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Women killed comedy.

The Other McCain brings my attention to a so-called female stand-up comedian who reckons that the comedian part of the act needs to go – SJWs are killing comedy.

Gadsby is a lesbian and in her Netflix special, to quote Wikipedia, “Gadsby uses the piece to deconstruct the nature of comedy and asks the ‘straight white male’ to undergo the same tension that marginalised people go through every day. . . . She explains that some are brought up to hate themselves, while others are brought up with the license to hate others.” Oh, what a festival of fun this SJW rant must be!

In other words, the more accurate way to describe what Gadsby does on stage would be a stand-up SJW or a stand-up activist. But we already have those in abundance; they’re called college professors.

Of course, Gadsby can’t really claim that she is ditching the comedian part of her schtick because for that to be true she would have had to have been funny in the first place. Women aren’t funny. They don’t get humor like men do. They are try-hards. Every female “comedienne” without exception thinks that in order to be funny one needs to be ribald. The dead-pan delivery is lost on them.

SJWs didn’t kill comedy; women killed comedy, much like women ruin everything.

I wrote about the demise of comedy a couple of years ago:

Comedians used to get paid to make us laugh. The funniest moments come from truth. When a comedian can get us to laugh at ourselves then he is doing a good job.

Truth to SJWs is like sunlight to vampires.

So what are comedians for today? They are there to lecture us on our supposed prejudices and privilege. It is a form of sadomasochistic abuse. It isn’t funny but people will laugh out of the fear of not fitting in. The other people who pretend to laugh are the aforementioned thought police who are busy ticking boxes on their list of “things you are allowed to say.”

Gadsby’s decision to formally drop the comedy part from her routine merely formalizes what has been true for years now.

The totalitarians always target humor first. If they can get past that one then they’re on their way because nothing dissolves the perpetual offense-seekers more than genuine laughter. Think about why comedians aren’t allowed to say this stuff today. It’s because of the risk of offending the terminally offended. But comics have always sought to do just that.

In the future we’ll have underground comedy clubs, a new twist on the term speakeasy. And if we have half a brain in our collective heads they will be men only on stage.


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  1. I saw a brief clip of this specimen’s “comedy.” It’s just another humble-brag in disguise from an unattractive woman about the one time in her life a man actually tried to f*** her.

  2. “Every female “comedienne” without exception thinks that in order to be funny one needs to be ribald.”

    Smack The Pony was funny. Absolutely Fabulous was funny.

  3. The speakeasy comedy club already exists. You heard of Owen Benjamin? He did a show in the leftist shithole of Portland, Oregon and fter leftist whiners got him blacklisted from every venue in town he had to play a lumber warehouse with his stage being a military deuce and a half flatbed. Ended up being a kick-ass show, I think there’s a video of it on his website

  4. TechieDude

    My daughter is home from college, binge watching standup comedy when she’s not working.

    I work at home, so all day, I see this crap. None of it is funny. Even the older guys that used to be funny like Chris Rock or Dave Chapelle, no longer are. They get one or two good lines in, but that’s it.

    The worst are the women. They are seriously unfunny. Most are merely vulgar.

    It’s sad, since there is no shortage of material with SJW occupy types and millennials in general.

    • I watched the new Jim Jeffries special the other day. He used to be funny. Not so much anymore.
      If you like dark humor, Anthony Jeselnik is still funny.

  5. earl

    More than a few comedians have stated in various interviews they won’t even bother to do shows on college campuses anymore because of how easily offended the students get at pretty much everything.

  6. I can think of only two intelligent and excruciatingly funny comediennes: Beatrice Lillie and Joyce Grenfell.

    To-day, morons make morons laugh (one result of the Great Levelling Down).

  7. TechieDude

    Where’s the Cheech & Chong of the millenial, SJW generation?

  8. Screwtape

    True comedy is art. Leftism needs to destroy art.

    Truth and beauty have been cast aside in favor of statements of holiness to the cause, exercises in self-regard, and the demoralizing relativism that drains all hope from those who encointer it.

    And its all wrapped in a massive shit test. How much will you be flogged in the name of progress? How woke (compliant) are you to the cause? Who will stop clapping first?

    Todays comedy is like the rest of art: shit smeared on canvas. If you don’t (pretend to) get it, the problem is you.

    The silver lining is that, like any truth, art will bear out; creativity is where man expresses his divine providence. It will find a way because it is to be human.

    Truth and beauty will rise, but from the dissident corners, the speakeasy, etc.

    Because we are meant to recognize universal beauty, to experience it, reward it and those who create it; to laugh at our frailties, full knowing that a fallen world is stage full of suffering, tragedy, and sin but it is also one of hope, redemption, and salvation.

    Good humor is rooted in truths. Without truth the comedian is not creating a gift for the audience but rather demanding the audience hand over pieces of their own humanity, tributes to the darkenss that fills their heart.

    Its ugly. And unfunny. Like most of the “artists”. Which, of course, is no coincidence.

  9. Al Jahom

    It’s wrong to say that women aren’t funny.

    It’s just that they’re unfunny when they’re *trying* to be funny, and hilarious when they’re not.

  10. PB

    I remember seeing some fat Lesbian and all she did for her act was swear her head off. Far from being funny she was deeply unpleasant.

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