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Men are attracted to youth and beauty, not careers and power.

The continuing disaster that plagues so-called “educated” women is the discernible and disturbing lack of any men willing to put up with their shit. A “new study” supposedly proves what those of us in the manosphere have known for quite some time.

Career women find shortage of ‘eligible’ men in marriage market.

It’s pay-walled so I’ll link the good bits.

They outnumber men at university, but a generation of high-flying women are now grappling with an unwelcome outcome: it’s hard to find eligible men whom they consider to be good marriage material.

The problem is not so much the men’s lack of commitment or poor relationship skills but the shortage of men with degrees and higher incomes, according to a new study.

Even when women can’t get their act together to nail down a bloke, it’s still our fault for their hopelessness. The article was written by a man too. Probably trying to suck up to some chick in order to play hide the sausage. Fat chance, mate.

It states: “Unmarried women, on average, are looking for a man who has an income that is about 66 per cent higher and a likelihood of having a college degree that is about 49 per cent higher than what is available.”

Vague dreams of equality go right out the window when it’s some tart’s potential to remodel the house multiple times over the next few decades that’s on the line. Of course, women have succeeded in driving any men with half a brain out of universities, so they’re on a hiding to nothing as regards to the degree part of the marriage prerequisite.

But it seems that the writer of this dross has at least stuck his nose into our neck of the woods.

For women, marriage often involves “hypergamy”, the process of “marrying up”. But it seems many women have failed to adjust their expectations as their personal fortunes have risen.

Hypergamy is in parentheses so as to underling its inherent false value. The very idea that women might seek to marry up is appalling, although this comes right after the article has explicitly stated that women want a guy with 66% more cash than they earn.

Hmmm ….

Harry Benson, research director at the Marriage Foundation, a pressure group, says: “The marriage market may be further skewed against high-flying women because potential male partners are still predisposed to ‘marrying down’.” Susanna Abse, a psychoanalytic psychotherapist, says both sexes have played a part in creating the problem.

“You have got high-status, high-income men who can choose from a market of well-educated women and then you have got a lot of ordinary men whom women don’t want because they don’t meet their expectations,” she says.

The cognitive dissonance in this quote is incredible.

Ladies, if you’re listening, let your humble manosphere commentator enlighten you on your little dilemma. You see, the reason that you can’t find a high-flying guy is not because we’re predisposed to marrying down. You women have expectations of us men. As the article states, you want the moolah and the credentialism. Your mistake is assuming that we are attracted to the same things that are on your bucket list.

Au contraire, we are attracted to youth and beauty. Those are the two items that are at the top of our bucket list and we will get as much youth and beauty as our dosh and fancy-pants degrees will allow us.

Your problem is that you have squandered your own youth and beauty on the futile pursuit of those attributes that you desire in men, namely careers and power. It is somewhat baffling behavior on many levels. For example, in order to come up with a similar tactic in the male camp, ie men who chase youth and beauty attributes for themselves, then you’d have to turn to the homosexual community. They’re obsessed with being young and beautiful.

So now you have careers and earning potential and yet you’re looking for a mate who has the same. It doesn’t make much sense when you think about it. Not only are men searching for youth and beauty, but in general we are repulsed by women with careers and power. There are very few women who can successfully pull that off and still retain their femininity, their feline charm, their grace and their female mystery.

And before you all start jumping to conclusions, you’re not one of those very rare women.

Look at Ann Coulter. Top of her game, a conservative woman, wildly successful and yet …

Single. Stone cold motherless single, without any vague hope of ending the single pain. She was beautiful once … and young …

Australia has been going wild about Lauren Southern; well, she better get hitched and knocked up while she still has the two traits that we’re after or it’s going to be a guaranteed future of posting cat pics on Instagram.

Might women be prepared to adjust their expectations? The academics say some high-flying women may be prepared to “marry down”, but caution that the weight of research suggests that, given the choice, most unmarried women choose instead to remain single.

There’s no choosing going on, sweethearts. Your only choice in this whole tragic farce was the choice you made to put careers and power before any hope of personal happiness. You swallowed the “we are women so we can have it alls!” Kool-Aid.

Well, you can’t have it all. Suck it up, buttercups.

Oh, and you don’t have careers either; you have lousy jobs. Something that we’ve done for you since time immemorial. You’re welcome.

One last thing:

Benson says: “Better educated women quite rightly means the bar is rising. Smarter women deserve smarter men.

Education doesn’t make you smarter. You don’t get any more intelligence points. If you’re all so smart, how come you can’t even convince a man to put up with you?


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  1. earl

    ‘Australia has been going wild about Lauren Southern; well, she better get hitched and knocked up while she still has the two traits that we’re after or it’s going to be a guaranteed future of posting cat pics on Instagram.’

    She chose her path…and these women may not want to admit it, but they chose their’s too.

    It’s all fun and games when they are young and beautiful…they have to pay the piper when they lose both.

  2. Allen

    Here’s a rough scale to help the womyn, kind of like a BMI scale. So you want to catch that high earner guy. Well, if he’s in his early 30’s and you want him to make 66% more than you that probably puts him in the top 10% of income so you need to be at least a 9, top 10%.

    Now ladies here’s where the rubber hits the road. It’s age and beauty. So for every year you are younger than him you get a point. 9 years younger 9 points. You take your looks score and average it with your age score. If you are his age and an 8 you score a 4. Cue the cats.

    Or you could adjust your expectations accordingly.

    • Sean F

      @Allen: The HB scale is logarithmic, not linear. (Actually it’s close to linear for girls of 16, but in the modern West, girls in the middle and upper classes are a decade or more away from marriage at that age). For marriageable women age 24-28, nines are not 10% of the female population, they are maybe 2%.

  3. MatrixTransform

    The dirty little secret is that there are many men that are both hi-vis wearing and swearing, but university edumicated as well. Though maybe not always higher degrees,

    I know several who are Computer Science/Electricians or FridgeMech/MechEng, or Accountant/Plumber, or Painter/M.English Lit.

    And yours truly, a sparky, can program in 5 computer languages

    get yourselves a decent tradie girls.

    They’ll renovate the house, and move yr furniture … if you get what I mean.

    Though, most tradies dont care much for precious little whiners.

  4. Post Alley Crackpot

    Yeah, about Lauren Southern …


  5. bob sykes

    “Hypergamy” means specifically having multiple sexual partners, and it has nothing to do with “marrying up.” Confucius wrote something about the importance of rectifying the names.

    • Citation? That’s not the definition.

    • Nick Mgtow

      I HATE it when people misuse that word! Hypergamy means dating/marrying up!

      Nothing else, nothing more!

  6. purge187

    I see a “#metoo” in the future of the article’s author.

  7. Paul Joslin

    Better educated women quite rightly means the bar is rising. Smarter women deserve smarter men.

    And more desirable men ‘deserve’ more desirable women. Ladies, we don’t desire what you’ve got. I compete all day in the outside world. When I come home, I want a complementary woman, not a competitor. There is literally nothing you can do for me that I cannot either do for myself, or hire out, except for love and support me.

    • MatrixTransform

      If it fucks, flies or floats….cheaper to rent

    • Elmer T. Jones

      A man wants a wife, not a co-worker.

      • Screwtape

        Or a travel buddy, drinking buddy, roommate, business partner, sports buddy, or co-parent to a boston terrier.

        The cultmarx programming is tight. I meet women all the time who push on the rope of projection – and have been for years. They just dont get it.

        In their darkened hearts, maybe. But their actions plod into the quicksand of their misplaced expectations time and again.

        Meanwhile, they rack up their count and their emotional damage by choosing to share top men (tinder/bumble) – or even just the potential at a top man instead of doing the relatively minir work of understanding male desire, what they are asking, and their realistic place in the market.

        When they say “equal”, they mean better. They inflate their own value (not young, not attractive, not feminine) and claim faux humility in desiring an “equal partner”.

        Lately ive been running into women my age (45). They still think we are a match becauae they are in the top 5% of 40’s women. How quickly they forget when they were 28 and were no-strings banging the 45 y/o sales guy with the nice flat right on the beach.

        The goldfish memory of SMV is somethjng yo behold; in the rearview all they see is their peak SMV. Some kind of quantum redshift theory no doubt.

  8. TechieDude

    I read a piece awhile back, and for the life of me can’t remember where it was, or where I initially got the link, and I’m too lazy to do more than a simple google search.

    A woman wrote a piece that basically said that Girls have been lied to. They should teach, in health class, that if you want to have babies, the optimal time is in your 20s. And, if you want that and a husband, the best time to get that is when you are in college. You’d never be surrounded my more eligible males ever again. Certainly not after years of work.

    Too much candor for your average feminist, she was excoriated, as I recall. And clearly, the piece has been tossed into the interweb memory hole.

    I see nothing wrong with telling girls how their physiology works, and how the men will view them in the marketplace.

    I myself told my daughters:
    1. Guys are pigs. Sure, go date them, but until age 25, they are only after one thing.
    2. Many guys never grow out of #1.
    3. If you want kids, it’s best to have them before you’re 30. You figure how to do that.
    4. Marry within your race & religion. If you’re devout Catholic, you won’t have to explain or defend your faith to your spouse. (Both learned this with boyfriends)
    5. “Eyes on the prize”. Black dudes love blonde hair, blue eyed girls like you. Don’t think for a second they want a serious thing. And, I’ve known few that didn’t have 2-3 girls in rotation. They compartmentalize better than any other guys I know. Rest assured, you aren’t exclusive if you date them. That particular field is striped way different.
    6. You have a kid, you are done. The kid now comes first. Whatever you do, from that point on, just became geometrically harder. (And I wasn’t short of real life examples either)

    I’m about to have another conversation with my youngest about how the rules play out now that she’s out of college.

  9. TechieDude

    I must know half a dozen dudes in their 40s that are single, some divorced.

    They are all monied. Well established in their fields, Make good coin. Matter of fact, lacking gambling, drinking, or drug problems, they make more money than they’d ever need to support their lifestyle. So it gets stashed in the bank, or investments.

    To every single one of these guys, established-power-women in their late 30s are invisible. They are all looking for the 20 something chick with the gymnast body. And getting them from time to time.

    Don’t get me wrong. They’ll happily screw that power exec. But wife-up? Never. There’s always something that turns them off. If it isn’t attitude, it’s the body (ass getting to big), or the powergirl lifestyle.

    Every conversation goes something this:

    “So, whatever happened to that chick I saw you with?” Dude – she’s a freak. Heh heh…I still see her sometimes. Say, your daughters friend…whatsername…think I could come over sometime to meet her?

    They just aren’t on their radar. I know at least two that blew off something the woman wanted to do to fuck off to Alaska to fish. Why? Because they can.

    “Women need a man like a fish needs a bicycle”. Right. These dudes all see powerwomen as casual entertainment, but flat out not worth the misery that comes with.

  10. Red Pill Wisdom

    Men and women need to remember that youth and beauty are just the ‘tip of the iceberg’ that women need to attract men; to make any future relationship with her worth the risk of interacting with her, women also need to genuinely have a positive, loving personality along with (at least) honor, humility, dependability, faithfulness, and the unselfishness and selflessness that is needed to make a healthy relationship work.
    Unfortunately, the majority of Western women nowadays don’t only NOT have these qualities, they have the complete opposite of them.
    Why would any sane man interact with a young, beautiful harpy who is also narcissistic, confrontational, arrogant, and filled with hate, with a feminist ‘chip on her shoulder’ the size of Utah, who would also think nothing of cheating on him, stealing from him, and lying about him (like most women nowadays)?

  11. Someone

    Yes, ‘educated’ women are typically the most asinine with their demands. I wonder how many of them want a man that makes more than them but totally oblivious to the economic realities and then vote left for Obummer or Hildebeast.

    I’m on POF sometimes for the entertainment value in my part of the country (USA). Funny are 50 year old women who post ‘I deserve the best’ or ‘won’t settle’. I could create a blog with some of these things. I sometimes troll the women for fun.

  12. Your point that “There is no choosing going on” is dead to right.

    Even as they discover no man wants them these career driven wall-hitting fish bicyclers still manage to hamster wheel themselves into believing they are making a choice, not that men have no interest in them.

    If anyone has a desire to go farther into this pit of despair may I suggest the book Date-onomics, How Dating Became A Lopsided Numbers Game by Jon Birger. I did a whole series about this book. It’s about this very topic. And it’s fascinating.

    1. Very well written.
    2. Loads of data. You want data to support what Adam says above? You’ll find it in this book.
    3. The author Jon comes to exactly the wrong conclusion.

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen one man have so much data pointing dead at the truth (truth: competent men don’t want to marry wall-hitting cock carousel riding career driven fat women) and still get it wrong.

    But to tell these women the truth would violate the Prime Directive. And we can’t hurt the feelz of the strong and independent wall-hitting fish bicyclers now can we boys? So man up and marry these women. Or else your a misogynist.

  13. “[More educated] women deserve[sic] [more successful] men”

    …who deserve hover cars and teleportation booths. Which don’t exist. But hey, whatever.

  14. ccscientist

    Why are men attracted to youth and beauty? Because in our DNA we are interested in procreation even if we deny it. It is having children that has determined men’s preferences. A 40 yr old, no matter how witty, probably can’t have kids. Fat gives off a signal of “already had kids” even if they haven’t. Ugly gives off “not going to produce good children”. All the female traits that women themselves emphasize (nice butt, nice legs, small waist, shiny hair) all indicate fertility and proper hormones. A muscular aggressive woman probably has too much testosterone to have kids.
    Why do women want men who have wealth and status? Same reason: it increases their chances of successfully raising kids. Think about the middle aged guy who is still bagging groceries–can he support a family? No.

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