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Incoming dumb-ass comments alert.

Just a heads up to all of the cohort here that my snippet on Jordie yesterday has been picked up as a linkage of the day by Chrome Content for some bizarre reason.

So brace yourselves for the mindless drooling of Peterson fan boys. You all know the drill.


Jordan Peterson's psychobabble.


Podcast #88 – The mission episode.


  1. So here’s a dumbass comment from a regular reader. I enjoyed your book Pushing Rubber Downhill, and I think Peterson talks a lot of good sense.

    • Moritz Kraemer

      No one’s here to argue that JBP doesn’t talk a lot of good sense, because he does. However, he gets a few key areas so disastrously wrong that he’s in some ways more dangerous than the SJWs.

  2. Jan Smith

    Dont think i like you any moe Adam

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  3. Sasha Hrongmitts

    Keep up the good work, Adam. It’s evident that Jordanetics is only eye-opening for men that never went to Sunday school as a child. He’s not a cure but rather a symptom of a demoralized society.

    I got a kick out of reading the non-sequitur comments from the Jordanologists, though.

  4. The left started internal wars over who was the most politically correct some time ago. Now we are doing it, and it is not good.
    Here we have one of our strongest advocates and because we can not quite agree with the personality we call it psychobabble and wait for the incoming attention.
    Shooting one of your own Generals for talking in his sleep is traitorous.
    Not good Adam. Divided we will fall.
    Incoming dumbass comments is a gratuitous dumb arse comment.

    Over at Remus , the Appalachian icon and prepper you will not read too much criticism of fellow warriors. Here he is Remus at the > Woodpile report.
    Adam, at Pushing Rubber Downhill, has a few words for those too high-minded to fully engage SJWs:
    Cuckservatives have been trotting out the “not stoop to their level” line for decades now and the end result has been an almost complete victory for the left in the culture wars…
    Everyone wave around their arms in the air and repeat it with me – we’re stooping to their level! No, we’re not. You don’t become your enemy by using their own tactics against them. What you do is you beat them. And defeating people is a rough, cruel and brutal process.

  5. As the man himself said: “So the tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil is an abstraction across trees, and it’s trying to say: ‘Here’s something that’s common across trees, it’s a fruit that’s common across trees.’ The fruit that’s common across trees is something that you might call food, fair enough. But here’s something that’s even more cool: food that’s stable across the entire domain of food, isn’t food – it’s information.”

    It’s that simple. /s

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