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“‘People are bad. People are evil.’ I don’t buy it.”

The progs are the hardcore side of the lefty coin. The majority of lefties are simple and stupid folk who believe that the world is full of love and laughter and that everyone really wants to be nice to one another. They also tend to hold a narrow worldview that consists of believing that the entire planet is more or less the same as the street in which they grew up, and that as such they will be treated by everyone with warmth and love and respect, with the goodwill overflowing like hippy love bangles at a Beloved Festival.

And so the intrepid adventurers head out, to find the great solace of human companionship. And in the beginning they get lucky and find some of it too. Or perhaps it wasn’t lucky at all; perhaps these random acts of kindness simply served to reinforce their ridiculous and naive beliefs.

To travel around with this level of dumb naivety is one thing. To document it on social media is simple attention whoring. If you’re going to go then just go. But these clowns also wanted the warm fuzzie feels not just from the people that they met but those who were living vicariously through their leftie world pilgrimage.

Well, a few weeks after sharing this tender moment they were both dead.

However, just over a week ago, on day 359 of their life-changing trip, it all came to a horrific end when they were cycling with a group of other tourists on a scenic stretch of road in southwestern Tajikistan.

They were travelling along the Pamir Highway, a Soviet-era road that stretches across 2000km near the border with Afghanistan and has spectacular views, when a carload of men who are believed to have recorded a video pledging allegiance to the Islamic State group spotted them.

They sped towards the group of tourists, rammed them, jumped out and attacked the cyclists with knives. The horrendous slaying was captured on grainy footage from the attackers — who also took the lives of one Dutch and one Swiss national.

I don’t know about you, but a stretch of road in southwestern Tajikistan is not the kind of place that I would be cycling around thank you very much. And this is coming from a guy who lived in Uganda for a couple of years. Bad things happen in those kind of places, and it must be a very terrible experience to truly discover just how isolated such a stretch of road can be. Traveling without a weapon in such a location is taking dumbness to new levels.

I once had a girlfriend who expressed a desire to travel solo from Egypt to South Africa, hitching her way through the entire African continent. I told her that she was a fucking moron and that if she ever decided to do such a trip then that would be the day that our relationship ended. She got angry and stated that this was her dream. I laughed in her face and said that she had shit for brains. For some reason we broke up not long after. Weird.

“You get a feeling of wanting to give back, not just to this person who has welcomed a stranger into their home, but to the wider world,” Mr Austin wrote on his blog. “You become someone who wants to welcome others into your home. You become a merchant in the gift economy.

“You’re led to believe that the world is a big, scary place. ‘People,’ the narrative goes, ‘are not to be trusted. People are bad. People are evil.’ I don’t buy it.”

It’s a pity that he wasn’t buying what we’re selling. In the end he just bought it.




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  1. earl

    For some reason the leftist mindset seems to blind them from the fact evil is real…or if they do experience any ‘evil’ it’s because a person disagrees with them. In your case you were trying to protect a gf from the things that happen in Africa…but she probably saw it as patriarchal oppression from her unicorn rainbow dreams.

    • purge187

      The Marxist mindset nowadays is basically, “They’re alright as long as they ain’t White.” Folks like this and Corrina Mehiel had to find out the hard way that we cis White males just might not be responsible for the extinction of the dinosaurs after all.

    • TechieDude

      I like how he brought up the parent’s viewpoints. I can say from experience, even with daughters that hold traditional values, it’s an uphill struggle against the culture and obliviousness of the millennial peers. They are taught this pap all their lives. Their lack of street smarts is shocking.

      The older daughter did a stint with Teach for America. I reviewed the list of where they wanted to send her, and told her to stay away from the large major metros, especially the broke ones. She wouldn’t be appreciated, and probably hated, among her peers. She lasted a year, and came back with a newfound appreciation for her old man’s viewpoint.

      The younger is about to head off to grad school. Of her five choices, only one or two was in any city I’d live. She picked the best of the worst, and not the one I suggested.

      But what do I know? I only worked in the trades in awful neighborhoods when I was their age. I tell them stories and they think I’m making it up because old racist.

  2. Andy

    Like that dopey mare that decided to fly to Turkey and then travel solo through the Middle east to prove that “not all muslims are like that”.
    She was raped and murdered before she even made it out of Turkey.

  3. Lockwood

    Are there any other tales you can tell me of moronic western naivety you witnessed in Uganda when you were a river guide?

    Also where they shocked when you told them no it’s too dangerous?

    • Adam

      You mean apart from the tales I told in my books?

      • Lockwood

        Guess I’ll have to buy your books then.

  4. I saw that cycling story and have relished telling it to others. It beautifully illustrates the all-too-common flawed thinking of mentally ill leftists.

    It’s similar to the stories of self-hating Europeans who end up beaten, raped or murdered by the peaceful refugees they invited in their millions from third world hell-holes.

  5. Someone

    Man, if only these libtards would go to some ghetto black or MS13 infested neighborhood here in the USA and tell us how that works out.

  6. These people got what they deserved – just as England and France did, during World War II.

    How can anyone reach adulthood, and think of the world as a grand place, and its inhabitants as fine and decent – jut waiting to be loved?

    What on earth is: ‘giving back’? If a company moves to a particular town, and manufactures products at once useful and popular, what is there to: ‘give back’? Au contraire, it is the residents of the town who should be thankful for what has been given them: new jobs, increased prosperity, and products that in one way or another, make their lives more pleasant. Moreover, with taxes extorted from the new company, there may even be room for civic improvements, after the politicians have lined their pockets.

    If I have been a delightful dinner guest, there is nothing to: ‘give back’. Dinner in return for my company. (Of course, I should reciprocate, and hope my friends would make the evening as enjoyable as I made theirs.)

    • When they talk about “giving back” they’re using something they don’t understand that they pulled from Christian theology/philosophy. They mistake much of what they do for charity when it’s nothing but another way to say “look at me.”

  7. Allen

    Why yes Virginia humans are apex predators. Which I suppose you might say is not really evil in and of itself, but you still end up dead if you don’t realize that.

    At least they were probably attacked with culturally authentic weapons. So there’s that.

  8. That whole region is a mixture of tribes, clans, and ethnicities; with inter-communal tensions going back generations. It has an ultra interesting spiritual and cultural heritage. We in the west forget that Christianity reached China and the whole of central Asia was at one point a highly civilized Nestorian empire before the arrival of Islam. Yazidi, proto-Zoroastrians, Sufi, Christian orthodox, Buddhist and of course Islamic influences abound. Some faiths are now mere relics, some are living cultures, others marginalised and despised. The cities, archeology and sheer beauty of the region are legendary.

    The historic reputation for fearsome warriors and violence is all well known. Anyone thinking of going into the region would need proper guides, probably armed, and a serious male presence in their entourage as well as an understanding with local warlords or chieftains. It is the height of folly of these women and their parents to have endorsed this course of action. But it also points to the delusional feminist leftist view of the world in which the west is evil patriarchy and central Asia, with actual clans, polygamy, blood feuds, underage marriage and “bride stealing,” is in some ways superior.

    Of late I am beginning to see politics in terms of mental illness. The cognitive dissonance required to hold conflicting opinions is hard to reconcile with rational or immature thought. The natural desire to see the world and experience other countries and peoples before settling down seems to have been swept up with an oikophobic and racist blindness to the risks that must be managed. The idea that you can “Simply cycle” around the world with limited consideration of war zones, enmity to westerns and oppression of woman. comes from the same stable that celebrates the migration of unvetted single Muslims men into European nations.

  9. Klaus

    A bloke did something similar to that twenty (twenty-five?) years ago in Germany. He had the idea to walk to Russia (?) with no money and wrote/telephoned about his experiences to the local paper.

    The more East he got, the more people told him to quit – that he’d be murdered for his belongings.
    Finally he was told it so often that he did quit…sorry! I Forget how far he got.

  10. Dave

    Yet another cautionary tale to share with the deluded amongst us.

    I sincerely hope the enablers of these twits such as their parents and social media ‘friends’, understand the role they played in bringing about their gruesome deaths.

    One would hope that they all henceforth dedicated their lives to stopping others from repeating this folly.

    More than likely though, they will cling to their dogma and no doubt virtue signal their piety by inviting the butchers ilk into our lands to help build ‘understanding’

    • purge187

      There’s no helping them. Remember Tamara Cincik, the Feminist bitch who bemoaned the fact that two middle-class White men didn’t intervene when she was accosted by an “Asian” man on a UK train?

  11. TechieDude

    It’s all fun and games until the mooslims run your group over with a truck, and shank any survivors.

  12. Moritz Kraemer

    Vox Day always says it’s more important to believe in the devil than it is to believe in God. I think I just figured out why

  13. Andy in FL

    In Churchill’s The Story of the Malakand Field Force he describes the tribalism in the Northwest Frontier in the late 19th century. Things have not changed one iota in over a hundred years.

    The naivete of those cyclists reminds me exactly of those who voted for Hope and Change in ’08.

    It’s the same mindset that attacks negative book reviews on Amazon, because saying negative things is all, like, icky and bad.

    • Lockwood

      “In Churchill’s The Story of the Malakand Field Force he describes the tribalism in the Northwest Frontier in the late 19th century. Things have not changed one iota in over a hundred years”.

      I was first introduced to the tribalism of that region when I read a book during my youth that my father recommended to me called The man who would be King. Rudyard Kipling I believe.

  14. Someone

    The other group just as bad as leftist are open border ‘libertardians’. I’m baffled who the libertarian movement became a multi-cult institute as well.

  15. Most libertarians have not yet figured out that a libertarian system works exclusively when the vast majority of people in it wish to be libertarian. Let in enough socialists and your system stops being libertarian.

  16. Derrick

    Good post Adam,
    The ignorance most people have of other cultures is absolutely astonishing. My family and I visited, let’s just say, a “third-world country” and they thought simply because they spoke the native language of said country automatically made them experts in the cultural and social norms of the area, despite the fact they don’t fucking live there! Despite all high rates of murders, rapes, and robberies they decided to act like total jackass americans in a foreign country. Luckily nothing bad happened, but that’s definitely the last time I travel with them.

    By the way, when is the next Greasy Pole coming out?

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