It’s a late late late edition because I have been sick sick sick. A week of the flu has not been fun. Combine that with my trip to Italy and a 12 hour drive each way, plus rafting, mountain biking and excessive consumption, and when I got home on Tuesday I just about fell over. I was at home all day yesterday but I just didn’t have any energy or inspiration for the hawt chicks thread. And if you’re going to do something then Goddam it, you better do it right or not at all. People have expectations of the hawt chicks thread, and quite rightly too.
I have expectations of not having to blow brown stuff out of my nose. That’s right – brown. Admittedly that was only the one time, yesterday, and I recognised it as the last stage of the yuckiness.
Moving on, shall we?

It’s been a big week in politics in Australia with the conservative government finally ditching the horrible narcissist Turnbull whose sole aim in life was to be the prime minister. Not lead the nation; be the prime minister. There is a world of difference between the two. One is to serve while the other is self serving. They were set to replace him with Peter Dutton who would have been a worthwhile choice, but at the last minute he was rolled by Scott Morrison. While not in the same camp of narcissistic delusion as Turnbull, Morrison is still in it for the glory more than anything else. Expect pretty much more of the same useless thought bubbles as the country sinks.
Watch the announcement of the new cabinet and count the number of useless women that Morrison appoints. The chicks have all been passengers over the events of the last week:

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s leadership was all but destroyed when 13 Coalition MPs threatened to vote in parliament against his latest global-warming scheme.
Not one of those 13 was a woman.

You can bet your ball bags that this trend continued all throughout the leadership spill proceedings.
There will be a small iota of hope for Morrison if he brings Abbott back into the cabinet. But probably not. What would your old mate Prime Minister Adam do if he had to pick his cabinet? The list would look something like this:
Prime Minister, Treasurer, Defense minister, Minister for border protection, Attorney-General, Minister for agriculture, Minister for foreign affairs.
That’s it. Gone would be all of this lot. The mass of politicians would be told to go and do what they were elected to do which is to represent the needs of their communities.
The next thing that I would do would be to reintroduce mandatory conscription. Once that was under way I’d then cancel all welfare. The two are interrelated in more ways than one. After that I’d abolish the Reserve Bank, all of the commissions, withdraw from the UN and all international bodies of their ilk, raise defense spending to 10% of GDP, outlaw all religions except the Catholic and Protestant churches, abolish income taxes and reduce taxes to businesses to 5%, cut all red tape from doing business, expel immediately any immigrant convicted of a crime as well as their entire family as well as confiscate all of their property and donate it to the victims of their crimes, stop all immigration and leave all decisions on potential immigration to the minister of border protection, force the state governments to drastically reduce the costs of releasing land for new housing, outlaw all environmental groups and withdraw from all climate treaties, remove all subsidies for energy, and order a fancy new prime minister jet.
Vote Adam?


The new Battlefield V game set in WWII has been released. It has Asian women serving in the British army among other ludicrousness. The comments on the trailer are epic:

I have fond memories of my black transgender lesbian grandmother telling me about that time she stormed Normandy…


Ever since I was a kid watching the likes of The Longest Day and Where Eagles Dare I’ve fantasized about raiding occupied Norway as an Asian transgender pirate.


Tried to pre-order, too uneducated, accidentally pre-ordered a car instead.


Do you get a diversity bonus for adding enough non-white men in your company?


I showed the reveal trailer to my Grandad. A man who fought in France. He said… “Is that a female?” “Yes grandad” “Is that face paint?” “Yes grandad” “Does she have a prosthetic hand?” “Yes grandad” He then took his glasses off as his eyes filled with tears and said… “I lost so many friends in Europe during that war. They weren’t ’friends’ at all. They were my brothers. And I miss them everyday.” He wiped his tears away and finished by saying… “I’m sorry, I didnt see any women with claws wearing face paint….but I saw a lot of dead men. Is this what people think happened? Because it isnt.” I patted him on the head and simply told him… “You’re uneducated.”

#GamerGate was not only right, we underestimated just how bad it was going to become.


Cappy tells you youngsters once and for all how to get girls.

And the real kicker in the nuts is if you had invested in yourself and become the best version of you you ever could, you would have gotten more high quality girls in the long run than you’d find in a thousand years gaming at night clubs.  You simply cannot afford to waste your time chasing women – your life and success with women depends on it.

It’s great advice, but the vast majority of men who need to listen to it and follow it will not do so. Why? Because they are lazy.


8 year old girl walks dog around the block, police and child services investigate the mom.

“It is distressing that DCFS continues to be unlawful in targeting reasonable parents,” said Redleaf. “Letting a child walk the dog isn’t a dangerous decision that needs to be penalized—with the risk of the parent losing their job if they land on the child abuse registry—it needs to be encouraged in order to help children grow into responsible adults.”

Why is this happening so much? It’s because they’re from the government and they’re here to help.

…those charged with investigating child abuse and neglect cases say it’s important to thoroughly check out all allegations, and it’s hard to create a system that doesn’t have at least some level of subjectivity.
“We want to investigate … because you just don’t know,” said DCFS spokesman Neil Skene. “You also don’t want to say (to the public), ‘Don’t call us unless it’s serious.’ There are all these other cases where we say, ‘if only someone had called us.'”

If you create a department, stuff it full of public servents and task it with finding stuff, then it will have to find stuff whether it exists or not. Not finding stuff means no justification for their employment.


Vox Day skewers Jordan Peterson. It’s beautiful.



Aging single mum sues dating service over lack of interesting men.

Three questions come to mind:
Have aging single mommies always been this delusional?
If not, what changed in the aging single mommy extended universe to lead them marching straight into the abyss of self-delusion?
If so, what culture constraints in the past helped to keep a lid on aging single mommy delusion?
Naturally, this being Clown World, she won her lawsuit.


Tim Newman has a piece on another chick in a similar position. I laughed out loud a couple of times on reading his accurate dissection of the situation.

Hang on a minute. Your entire shtick is you’re a successful, educated single woman who’s over 50, yet your entire savings were a mere £6,000? And what the hell were you thinking in handing over this sort of cash to a dating agency? Does this sound like a suitable life partner for any man, let alone a smart, successful one?

Gawd, my sides …
Rare STD reported in England.

A rare sexually transmitted disease that causes flesh-eating ulcers on patients’ genitalia has popped up in England, the Lancashire Post reported.
An unnamed female patient, who lives in Southport and is between the ages of 15 and 25, reportedly was diagnosed with donovanosis within the last 12 months.
Donovanosis, which is spread through sexual intercourse with an infected patient, or by coming into contact with a patient’s infected ulcer, is typically seen in India, New Guinea, parts of the Caribbean, central Australia and southern Africa.

Hmmm …… Have fun on Tinder!



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