used to lifting which receive some time off but are then forced to lift again. Normally the second day post workout is the worst, but to be honest I’m feeling it already, the very same day that I did the workout. And I went easy too. I dropped all of my weights by a significant amount because I knew what was waiting for me.

Squats, press, deadlifts, and I finished with some bicep curls. Yeah, yeah; curls are for girls, whatever. I like to keep the old biceps looking healthy. Tomorrow is going to be a bitch. I’m going to be walking funny, like I wandered into a bar called “Steve’s” and everyone was wearing leather chaps.

But the break was worth it. I was re-energized back in the gym. It felt great to be in there. People were lifting, seriously lifting, and minding their own business. Doing their own shit. It’s my temple. I need the iron. It clears my head and let’s me focus. So that I’m able to think up dastardly new articles for you all to enjoy during the week.

Holy shit though, I sure lost a lot of strength in those three weeks. The old body can be a real bitch. Gotta work my way back up to those previous gainzzzzzz.

I hope you all have good gainz. Happy Gainz Sunday, ya all.


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  1. earl

    The only reason why I go through the pain of squatting regularly is so I dont face the pain of not squatting regularly.

  2. didact117

    Getting back into the gym after 2 or more weeks out is an exercise in exquisitely horrible masochism.

    But we do it anyway. Because the pain is worth it in the end.

    Oh, here’s something you might appreciate:

  3. I’ve been off for a month due to unknown African illness. Returning next week. Looking forward to it – I like that achey feeling in all the right places. Is that weird?

  4. Lockwood

    There are people I know who struggle to go to the gym in the winter. During summer they don’t seem to struggle but when it gets to January or February it’s like you have to throw dynamite at them in order to do anything.

    Me and my friends have a term for it – Fuck you it’s January

  5. Ok, I oddly like coming back after time off. I’m a bit older (55) and lift pretty heavy (working on hitting three reps on the bench at 325) so it can give me sore joints so I have to take a week or two off. I always get a bump of strength after i get back in the groove. Plus I get to work on my mettle as I have to catch back up each time.

    Can’t comment on squats, been avoiding leg day since 1988.

    Good luck to you, glad you found a good gym!


  6. morsjon

    I`m taking a break from anything involving knee movements for a few months due to knee (patella) pain. Avoid jerking movements (heh); I suspect it was the jump squats that caused my injury. Will be interesting getting back into it in a few months……I`m hoping that by that time my upper body will be bigger than ever…

    I recommend the trap (gerard) bar if they have one. Especially for getting back into it.

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