Incoming dumb-ass comments alert.

Just a heads up to all of the cohort here that my snippet on Jordie yesterday has been picked up as a linkage of the day by Chrome Content for some bizarre reason.

So brace yourselves for the mindless drooling of Peterson fan boys. You all know the drill.

Jordan Peterson’s psychobabble.

Vox Day links to an article about Jordan Peterson’s deceitful tactic of attempting to redefine words when it suits him in order to mask the meaning of what he is supposedly attempting to say.

Communication becomes extremely difficult if we allow ourselves repeatedly to be drawn into a labyrinth of semantic distinctions. That is precisely why there has to be some fundamental agreement about what words actually mean at the beginning of any conversation. This is something Peterson can be particularly bad at doing, when the mood takes him—just listen to his excruciating two-hour conversation with Harris that never managed to get past the disputed meaning of the word ‘truth.’

‘When the mood takes him’ is an extremely generous way of describing such opportunistic behavior.

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The afternoon nap.

It’s so far been one hell of a summer here in Holland, with temperatures staying in the high twenties for months now, beautiful blue skies and an absence of rain. Last summer when I arrived it was wet and rainy the entire time. Cold too. The Dutchies complained about how the climate was changing and how summers used to be hot and blue skies all the time.

You don’t say?

The problem is that much like Australia is not set up for cold, The Netherlands is not set up for heat. There are no air-conditioners in the offices in which I work, and those on the top floor are getting close to unbearable. Outside on the fire ground yesterday I was actually struggling somewhat, and this is from an Australian who takes some pride in his ability to withstand the heat.

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Women killed comedy.

The Other McCain brings my attention to a so-called female stand-up comedian who reckons that the comedian part of the act needs to go – SJWs are killing comedy.

Gadsby is a lesbian and in her Netflix special, to quote Wikipedia, “Gadsby uses the piece to deconstruct the nature of comedy and asks the ‘straight white male’ to undergo the same tension that marginalised people go through every day. . . . She explains that some are brought up to hate themselves, while others are brought up with the license to hate others.” Oh, what a festival of fun this SJW rant must be!

In other words, the more accurate way to describe what Gadsby does on stage would be a stand-up SJW or a stand-up activist. But we already have those in abundance; they’re called college professors.

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Apparently the way to fix immigration is with more immigration.

What have immigration and the minimum wage got in common?

The correct number for both is ZERO.

According to our conservative party masters in the Liberal party government, the correct answer to the question of “stop the immigration because our cities’ infrastructure are getting destroyed” is to destroy the remaining working infrastructure around the country.

Turnbull tackles population amid concerns over quality of life.

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