Friday hawt chicks & links – The far-right extremist edition.

Good afternoon my fawning sycophants and mindless followers who worship every utterance that falls from my mouth and who leap to my defense at the slightest provocation, spewing venom and bile as they mercilessly hound and run down whomever would be so foolish as to merely glance in my general direction, let alone criticise anything that I might say.

Oh wait, sorry – that was the Jordan Peterson followers’ soundbite. My mistake, my mistake. It gets a bit confusing out here in guru-worship land. I got myself all mixed up there. Sorry, my guys are the ones who come here for the hawt chicks and stay for the smart-arse commentary and rollicking wise cracks and stuff. The good stuff. The good old stuff.

Lots of that to come. Brace yourselves. Strap in, strap it on, and shut up. We’re on a ride here. A ride to the nationalist right. Take it away, boys!


Fringe extremist hate-monger @SarahJeong hired by the New York Times.

Sarah Jeong is a Harvard Law School graduate who hates men, heterosexuality and white people, not necessarily in that order:

The New York Times’ newest editorial hire has a history of racist tweets against white people.
NYT announced on Wednesday that they hired Sarah Jeong to join their editorial board. Jeong previously wrote for the Verge and authored “The Internet of Garbage,” a book about online harassment and free speech.
Shortly after Jeong’s hire, Twitter users unearthed old tweets in which she expressed an extreme distaste for white people

An individual who wrote a book about internet harassment turns out to harass white people? Say it aint so, Mary-Lou.

Oh my God, this is crazy! I mean, who will the NYT hire next??

New York Times Stands By Recent Editorial Board Hire Joseph Stalin Despite Criticism Of Mass Murder

Upon the announcement of Stalin’s hire, thousands of readers pointed out that Stalin was responsible for the deaths of up to 25 million people. But on Thursday, The Times released a statement saying that editors were aware of Stalin’s sordid past before hiring him, and that it would not be bowing to “right-wing outrage” over “just a few million deaths.”


The phases of Geekergate, plus countermeasures.

1. SJW CRITICISM – A popular IP is criticized by SJWs for being racist, sexist, misogynist, homophobic, and a smattering of other things.  This will often manifest in media articles and academic papers which push this false narrative.  This phase can take place over the course of years, or even decades.

There are 20 phases in total. It seems to me that this guy has come up with these without being aware of Vox Day’s two books on the subject. Truth is universal.



American Depravity.

Two Americans get married. What could be more beautiful on their special day?

But did you also notice that the “he” and the “she” are a little off?


The (((groom))) is a F2M tranny. The bride is a M2F tranny.

But the most depraved aspect of this photo is found in the children who are seated up front and center, forced to imbibe this evil and pretend it isn’t disgusting, their innocence and unobstructed ability to discern Truth from Lies and Beauty from Ugliness utterly stripped from them by the satanic spectacle.

It’s a cult, and like all cults it must subvert and then destroy. The next photo was also taken at the “wedding”.

Real life zombies, and just as dangerous in their own way.


Rush celebrates 30 years broadcasting and takes a mystery call that turns out to be from the President.

I caught a little bit of Rush’s show while I was driving. He played some clips from his early days as a disc jockey. There were little asides about hippies and women’s liberation. Nothing nasty, just enough to show he was paying attention to the wider world and maybe wasn’t just another guy on the radio.

He also talked about how long it took before he enjoyed any whiff of success. I didn’t realize he was just another guy for so many years.

It’s great that he persevered. The country is better off for it.

That gives me hope to persevere.


‘Gender equality’ achieved in Canada.

A quiet afternoon stroll in a west-end park earlier this month turned violent for a Toronto rapper, who says he was attacked by two men and a woman for being transgender.
Saye Skye was playing with his cat in the park on July 16 when he asked a group drinking near Bloor Street and Ossington Avenue to stop littering.

Playing with his cat in a park? Who the fuck does that? Oh, and a busybody as well. How did that end up for her?

Skye said he asked the man to use a nearby garbage bin instead, recalling how his cat got one of its feet stuck in an empty beer can in the park only days earlier.
“It escalated in a second and one of them punched me in the face. He started saying, ‘You know who you’re f–k?ing talking to, f–k?ing tranny?’” he told CBC Toronto.



Why women hate sex.

This can be proved in a quick stroll down the checkout aisle at your local market of groceries — a place thick to the rafters with women. Take a look at some of their magazines and you will no doubt see a running theme: ‘Ten Ways to not suck in bed’, ‘Six Things to do to Your Man that aren’t Lay There Like a Futon’, and ‘Honestly who gives half a fuck about socks being on or off? Jesus Christ that’s pathetic’.



13 thoughts on “Friday hawt chicks & links – The far-right extremist edition.

  1. purge187

    The women (?) in that “wedding” photo look strangely like they’re giving an actual Nazi/Fascist salute. Stands to reason, I guess.


    1. Sjonnar

      Really? I thought they kinda looked like religious loonies – transported by fervor, hands reaching vaguely toward the object of their worship, eyes glazed and faces slack in their delirious ecstasy.

      Like JBP fanboys, I guess is what I’m getting at.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you for linking to my Phases of a Geeker Gate! Due to recent events, I do have to update the list to now include SJW physical violence to the mix.

    Would you take the time to explain to us the scientific difference between the Far-Right, the Extreme-Right, the Uber-Right, the Ultra-Right, the Alt-Right, and the NeoCon?

    “There are 20 phases in total. It seems to me that this guy has come up with these without being aware of Vox Day’s two books on the subject. Truth is universal.”

    I came up with them by observing SJW misbehavior, much in the same way that Marty Stouffer observes the friendly otter in its natural habitat.

    Although you’re correct, I was unaware that Vox had written two books on the topic. I’d be interested in reading them if you could post the links. But remember, in the real world outside of the Collective, more than one perspective exists. So there’s always room for one more opinion.

    Universal truth can often be affected by perspective. It’s why we study foreign languages. Other languages represent alternative perspectives of reality. And then of course we have the observer effect, whereby merely observing an experiment will alter the outcome of the experiment. So universal truth isn’t nearly as concrete and unchanging as many would like to believe.

    For instance, here’s some basic questions that you can ask yourself about the Nazis and/or other forms of fascism:

    Did the Nazis support a Constitutional division of powers, or did they consolidate centralized power?

    Did the Nazis champion deregulation, or enforce strict regulation?

    Did the Nazis support limited government, or big government?

    Did the Nazis support free markets?

    Did the Nazis support free speech?

    Did the Nazis support religious freedom?

    Did the Nazis promote private firearms ownership?

    What is your perspective on the Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact?



    1. First time commenters have to wait for approval, sweetheart.

      Would you take the time to explain to us the scientific difference between the Far-Right, the Extreme-Right, the Uber-Right, the Ultra-Right, the Alt-Right, and the NeoCon?

      Fucked if I know. The alt-right is dead, killed by a progressive democrat called Richard Spencer. I am of the nationalist right.

      Although you’re correct, I was unaware that Vox had written two books on the topic. I’d be interested in reading them if you could post the links.

      Search for “SJW’s always lie” and “SJWs always project.”

      What is your perspective on the Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact?

      Your Nazi questions are without merit. This question is interesting. The Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact was an agreement between Stain and Hitler to divide Europe. Stalin betrayed the pact by waiting 2 weeks to invade Poland, citing “operational issues”. Thus the Western powers declared war on Hitler, and not on Stalin. Stalin waited to invade Poland until the last minute. Hitler was bogged down and had essentially run out of artillery shells. Stalin had to invade to relieve the Wehrmacht. Over the course of the war Stalin conned the Western Allies into siding with him against Hitler. WWII was a war to promote Communism, and Hitler lost. The Allies lost too, they just didn’t realise it at the time. Everything was set in place by the Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact.

      I liked your piece on the phases of Geeker Gate, as you call it. I was involved with GamerGate from before it even officially began. It’s good to get different perspectives on things.


  3. Allen

    We had #1 grandson with us for part of the summer. Though most of those subjects you listed are well beyond him at this point he is into the outdoors and nature bit. He’s definitely an alpha with my dogs, and he’s got the horse thing down. I am hopeful on the rest of it.


  4. Someone

    As an American I despise Rush Limbaugh. A bought out establishment whore. He had his chance to support Ron Paul in 2012 given alleged love for the US Constitution. He can eat lots of poop and die for all I care.

    The funny thing about Nazis is that though they had a totalitarian streak, the soldiers could certainly think on their own as opposed to ‘showing activity’ like the Russians. You would have to have some really good training and innate smarts to succeed in the ways that they did. Too bad Hitler would not let the general just do their job.


    1. Ideological purity will destroy us in the end. Never mind that Rush has brought conservative ideas into the mainstream for thirty years. Never mind that before Rush there was no conservative talk radio and you had to get all your news from the big three networks. What really matters is that Rush didn’t support X which is my litmus test for a REAL conservative. I would posit that Rush has done more to advance conservatism than crazy Ron Paul.


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  7. Love the “is your kid Alt Right” graphic.

    “He started saying, ‘You know who you’re f–k?ing talking to, f–k?ing tranny?’” he told CBC Toronto.”

    What do you want to bet that this is completely fake and made up. Like 99.9% of all hate crimes that make the national media in any given western country.


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