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Apparently the way to fix immigration is with more immigration.

What have immigration and the minimum wage got in common?

The correct number for both is ZERO.

According to our conservative party masters in the Liberal party government, the correct answer to the question of “stop the immigration because our cities’ infrastructure are getting destroyed” is to destroy the remaining working infrastructure around the country.

Turnbull tackles population amid concerns over quality of life.

The Prime Minister said this week he was “keenly alert” to the issue to fill regional skills short­ages. “Having more migrants going, settling in regions rather than big cities … that’s a matter … we pay constant attention to.”

He has also suggested infrastructure development would be considered as part of the policy “work”.

“The congestion is the single biggest complaint people have in our big cities and the answer to that is having the right infrastructure and, of course, it should be built in advance of development.”

The entire article is focused on the big problem of failing infrastructure since that is what the government is also focused on. It never seems to enter their collective heads that there is a directly related culture problem as well. Right now on Facebook pages, blogs and message boards all over Australia, the advice being given to native Australians sick of the loss of their native communities is to move to the regional areas of the country.

Too bad that it looks like the government wants to destroy those as well. We’ve flooded our cities with immigrant invaders, so now it’s time to destroy those pesky regional holdouts as well. It takes a fair bit of time to rip apart the myriad of different communities in a large city, but out in the boondocks of country Australia that won’t take any time at all. And in the case of country towns like Bendigo then the infrastructure is ready to go. You see, guys; that’s why they decided to build a 2000 person capacity mosque in a town with a couple of hundred Muslims.

Just why does the government continue on this suicidal path? Because the Australian economic ponzi scheme depends upon it.

When Mr Abbott suggested the intake should be cut by 80,000 in February, the Treasurer said it would cost the budget about $4 billion to $5bn over the next four years.

If the short term economics necessary for a political party’s survival depends on more foreigners pouring into the country, then the problem will never end while the current status quo is maintained. And this is from a conservative party. Imagine what it will be like when the lefties get back into power. Remember, those guys don’t even nominally care about even pretending to balance the budget.

Cabinet minister Christopher Pyne said population was a “tricky, thorny issue” for governments but Australia had the capacity to support more people.

As far as the Liberal party is concerned, their duty to the people who voted for their representation is to fill up Australia until it’s bursting at the brim. And why?

“We have a continent the size of the US yet we have 25 million people versus their over 200 million people,” Mr Pyne said.

“I feel like we can take more people in Australia and we have an obligation in many cases to do so,’’ he told Sky News yesterday.

Locked in the ivory towers of Canberra it seems to have escaped this brain-dead moron that the majority of Australia is a gigantic fucking desert. As for obligation, he needs to be reminded that the only obligation he has is to represent the interests of the people who voted him into office to represent them. Australia has no obligation to the billions of people around the world who would sell their children into bondage and slavery immediately just for the sniff of a chance at getting their hands on a share of our ridiculous welfare system. To infer any obligation to the rest of the world gives the lie to a vote in an Australian election having any meaning whatsoever.

The fact that it is a fineable offense not to vote is just the icing on the cake.


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  1. Dave

    “I feel like we can take more people in Australia and we have an obligation in many cases to do so” – so long as they are not white.

    Melbourne is starting to resemble a third world zoo and zoos require fences and cages to separate the various species to prevent the inevitable carnage that would result from bringing these incompatible species within close proximity of each other. The number of properties I’m seeing in the burbs with roller shutters on the windows and high fencing plus security cameras is at a record high.

  2. Paul Scott

    Handled carefully, and preferably with a New Zealander in command, the Bendigo problem could have been dealt with to show real Australians how to do it in the future. I have said often the front line must emerge covertly and be led by older men with less to lose.
    Molyneux stated in Australia yesterday that evidence shows that appeasement is the road to annihilation and hell.
    Adam can feel truly proud of himself for reading the signs well. Australia is on the way.
    My friends over there are smothered in a cloud of not knowing what to do, and lack action while paying taxes for their own demise. .
    I am hoping that our inept socialist Government in NZ will not be able to take us far into that Islamist madness. Once we get rid of that Government the history of Europe may finally have alerted the zombie precious do gooders in NZ to reality. Although we are a profoundly stupid people.
    =Once again congrats to Adam for taking Action. Action is the key. I have found that it is absolutely necessary to distance yourself from prevaricators and dysfunctional Societies which Australia is now.

    • Adam

      Paul, I take no pleasure in correctly reading the signs. It would have been much more preferable that my country had not been destroyed in the first place.

      Still, I find it jaw-droppingly insane how most people cannot read the signs when it’s staring them in the face. Which is why most of the Jews in Germany never tried to get out until it was too late.

      • Dave

        Adam, I firmly believe that only the spilling of blood will convince the majority of third world arrivals to leave – you have to remember that reasoning and European historical knowledge are beyond them. The only whites they have ever seen or known are passives who are yet to feel the sting of their own altruistic insanity….. while for the rest of us section 18 quells us…. for the moment. To be honest I hope I live to see some pay back, especially towards our political traitors, let them swing them from ropes.

        • Adam

          Starting a rope manufacturing business could be both profitable and deeply satisfying.

  3. MPH

    Infrastructure is capital investment passed from generation to generation, like an inheritance. Why should some Johnny come lately immigrant get to benefit from the investment made by all those previous generations? They basically show up and pay nothing yet get access to other people’s cumulative investment.

  4. Allen

    “Australia is a giant fucking desert…” Bingo, but replace it with, Southern California is a giant fucking desert. This is exactly where your infrastructure ends up with unfettered immigration. The recent water restriction laws in California go exactly to this. The power systems, the water supply, the schools, the highways, the sewage and waste management systems all have a limited capacity. Couple that with brainless lefties and you have a recipe for disaster. All wars are resource based in one form or another.

    Let the good times roll.

    • Adam

      That’s a great comparison with South Cal. Australia would be that times 1000.

  5. Dave

    If speaking with your average Australian and they mention our population size, don’t endorse the 24 million number.

    Say something like ‘Well, the actual Australian population is what, closer to 15 million’.

    Never accept that the post 1950’s imports are anything but a foreign host that will in time replace us.

    Australia has no diversity, other than which part of Britain we are from, and even then, we are Anglo Saxons culturally.

    An irrefutable comeback I use when some sell-out attempts the ‘we have always been a nation of immigrants’ line is to say “Really? Consider the monuments in every country town in Australia, or the war memorial in Canberra. Take note of the complete and utter lack of diversity of the names in the honour rolls of the Glorious Dead. Then get back to me with your muh diversity bs”.

  6. Why is it that politicians think they can dictate where these immigrants go anyway? Answer, they don’t, it’s a BS talking point for the plebes. Put the immigrant in Alice Springs. What will he do the second the government bus pulls out of sight? He will pack up his family and go where he wanted to go anyway, be it Melbourne, Sydney, or elsewhere. Canada tried this years ago, if my memory is correct. Put the immigrants in Saskatchewan where there is lots of empty space. They didn’t stay. They headed for Ontario and BC first chance they got.

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