The Good Wife and I have enjoyed many fine hotels together over the years. We don’t go on holiday very often but when we do we like to make it count. But the absolute best hotel experience that we have ever had is without doubt The Lombok Lodge on the island of Lombok in Indonesia. A 5 star boutique hotel, it only has 9 suites which are served by 75 staff. The hospitality, cuisine, location and architecture and design of the hotel are without fault.

The room that we stayed in for 2 amazing weeks.

Unfortunately the island has been hit by 3 earthquakes in a very short period of time. The most recent tremor did most of the damage. While the hotel survived unscathed, almost every one of the hotel staff lost their homes. Some lost family members as well. We holidayed there over 6 years ago but there has been very little staff turnover in that time. The manager, head chef and my favorite barman are all still there, along with many others. All of them lost their homes.

When I was there I enjoyed a private cooking session with chef Jiwa, who turns out some of the best food that I have ever enjoyed. It saddens me to hear that they have had their lives turned upside down in such a way. I have never used my site for fundraising purposes but in this case I am making an exception. Any donations of any amount will be greatly appreciated by the staff. And if you are thinking of a future luxury holiday, I cannot recommend the hotel and its wonderful staff enough.

Gofundme link to make a donation. 43 grand raised as of this moment.