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The 25th million Australian – there will be war.

Australia has reached a population of 25 million and The Australian newspaper reckons that they have found the 25th million “Australian”.

He’s one in 25 million – ‘a gift to Australia’.

When Australia’s population hit 25 million, it was not ­entirely clear whether that would be through migration or birth — so Indian-Australian couple Shravanthi and Anil Vooturi had a bet each way, welcoming a healthy baby boy at Sydney’s Westmead Hospital.

A fitting example of the 25th million “Australian”. You can’t even make this shit up.

The pair’s story — migrants who start a family here — is the overwhelming theme at Westmead, where 70 per cent of women who give birth are born overseas.

Australians are a dying breed now that the invaders are flooding the country and out-breeding the native population.

Ms Vooturi said she hoped her son’s life in a multicultural Australia would involve being treated equally and he would “treat and look after everyone the same way”. “It doesn’t matter what their ­religion is,” she said.

I see war on the horizon. A bloody and brutal war based on race and religion. The type of war that over the story of mankind has been fought countless times. It doesn’t matter what religion he is, now. When Indians or the Chinese hit 51% of the population then it will matter very much indeed.

The Sarah Jeong story tells us all we need to know about what Asians really think of whites.

In the blossoming race war, Asians are never in the discussion, because white people just assume they are on the side of Team Whitey.

All of a sudden one of the model minority has revealed that she hates white people as much as the black street hustler. Even more disturbingly, the people known for eating dogs apparently think white people smell like dogs. It adds a whole new element to what the coalition of non-whites has in mind for us once they get total control. More important, this white hating Asian migrant is defended by so-called conservatives.

Whites just assumed that the Asian immigrants would be happy with the “honoree-white” badge. The Asian immigrants pretended that this was the case.  In Australia they will continue to pretend until they feel safe enough to start declaring that the existence of whites is offensive to them. We’re not far away from that now.

This woman and her child are not Australians. They have to go back. If they and their ilk do not it will eventually mean war. History proves this prediction. The onus is not on me to prove that it will happen. The onus is on the supporters of the multicultural disaster to prove that it will not. They can not do so for the simple reason that history does not have one example of a situation where diversity + proximity did not equal war.

Because they can not prove their claim they will resort to the cry of “racist!” and “Fascist!” and “Neo-Nazi!” and the like. They have nothing else with which to argue. But I do not care for their ad hominem attacks. I wear them with pride. As should you. Take the opportunity to do so before your “Indian-Australian” betters decide that you’ve had your spot in the sun.

As the whites in South Africa are now discovering.


I no longer believe in free speech.


Podcast #89 The creeper episode.


  1. Rpro

    They appeal with platitudes until they become the majority. Mark my words. We hope to find equality and peace for our children really means, don’t run us off until we have a chance to stand or ground and fight you. I don’t seek adversity with anyone, but in not naieve to peoples’ motivations and cultural solidarity.

  2. Stephen Ippolito

    Thanks for highlighting this important issue, Adam.
    It’s all over the media here in your homeland right now and every single mention of it just presents it as an unalloyed positive to be celebrated.

    No discussion at all is allowed of the objective, (race-neutral), issue of just how many people the driest and most highly-urbanised land on earth can and should accommodate – just mindless, lockstep celebration that we have been enriched by far more non-white faces than previous generations of Australians would have stood for.

    Naturally, every single news agency covering the story chooses to display a non-white face as the token 25 millionth baby. Can’t have a bub with a European heritage spoiling the story and bringing us all down.

    Interesting thing: the gym I train at each morning has the bank of tv’s set to one of the big morning “fluff” shows and kept referring to this joyous landmark as having been “helped” by immigration. The word was surely selected carefully and for a reason. I was a lawyer for 30 years and made my living with words – but so do journos so the word they went with is important.

    When you hear or read the word “helped”, one naturally thinks of a mere assist or minority contribution by immigration to the increase. But that is untrue in this instance. They’re lying to us – openly.

    Rupert Murdoch’s Weekend Australian recently informed us in its July 28-29 issue at page 22 of its “Commentary” section that our population is growing by about 380,000 per year with migrants accounting for no less than 240,000 of that figure. This is a lot more than a mere “help” to that increase is it not? It’s well over half of the total. That’s the majority/chief component of the annual increase, no?

    Like you, I reject the stupid, bigoted, arrant nonsense we are daily fed that Australia has no culture of its own or that if it has then it is a culture not worth preserving: “the black arm band” view of Australian history.

    The Leftists simply can’t logically argue for that position while the rest of the world fights to get here – or for that matter into any other western nation originally settled by Europeans and still largely maintained by their descendants. Human traffic flows into the West and not the other way for good reason.The lack of logic doesn’t stop the Left attacking us and our culture because they don’t respect us enough to care what we deplorables think.

    I love our country’s traditional culture and its traditional majority European-based demographic and mourn its inevitable passing but I take comfort in the advice of one of the most red-pilled of American Presidents, (and a personal hero of mine), Teddy Roosevelt.

    Speaking at the dawn of the 20th century he noted a decline in births of the native populace which he saw a grave national ill that he hoped would reverse itself but went on to say that if a people do not have the will to preserve themselves in their own land then they do not deserve to keep their country and should move over to make way for more virile replacements.I can’t argue with this. I see no popular sentiment brewing for change in the status quo so like your wise mate, Cappy, I am just going to enjoy the decline.
    Keep well, Adam.

  3. Mr Black

    It’s a disgrace that the people with the skills to do something about it are sitting on their hands.

  4. John C

    The problem is that we are living together and pretending to get alone due to wealth in the country being high. The titanic may of already hit the ice and we are living on borrow time due to no one talking about it and voting politicians who only care for GDP or Global Warming and not race or culture. As soon as the food runs low or prices of goods sky rocks Australia like any other multi-cultural and multi-racial in history as soon as the pressure breaks, people will join their groups or be force to. The ones that refuse will be taken advantage of. What comes after, no one knows until it happens

  5. Dave

    With Melbourne a great success for the settlement of Africans, rural towns are now being specifically targeted for enrichment to help eliminate white pockets of civilization.

    I swear these whites must all be mentally ill…… but it’s always the same types of whites…. females and limp wrist-ed males who are selling the country and our race out for the sake of a few feels.

  6. Dave


    After discussing this article with a buddy a thought….. is this really the 25th million? the more I think about how the left and their media lie we can’t be sure…. most gov depts are now heavily staffed by non-whites and lefty females here in Oz, so don’t put it past them to concoct this as an attempt to promote their diversity and replacement agenda by fudging things, we all know the media and gov lie through their backsides pathologically nowadays.

    Perhaps they are just trying to push more propaganda onto the normies who are stupid enough to believe it.

  7. earl

    How many Australian women are having kids compared to the non ones? Europe? US?

    We can debate all day about what causes demographic death….but that has to be the main reason. Western women either delaying or outright refusing to get married and have kids.

  8. Dave

    That’s two very sobering posts in a row Adam.

    Surprisingly few comments for the above article on ‘The Australian’. I’m guessing it was heavily censored, but some of mine managed to get through somehow.

    How this could be considered a feel good story by any rational Australian is beyond me. Surely something in the back recesses of their conscious kicks in when they see that picture? Especially when salt is added to the wound with the headline…

    Keep up the good work Adam.

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