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Feminism is socialism

Socialism always fails because of the incentive problem.

Feminism is socialism for the family unit. It also fails because it removes the incentive for men to participate.

When I say fails what I also mean is that it succeeds. It was designed this way, because the ultimate goal of feminism is the complete destruction of the family unit.

That’s what the original adherents had in mind. Most of those participating in third wave feminism don’t have a mind to speak of, seeing as their brains have been rotted out from years of indoctrination at universities, an indoctrination which their tormentors made them pay for.

Mao had nothing on this giant con. No doubt he is tipping his baggy hat in recognition of true mastery.

This quick thought-bubble of a post was inspired by a comment from regular commenter Earl that Spawny referenced:

Feminism for women is like socialism for Marxists…we just haven’t done it right yet or men have continued to screw it up yet so we need to double and triple down on it.

That’s when I realised; feminism is socialism. There is no comparison going on here; the two are one and the same. The only difference is one of scale.

Remember this the next time some stupid Western upper-middle class white woman declares herself to be a feminist in front of you. The correct response is to mock her for being a hypocrite.

Earl says that a doubling down is on the cards. In reality, feminism has been doubling down every 6 months for the last 5 years. There is no end to the doubling down as that leads them to their goal. The only way to stop them is to go all Salem on their arses. Take the leaders and all of the main participants, (as well as any females with blue hair), and burn the lot of them at the stake. Cleanse it with fire.

Women will rejoice.


Of course the earth is flat.


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  1. Feminism is also an instrument used to advance socialism by eroding the old social system.

  2. Moritz Kraemer

    I dont worry about feminism anymore. Then again, I live in the Islamic Republic of Germany.

    • TD

      Aren’t they helping to let them in and stay?

  3. Dave

    I think it was Krauser who said feminism is just a sexual trade-union for the redistribution of mens resources from hot women to the fugs of society who would normally get by-passed.

  4. Feminism is for those with a distorted sense of humour.

  5. Allen

    They are certainly made up of people with the same sort of mindset. Marx said that capitalism was needed to create the means for production, but he assumed that that would just continue with no incentive. Lenin famously said “the west will sell us the rope to hang them with.” He forgot that the Soviet Union had no means to purchase the rope. Feminists assume that they can act in any manner they see fit and men will want what they are offering. I think it’s a mental disorder.

    Isn’t every guy looking for a blue haired harridan, who will probably infect him with an STD, or is too old to have children? You can’t sell what no one will buy.

  6. Phil B

    There is this:

    The whole series is one long mockery of feminism and the white knights.

  7. Sam

    Margaret Meade – Frank Boas – Communist.

  8. “Feminism is socialism for the family unit. It also fails because it removes the incentive for men to participate” – great line and great article. Thanks for sharing!

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