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Nightgerbil comments on my article on the horrible perils of mass-invasion:

wow…Just WOW. You couldnt write something like this in the UK. Im not sure if it would get you prosecuted for hate speech, but would certainly get you fired. I’d like to debate you on this as I think your going WAY way to far, but its to dangerous, for me personally, to even touch this. So as a long time reader I’ll just leave it with the comment I disagree.

As I said in my reply, welcome to the jungle, mate. It’s time to grow a pair.

Nightgerbil is a long time reader of my previous video-gaming blog. I’m pretty sure that this blog is new to him, otherwise he would have not been so taken back by what I wrote.

Commenter SPQR had something to say as well:

So, just so I’m clear, “when push comes to shove” how far back do we go to send people back to their motherland? 20 years? 2 generations? Do we go back as far as WWII and send the Italians and Greeks (those that are still alive), then their children and grandchildren?

Once the whirlwind begins, wrought from the craven deeds of leftists whose primary goal was to destroy our country and people, then who knows where it will end. That is the great problem with horrible long term decisions; the solutions are equally horrible. Which is why conservatives continue to kick the can down the road while pretending to have “standards” as their lame efforts conserve exactly nothing.

I am sure that people will call me racist and all the usual slurs when that article gets cross-posted today on XYZ magazine. I don’t care. I care about my nation, and my people, and my culture. The Poles care too which is why those same slurs have no effect on them.

SPQR had one last line to leave me:

Boy, once they’re all gone the food’s really gonna suck.

The food line is wearing thin in the face of the total implosion of our nation through mass invasion of undesirable and incompatible foreigners. Learn to cook, mate.



Strangers in a once familiar land.


Podcast #87 – The Harsh Reality episode.


  1. VirginiaOwl

    Learn to cook! Awesome. Even that cokehead, flaming ahole Bourdain could do it before he offed himself. Did Trump derangement syndrome or cuck derangement syndrome do him in?

  2. Mr Black

    I’ll happily trade 2 million foreigners out of Australia in exchange for not as many foreign food restaurants. How is this not a bargain?

  3. Anyone who says ‘wow just wow’ non ironically is a faggot. Cappy Cap has destroyed that food line before. If your argument for destroying your culture is “but where will I get burritos?” you don’t have a very good argument

  4. “Once the whirlwind begins, wrought from the craven deeds of leftists whose primary goal was to destroy our country and people, then who knows where it will end. That is the great problem with horrible long term decisions; the solutions are equally horrible.”

    To grant that the solutions are equally horrible, is to accept the leftist framing of equality and the rest of it.

    The solutions are not equally horrible, and certainly not from the perspective of White peoples themselves.

  5. When there were a few foreigners (and I generally count as foreigners people whose culture is incompatible with Western generally and “insert your country here” specifically) they made the effort to fit in as best they could, and did things like open restaurants. Fair enough. It was a good deal for everyone. We got foreign food, tax revenue, hard working immigrants who fit into our culture. However, when you hit a certain tipping point, they don’t need to fit in. We still get the food but we also get foreign culture, which often is incompatible with the culture already in existence. The immigrants no longer need to fit in, so they don’t. Instead they create increasingly larger enclaves of foreign, into which the home culture may or may not be welcomed.

    I know this is nothing new to the regular readers here, but for those of you joining the program in progress, well there it is.

  6. Someone

    Sure, we can keep few around for some ‘ethnic’ restaurants, but it’s pretty easy to follow a recipe book. Hell, at one time I could make better Indian food than some Indians (with a dot).

  7. Phil B

    I’ve read blogs by Selco ( and Ferfal ( Selco writes about his experience during and after the breakup of Yugoslavia and the way that society quickly fragmented into their tribal/national/religious factions and how that worked out. Ferfal writes about the economic collapse and survival techniques in a rampant inflation society where the normal rules no longer apply. Both are valuable for the insight that they give. Both now live in other countries and Ferfal in particular has (IMHO) lost the edge when it comes to advice but his earliest efforts are well worth reading.

    If/when something like the beeakdown in society documented by Selco happens in Australia (or any western country) your ethnicity, like it or not, will be the determining factor. If you are a Sikh or Hindu and the target is, for example, Muslim child rapists (such as in, Oh, EVERY city in the UK that has a Muslim population) that triggers a revolt and a disregard for the normal rules of law enforcement, trial and punishment, then having a brown complexion will be extremely dangerous, no matter how law abiding or how long you have lived there.

    Methinks that an ethnic cleansing and civil war between the “Refugees Welcome” useful idiots and those that have had enough of the destruction of their country and culture will not be pleasant.

    On the other hand, sing Kumbaya, eat your hand knitted, organic lentils and ignore the rampant crime, no go areas of your cities and import more of the same because Mulitculturism is the thing to have, eh? What could possibly go wrong, eh?

  8. That Polish MP is a bloody casuistic cuck

    Two million Ukrainians on a fast track to permanent residency and family reunification and tens of thousands of Muslims added to the mix is a death sentence for Poland.

    More at

  9. Post Alley Crackpot

    “Boy, once they’re all gone the food’s really gonna suck …”

    And here we have the fundamental truth of the Liberal non-thinking position: these people provide “restaurant diversity” and are otherwise seen as good pets when they agree with Liberals. (But of course that’s racist when non-Liberals do it, despite how much talent they might have.)

    Several decades ago, I first learned how to cook and then I learned how to cook several different international cuisines. Back then it was a bit of a chore to find a decent Chinese restaurant, let alone a restaurant where the people know the finer techniques needed for Balinese cooking, and so I learned how to cook well.

    I didn’t do this so I could prevent “restaurant diversity” at the time, but these days I’m thinking that’s as good a reason as any to start.

    As for why the food might suck, it’s because you’re not demanding better.

    1970s British “cuisine” left a lot to be desired because it was deemed acceptable by people who had undergone wartime rationing. 2010s British food is a much more pleasant experience because people have been encouraged to care about their food.

    Dare I say that even the Sunday joint has become better over the years?

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