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How to quell your inner racist.

I caught a brief article in my news feed about three handmade golliwog dolls causing some controversy at the Royal Adelaide Show. By controversy what we mean is that some SJW whose antennae were primed to seek out and unearth all acts of horrible racism discovered the dolls and then did their very best to cause as big of a stink as possible.

The part that I liked the most is that the three dolls won first, second, and third place in the judging – a clean golliwog sweep!

But the lunacy of the story aside, the thing that caught my eye was the attached video that goes with the piece. (Incidentally, if any of my dear readers knows how to save and permanently embed that video, please let me know in the comments.)

The video is a short clip designed to guide people on the best ways not to be racist. Really. The only sound is some abstract music with the messaging being delivered by captions on the screen. The first caption is the following:

Most of us don’t WANT to be racist.

A few things are implied here. Some of us DO want to be racist; I wonder who those nasty people could be? But the bigger message is that you’re a racist whether you intend to be or not.

Here’s how to make sure that you’re not accidentally part of the problem.

The not so subtle threat is that your implicit behavior is bad and must be corrected or you will become a problem, and nobody wants to be a problem now do they. What do we try to do with problems? We try to make them go away.

Don’t assume stereotypes such as Asians are good at math or indigenous have drinking problems.

I think the best way to go around countering your inner-racist is to state the opposite of these racist stereotypes. So the next time you meet an Asian, loudly proclaim that you are quite sure that the individual is really bad at math. If they look at you in a confused manner and declare that they actually are good at math then call them a racist. Makes sense to me.

Also, for you kids still at school, any Asian kid that is good at math make sure to inform them that they are perpetuating racial stereotypes so they better flunk their next math test or else.

As for the abos not having a drinking problem, you can attempt the same approach but they’ll probably just hurl their wine flagon at you.

We all know what happens when you assume …

No we don’t actually. What does happen? Nothing at the moment but if the progs have their way then it will be 4am bashing on the front door and haul you off to the re-education camps. They have lots of prior form on this.

Be patient if someone’s English isn’t perfect, at least they’re trying – learning new languages is hard!

So if the Asian uses garbled English that makes no sense, instead of asking them what they mean I reckon the best thing to do would be to just pass them a calculator.

Don’t touch another person’s hair; no matter how different it is to yours!

It’s official – hairdressers are the most racist people in the country. I kinda always suspected it.

Don’t use racial slurs in any context. The words were designed to denigrate a person’s self-worth.

Without watching the video I just want you to imagine what race of actor they chose in the video for this little part here. Hint – if you were leaning along the lines of old male white guy then you get a prize! Remember, only white people can be racist.

Slurs are never funny or appropriate.

Never? Oh noes. Every rap artist and black comedian in history are now not funny and inappropriate. I hope that someone informs them.

Acknowledge the equality gap for people of diverse backgrounds.

There is a helpful image of an aboriginal flag on this one just in case you were unsure of whom your betters are to which you need to genuflect. You must pay penance for your sins of being born into a non-diverse background. Diverse people are more deserving of, well, everything than you. Please give freely of all your stuff.

If you’re called out for being racist, take that criticism onboard. Getting defensive just makes the problem worse.

In case you weren’t sure of what the problem is, you’re the problem. It is not possible for a diverse person to inaccurately accuse you of racism. More of less your very existence is racist on many levels. Also problematic. Gee, I wonder what they have in store for us in the future? I mean, they’ll eventually be satisfied with us acknowledging all of our inner-racism, won’t they? Or will they decide that having all of these self-confessed racists around them is not acceptable after all. Perhaps they’ll want to make the problem go away.

Naw, they wouldn’t do that! I mean, I’ve got a black friend! And my cousin married an Asian girl! We’ll be fine!

The biggest tip is to continue being aware.

You will always be a racist, white person. And don’t you ever forget it.

Not being racist makes the world a better place for all of us to live.

Not having any racist white people around would make the world a better place for them all to live as well I reckon. See? I told you they want to make problems go away.

As far as I can tell this video was put out by the Nine News network. It’s not government generated. This is what the MSM is spending their money on. You just might want to take a moment to think of the real implications here.




Women are beginning to acknowledge that they cannot have it all.


Demanding that a woman do her job is bullying.


  1. earl

    I thought this was funny…but I guess it was racist.

  2. TechieDude

    I don’t know why you’d want to preserve that video, but probably the easiest way to get it is to simply screen scrape it by using a screen recording utility that records system audio, and simple record the video while playing it.

    Myself? I didn’t bother watching it. I don’t buy the premise.

    All four of my grandparents were immigrants, three from Ireland. None were handed anything based on their whiteness. What they did was work their way up the food chain.

    I was given only a roof over my head, food in my belly, and the support of my parents growing up. One of the things they did was insist I make my own way, wherever I was going. Somehow, they’ve turned growing up with two parents, privilege and racist. I had to work low on the food chain to get my start. I unloaded trucks, I cleaned rooms at a nursing home. Shit jobs these SJWs would never conceive of taking. Along the way, I’ve worked with all different kinds of people, most lower class.

    These fools see me as I am now and assume I’ve lived a life of privilege which automatically makes me look down upon a “person of color”.

    I’m not buying into the guilt. And if they want to see racism, they’ll get it by keeping up this silliness. Humans love to blame anyone but themselves for whatever misery happens upon them. There’s a reason most people find themselves where they are in life, and it has little to do with the color of their skin. But I refuse to accept blame whatsoever for any of it.

    BTW – I clicked on the related links –

    A way more illuminating article and comment thread.

  3. TechieDude

    “The biggest tip is to continue being aware…Not being racist makes the world a better place for all of us to live.”

    Humans love to blame others for any misery or bad feelies that befall them.

    It would be a shock to these people that nearly all white normies don’t give a second thought about this or that race, until of course it’s shoved in their face.

    Why in the world would I assume guilt & blame preemptively?

    What this mentality does is make you a patsy, a sucker.

    And isn’t the thought that I, as a white dude, somehow has flourished in the lap of luxury that I would denigrate anyone not like me, racist?

    When everyone is racist, no one is.

  4. This is not just cultural Marxism but it’s also an expression of a deep-seated need to nag, finger-point, meddle, and generally spoil the fun common to English-speaking menopausal womYn. I lived through it with the seat belt laws, the helmet laws, the drinking and driving jihad (which led to random road blocks being “constitutional” – thanks), and of course the smoking bans – from California to Cardiff. It was there in prohibition, a wholly Anglo affair, and in every tyrannical for-your-own-good health decree since – which have worked wonders on the population’s physical condition as you can see.

    French, Italian or Polish wives and mothers simply don’t spend their time organizing to make the men folk miserable. In my experience, this sort of thing has a strong female-run Anglosphere quality about it.

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