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The afternoon nap.

It’s so far been one hell of a summer here in Holland, with temperatures staying in the high twenties for months now, beautiful blue skies and an absence of rain. Last summer when I arrived it was wet and rainy the entire time. Cold too. The Dutchies complained about how the climate was changing and how summers used to be hot and blue skies all the time.

You don’t say?

The problem is that much like Australia is not set up for cold, The Netherlands is not set up for heat. There are no air-conditioners in the offices in which I work, and those on the top floor are getting close to unbearable. Outside on the fire ground yesterday I was actually struggling somewhat, and this is from an Australian who takes some pride in his ability to withstand the heat.

I held it together nicely yesterday until lunch. We start early so we have lunch early, 11:15 to be exact. But after lunch I got the dreaded carbo-kill, and combined with the stifling heat and physical demands of the job, I was pretty glad to go home at the end of the day. Sat in the garden and stared into space for a while. Don’t know how long I sat out there. I went o bed early, (in the heat), and I’m still feeling pretty zonked today.

What I needed yesterday was a nap. An after lunch nap. We did naps when I lived in Italy, just half an hour, but boy do they make a difference. You put your head down and when you wake up you feel like complete shit for a couple of minutes but then the exhaustion just melt away.

The Chinese have a constitutional right to an afternoon nap. That’s probably just down to efficiency so they can make more doo-dads in a day, but hey, whatever works, right?

So today at work I’m going to raise the issue of naps with my Dutch colleagues. I’m hoping it will go down like the herring that they lower into their outstretched gobs at the Saturday fish markets. Trip report to follow on this week’s podcast.


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  1. TechieDude

    Wow,. High 20’s. What’s that, like 84 degrees F? We consider that springtime here.

    It’s been 43 here all week. True we have AC, but even then if you don’t want to go in the poorhouse, your house is in the 80s. My kitchen was being remodeled, so I’ve spent the better part of the week in my patio, with a fan, to get away from the dust and noise.

    It’s astonishing in this day and age an office building doesn’t have a modern HVAC climate control system.

    • As Adam points out – the place is just not set up for it. In some way, Canberra gets colder than Canada. In effect. How so? Because in Canada, all the buildings are heated, all the walls are insulated, all the windows are double-glazed. Pretty much.

  2. Someone

    I can’t cry for you Adam. Monday and Tuesday in South Texas topped at about 100F. Working outside even the shade, my clothes were saturated. šŸ™‚

    • Adam

      We hit 102F yesterday. Thank God I was doing helicopter underwater escape training.

  3. Coffee naps. A shot of espresso followed by a 20 minute lie down. The lie down flushes some sleepy chemicals (adenosine) from your system and then the caffeine grabs those receptors. Boom. Good to go. Read about it a year or so ago, tried it a couple times and it works great. I don’t usually nap but this was the way to go for me.

  4. VirginiaOwl

    Why not convince your boss to go to the friendly nearby hyper mart for a dirt cheep Chinee air conditioner. Use the tried but true productivity booster argument.

  5. Allen

    High 20’s pffft. Nearly every year around July 4th I do a round of golf at Furnace Creek in Death Valley. If you get a later tee time so that it hits about 55C you save money, and it separates the men from the boys. You have to walk it to get the full effect though.

  6. You shoulda moved to Italy of Spain instead. They get Siesta.

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