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Podcast #89 The creeper episode.

The one where I describe the most annoying type of driver on the road.

Also, 90% of people can’t do their jobs. Or life. Or just about anything. So take advantage of that if you want to get anywhere.



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  1. Lockwood

    I have a question for you Adam.

    What type of profession would you consider interesting enough for someone to have that would immediately make you sit up and notice?

    • Adam

      I can’t think of anything. Professions don’t interest me; people do.

  2. TechieDude

    I hate creepers with the fire of a thousand suns.

    I can’t fathom why in the hell someone would stop so far back at a light. And when they are the first person at the light, I want to get out of my car, wave my hands pointing at the sensors, and scream we’ll be here for days unless you hit the sensor.

    And when they take off, sweet jesus, I can’t count how many times a day I’m screaming WAKETHEFUCKUPYOUIMBECILE! I swear, if I still had my motorcycle, I’d split lanes to move into the gap they made every time.

    Every now and them when I pull past, I have to see what this doofus looks like. And wouldn’t you know, they are nose down into their mobile, oblivious.

    So we have a dipshit, not particularly skilled or practiced at the art of driving. Doesn’t know the rules of the road, doesn’t know where they are going and how to get there, and isn’t paying attention in the first place.

    The law should be such that if you happen upon one of these nobs, you should be able to counsel them by wailing on their car with a flail.

  3. TechieDude

    I had an incident while on jury duty that intersects “Can’t you just do your job” and dipshits who can’t drive.

    The dude in question was arrested for DUI/DWI. He failed the sobriety check (slightly), and he refused the breathalyzer or blood test. The only reason to do so is you know you’ll fail, ipso facto – guilty in my book. You also sign a form when you get your license in TX that says you will submit to such tests if stopped by the law for DUI/DWI.

    This is what I pointed out in the jury room. This wasn’t some huge civil rights thing, he refused and the only reason to do so is self evident. I had a lady juror who couldn’t fathom this concept – “But he had to sign that to get his license!”

    Yes, and in doing so submitted to the test he refused. “But…he had to do that to get his license…”

    No concept that a drivers license is not a right. It’s a privilege you earn from the state, and keep based on certain conditions. Our job is to see he pays for not doing that. We should do our job.

    They make licensing too easy, and do not enforce penalties hard enough.

    We ended up letting him go because all but two of us couldn’t wrap our heads around what the laws meant, and what obligations we had as a civic duty. They made me foreman. I remember telling them we could fry him, or spring him, I’d sleep like a baby regardless. He may not have gotten a conviction, but his trouble with DMV/DPS and insurance was just starting.

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