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Surrendering our male spaces.

Dalrock writes about the story of a young woman who is supposedly conquering the male domain of American football.

As Dalrock observes, she is keen to present herself as just ‘one of the boys’ even though she is most decidedly not one of the boys at all. He is also clear in his assessment that the end goal is to make sure that football can no longer be seen as a way for boys to prove that they are men.

And then there is this:

And she hasn’t yet demanded an expensive remodel to all of the high schools her team might play; she shows up for away games already dressed.

Two days after the story of the girl who just wants to play with the boys we got a major headline article in The Australian titled, Backyard revolution: Girls at forefront of $35 million cricket plan.

The article begins with a setup. The premise is that cricket is in trouble because parents are too busy or something even though no evidence whatsoever is presented to back up this troubling assertion. But soon enough the real story emerges.

Add to that the problem that most facilities were constructed when the needs of the few women foolhardy enough to play were not considered.

Belinda Clark, who played in that time and who has spent the past 18 months exploring the challenges the game faces, has an ­interesting take on the change-room situation.

“A lot of these facilities were built 50, 60 or 70 years ago and were all geared toward males, so we have a bit of work to do to make places more appealing for our female players,” Clark said.

“If we want to be a sport of choice for girls we need to make sure that when they show up to play it feels like it is their place and they don’t feel like they are walking into a borrowed space.

It’s a very short swing and a miss from girls just wanting to be able to join in the fun to redefining the entire grass roots foundation of the sport so as to be able to accommodate the wymens on their “sport of choice.” The obvious setup that the “sport is in trouble” is merely the excuse to formally begin the process of taking it away from the domain of men.

“There are not many houses that have urinals in them. Nobody builds a bathroom at home and decides to put a urinal in it. It’s a societal thing that needs to change.”

I suppose that pretty soon men will be a societal thing that needs to change as well.

Nothing is safe once women are invited into a space. It will be changed to accommodate their requirements; it is a matter of when not if. What follows in the article are outlines for the expensive remodels of cricket clubs all around the country. Spaces that were for men to enjoy playing the game in the company of other men, and which created a crucial environment for boys to make the journey into manhood by the process of being guided by older men, are now under threat. As was intended all along.

Nothing is sacred, nothing is sacrosanct. No male activity will be spared the careful examination and eventual subjugation and demolition by the matriarchy. And no doubt in a few years this same newspaper will run a heartfelt article on the disturbing lack of any ways for boys to mature into manhood.

What we see in these two stories are examples of the beginning of a subjugation and the middle journey of that same process. For a complete subjugation try the Boy Scouts as a perfect example. This is what awaits the gridiron communities of America.

A comment on the Youtube video left by a woman is illustrative in how men are shamed into surrendering their hobbies, sports and spaces:

Why the down votes? Dudes feeling a little emasculated? Come on.

Every single time.


Somewhat related, Australian women’s footballer dies after on-field collision.

Margaret Varcoe, the Adelaide-based sister of Collingwood AFL player Travis Varcoe, has died in an Adelaide hospital after suffering an accidental head knock during a suburban women’s Australian Rules football game last weekend.

Thus far the comments are uniform at expressing how sad this situation is. I assume that the moderators are purging all the comments expressing the view that this was entirely predictable.


Good whites versus bad whites.


Friday hawt chicks & links – The denial edition.


  1. MatrixTransform

    “Why the down votes? …”

    lol, rhetoric doesn’t beat brute force.

    this isn’t scissors, paper, rock.

    careful your bullshit doesn’t get heaped upon yr own shoulders woman.

  2. earl

    ‘Why the down votes? Dudes feeling a little emasculated? Come on.’

    And it’ll be the same type of women who complains….’where have all the good men gone?’

    Women dont want to get in to compete or play…they want to get in to emasculate.

  3. Adam: This is totally O/T but I thought you’ld be interested.Concerning Abo “culture”…

  4. TechieDude

    This is the best piece I’ve seen on the football player:

    This school isn’t all that far from where I live. Basically on the other side of the airport from me. Texas is a big football state, and high school football is super competitive.

    And, she apparently is playing cornerback. A 6’3′ 220lb or bigger tight end or running back is going to clobber her. And, as an aside, this is a large high school. Tell me there’s not another male that wasn’t a better pick.

    The only way she makes it through the season is on the bench. We won’t hear what happened, unless it’s in the local neighborhood paper.

    • TechieDude

      A great comment from that link I posted that is essential background history:

      “This entire situation smells of BS. Southlake Carroll is a known HS football powerhouse around here. People literally move their star athlete kids to Southlake to position them for college and the pros. This is also a pretty well-to-do community. There is no way that she legitimately made that team with all of the boys (who are all in shape and good athletes) jockeying for positions on that team. Absolutely no way. Using Occam’s Razor it was entirely political because either: (1) daddy was able to pull some strings (influence peddling); or (2) it is otherwise a political statement by the school or coach.”

    • Adam

      Yeah, read that piece as well. Excellent as always.

  5. Kristopher

    My football club has recently modified the showers from traditional open plan to fully enclosed cubicals. It completely destroys the ability to bond with the boys after a game. An essential rite of passage into manhood, gone.

    • TechieDude

      I don’t know, man. I don’t have any fond memories of communal showers. At best, it was something we had to use.

      Even now in the public rec center I frequent, the communal showers are where the old geezers socialize. Not a pretty sight.

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