Wednesday was my biggest day so far on the old blog with over 4500 views due to my innocuous and off the cuff piece on what terminology to use to describe Jordie-boy’s mental gymnastics being linked to by Google Chrome and WordPress.
Suffice to say that the ring-ins were not enthused with my take on their guru cult leader.
But hey, I’ll take what I can get, and at the same time I’ll have a jolly good laugh at it all. What was particularly amusing was the number of people who accused me of being a hardcore leftist. It seems that we have almost as many stupid people on the right as they have over there on the left. This dove-tails nicely with my general observation that 90% of people are incapable of doing their job properly.
I also want to make one thing very clear; Jordan Peterson is not on our side. He is a leftie, through and through, and self-declared at that. He is not one of our “generals” for fuck’s sake, as one commenter put it. His good bits are immaterial; every leader in history has had good bits. My cat has good bits. I care not for your good bits.
I only care if you are on our side, and after that I only care about where you sit on the bell curve of stupidity.
It was also a great week on the blog as I got my first ever link from The Woodpile Report. Thanks, Remus.

Facebook loses record $119 billion in a day.

Facebook is a gigantic data-harvesting operation, by which people unwittingly forfeit their own privacy, providing information about themselves to Facebook, which then acts as a market broker. What the Cambridge Analytica story did was to give people a small glimpse into how information shared via Facebook can be exploited.
The fact that Facebook has sought to suppress conservative opinion on the site is also undoubtedly a contributing factor to their losses. The company has pandered to SJWs, and will pay a price.

Facebook is a scam, always has been. Just like the dot-come bubbles of the late 90’s, Facebook was never even worth this much money. The company’s revenue streams are pitiful. We talk about Tulip mania now, but in a few hundred years they’ll be referencing this giant fucktard of a “company”.


Love and Ambition over at The Rational Male.

It’s actually a pretty standard trope for Trad-Con women who want to justify their leaving a husband or having left an old lover/baby-daddy. They like to pretend they’re ‘red pill’ and so the only men who might qualify for their expired sexual market value will be Red Pill men who meet their new qualifications. One thing I’m seeing more and more of in this sub-section of the manosphere (really femosphere) is aged-out divorcé women who want to rebrand the ‘red pill’ to justify their unmarried, unpaired, state in the new sexual marketplace. As you might imagine, their solipsism gets combined with what they convert into a convenient rationale about what Red Pill men ought to be like. The lack of ‘real men’, real ‘red pill’ men is ostensibly why they’re still single – no man is actually ‘red pill’ enough to satisfy their hamstering and thus, it’s not they who have the problem, but rather the men who lack the balls to live up to those expectations.

A great piece, and I spoke about this on my podcast on Wednesday.


The vindication of cheese, butter and full fat milk.

While the narrative that cheese and butter are dangerous is changing, it also remains true that dairy isn’t necessary for children or adults. A diet rich in high-fiber plants has more than enough protein and micronutrients to make up for a lack of dairy—and the vitamin D that’s added to milk can just as well be added to other foods, taken as a supplement, or siphoned from the sun.

Oh bullshit, go and blow me. The mincing little ponce just can’t resist adding this in there at the end, can he. Not only is dairy awesome for you but, EAT MORE LARD!


10 ways women ruin the gym.

A woman who was 20 pounds overweight once told me she was worried about working out because she didn’t want to get ‘too bulky.’ I told her it was too late for that and she took that as a compliment. Touche, madam. Touche.
Women don’t understand how the body works. For example, women: you have to arch your fucking back if you want it doggy style or else it doesn’t work. Get a clue.
Also ladies, working out won’t make you bulky. It won’t make you thicker or heavier or make your big ass bigger. Buying a puppy, however, and shoveling healthy snacks down your craw, and gossiping with your friends about celebrities all day will. Cigarettes come with a warning label. Why doesn’t American Idol?

Nothing else to add to something so perfect.


Courtesy of Rollo in the linked article up the page we get this thing of horror:

I’m an expert in the field of love and relationships because of my experience as a marriage and family therapist and mental health counselor with over 1,000 clients and 13 years of full time experience!

Blow me, no, never mind; I’m good. I’m not into delusional part-time meth addicts.


I nicked this from The Great One after I pointed out to him that it was pretty incredible that a sexual assault victim advocate center was making its clients share a bathroom with men.


Fat positive activism. Really.

The “pain,” “suffering” and “agony” of fat people is “inflicted” by thin people who are motivated by fear, Ali Thompson informs us. You see what extraordinary rhetorical jiu-jitsu is required by this effort to stigmatize thinness, to depict thin people as oppressors inspired by malign motives, responsible for “the pain inflicted on fat people.”

Let’s tick off my hatred account, shall we. Like my cock, it’s getting longer by the day.
Intelligent, (ie, not fucking retarded.)
Right wing.
Believes in two sexes.
Good looking.
Can hold his drink.
Not fucking gay.
Did I mention white?
And not fat.
Let my fitness cause you angst and pain as I reject your fat ham-hands from ever touching my perfect form.



Are you an Amazonian citizen?

You really gotta cringe at the third person anthropomorphizing corporate lingo. “Amazon applauds”, Amazon chastises, Amazon feels bad for the border beanlets, Amazon extends its condolences to America, Amazon loves gay play!…
And how fucking Orwellian is “Amazonians”? Krist, the hair is standing on the back of my neck. Jeff Bezos is a creep! And his company is staffed by sociopaths. Citizens of Amazonia thank you for your leadership on this cheap Indian H-1B labor open borders issue. Lord Bezos is feeling poor today! Your sacrifice lifts his spirits! Pay no attention to the wastage of your once high trust nation, a pittance to pay for His Lord Bezos’ Prime Happiness and your buttplug instant deliveries.



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