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Friday hawt chicks & links – The denial edition.

Another Friday another hawt chicks & links to brighten up your springboard into the weekend. That’s what I’m here for, that’s why I get paid the big bucks. I scour the internets to unearth specimens like these:

Dick’s Sporting Goods Has a Fever, and the Only Cure is Getting Woker and Going Broker.

Apparently this sporting goods chain had decided that Trump voters were low-lifes, and since Trump voters overwhelmingly purchase guns as opposed to pansy lefties then the natural thing to do would be to discontinue the gun sales. That’ll show you nasty Trump voters!

The Wall Street Journal notes that Dick’s is “bucking” a national trend of retailers making gains in this booming, enyugening Trump-fueled economy, by losing 4% year-to-year among comparable stores.

Or maybe not …

Ace also had this to say:

As some very corporate conservatives are fond of saying: Facts don’t care about your feelings. That you pine sentimentally for the days when Corporations Were Your Friends doesn’t change the actual fact that corporations have been pressured by the left to be political enforcers for the left, and therefore have been turned into the left’s agents, seeking to do you harm.

It doesn’t necessarily require legislation to do something about this, which many Corporate Cons pretend it does so that they can screech “You can’t just start passing laws to make corporations do what you want!!!”

Well, actually, the left has proven that is not even remotely true; they’re always passing laws to threaten corporations and turn them into their semi-willing catspaws.

But laws and threats of laws aren’t actually necessary; what is necessary, however, is for conservatives to apply perfectly-legal and perfectly-constitutional social and market pressure to corporations that have all but declared them Enemy.

I agree, but there is also something else to consider. There is a very clear line that separates leftists from those of us on the right. Leftists are lazy parasites while we tend to be hardworking savers who put back into the economy. In other words, leftists are perennially broke, (and what little money they do have goes straight to the latest Apple gadget), while our side tends to have disposable income.

To make up for their woeful purchasing power, leftists make a lot of noise, a great deal of noise.

Chair of the California Democrat Party Calls for Boycott Of In-And-Out Burger over $25,000 Donation to Republicans

The sheer lunacy and hypocrisy of this statement is beside the point; it is what it is. This is the new reality. Be of no doubt that leftists everywhere will take up this call to arms against the good folk of the In and Out burger chain. This is because this is what they do. Far from this being a disaster for In and Out, it is a wonderful opportunity, as long as they don’t buckle under pressure.

Because our side has the purchasing power. It’s short term versus long term power, folks. The leftists have the short term power which only works if their opposition panics. But we have the long term power which will always work when used correctly against the horde. The only thing we have to do is to make sure that these corporations know that we have their back. The best way to do that is to go and buy stuff from them.


The subjectivity of harassment.

One way a company can deal with this problem is as simple as it is obvious: Don’t hire women.

This is the great irony of sexual-harassment law: Originally conceived as a way to bring about “equality” in the workplace, to a surprising extent it has had the opposite effect, creating incentives to discriminate against women in hiring. Say what you will about white males, employers are at liberty to treat white guys like crap, without fear of being targeted by a “civil rights” complaint, whereas if you say anything a female or minority employee may consider offensive, that’s a lawsuit.


Let’s stay on the subject of devious women, shall we? Via XYZ magazine,

‘I paid my half in everything but I still get called a gold digger’.

We’re about to go out to lunch. My partner opens his wallet, pulls out some cash and I squash it into my purse self-consciously before shoving it away. When we arrive, I order as little as possible and try to pick the cheaper items on the menu. When the waiter brings the bill, I pull out the cash for both of us. It’s unlikely anyone even noticed me get my wallet out. Once home, I give him back the remaining cash. I know the gestures are pointless and feel even worse now that the money I’m paying with is no longer my own.

It’s a not a great example to begin with if you’re claiming that you paid half in everything, is it. It only gets worse from there.

Now let’s put both of these stories together, mix them around a bit, and what do we get?


Anyway, at least feminism is evermore efficient. For today there is no need for a woman to marry a rich man for his money. She can simply accuse him of sexual harassment, then sue. And if feminist women heroes fail to inspire, there’s always the example of womanly men like Nimrod the Toady.


Finishing up on the theme of dumb broads, it doesn’t get much dumber than this:

“I didn’t expect to be treated like a piece of meat.”

So says ex-camgirl Jenny Blighe complaining about her first experience shooting a commercial porn video, asserting that there should be a #MeToo movement for women in the porn business.

Excuse me, but maybe if you don’t want “to be treated like a piece of meat,” you should avoid that line of work?


Of course, most of the ladies quoted in these links will go on to become crazy cat ladies. Or not …

Cats to be banned in a New Zealand town.

Ali Meade, biosecurity operations manager for Environment Southland, said the proposed plan would prevent people from purchasing any new cats — and require owners to neuter, register and microchip any current felines they have at home, the newspaper reported.

Eventually even the crazy cat ladies fall victim to the endless march of the prog busybodies.


A view of the Gulf of Naples by Josephus Augustus Knip

A detail of this painting forms the cover for one of my favorite classical albums:

I also admire van Gogh, particularly his work The Starry Night. Even better when it’s got bacon in it.


Vox Day has another livestream on the ongoing madness of Jordan Peterson. Vox is discovering that the best way to wean Peterson fanboys off their crush is to simply quote Peterson’s words to them. For example:

I dreamed I saw my maternal grandmother sitting by the bank of a swimming pool, which was also a river. Her genital region was exposed dimly. It had the appearance of a thick mane of hair. She was stroking herself absentmindedly. She walked over to me with a handful of pubic hair compacted into something resembling a large artist’s paintbrush. She pushed this at my face.  I raised my arm several times to deflect her hand. Finally, unwilling to hurt her or interfere with her any further, I let her have her way. She stroked my face with the brush gently and said, like a child, isn’t it soft?


This week’s long read is by Ron Unz over on his American Pravda series. Holocaust Denial.

The steadily growing economic and political power of organized Jewish groups, backed by Hollywood image-making, eventually won the visible war and crushed the Holocaust Denial movement in the public arena, enforcing a particular historical narrative by criminal prosecutions across most of Europe and severe social and economic sanctions in America. But a stubborn underground resistance still exists, with its size being difficult to estimate.

Fascinating stuff. I had always assumed that the selection of the smear ‘denier’ by the climate hysterics for their opponents was to tar them with the same brush as the Nazis, which obviously makes no sense at all but it’s Globalists so whatareyagunnado? But now I am beginning to suspect that they selected the term because it has already worked so well for them in the past. Food for thought.






Surrendering our male spaces.


Women are beginning to acknowledge that they cannot have it all.


  1. Moritz Kraemer

    Vox Day recently suggested that what we call the Holocaust may have been partly comitted by the USSR. Hes nit sure, but he makes a pretty good case here:
    This could also explain why the American NeoCons are so obsessed about going to war with Russia. Maybe they’re still pissed about the Holocaust.

  2. Allen

    I still get the chills about sexual harassment suits. I dodged a bullet once. I had hired this young lady for the main office of my company who was of the hawt chick variety. She was a good efficient employee. But, some of the male employees started to have their brains leaking out of their ears. The young lady came to me one day with a complaint that she was having trouble getting her work done due to interruptions by some of the male employees. No one had done anything untoward, just talking with her. That could have gone pear shaped instantly, but it didn’t.

    That could have been construed as a hostile environment, and attempts to correct it don’t carry much weight either. So, why take the chance?

  3. TechieDude

    Dick’s most certainly stepped on their dick. And I’m not buying that “Under Armour started selling to more places” bullshit. If memory serves, that product line was being sold at Academy long before Dick’s even existed here.

    My brother had a line that sticks with me always – “What I buy and where I buy it is the one vote I get that counts”. I already hated Dick’s before, and where I live competition is fierce. I’ll go to a Cabela’s or Bass Pro long before I’d ever darken the doors of a Dick’s.

    And all there CEO had to do was tell the lefties – “Yes, it’s embarrassing that the lunatic bought a gun from us. But he did so legally. Mental health can be a problem to resolve, and until we resolve it in this country, there’s lots of things lunatics are doing that they shouldn’t”

    Drive for one, IMHO.

  4. TechieDude

    So these bitches only want sexy, good looking guys to compliment them?

    What if you don’t know you aren’t good looking/sexy? or to good looking/sexy enough to them?

    I know a lot of guys that are nowhere near GQ material, that make up for it with personality.

    I’ve been using the word cunt a lot more lately. Funny that.

  5. Axis Sally

    When a woman marries a man for his superior exchequer rather than his superior genes, she loses.

  6. There will be no boycott of In-And-Out Burger. The guy calling for it was backtracking rather quickly when the backlash against the boycott picked up steam.

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