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Greasy Pole podcast #7 – The college experience episode.

The podcast is back after a short hiatus! The Great One and I get down and dirty as we stock up our whiskey and firearm supplies and pontificate the news of the day to a backdrop of noisy college freshmen “living their dreams.”

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Shut Up, Wesley: Ceaselessly Annoying Social Justice Warrior and Manchild Wil Wheaton Banned From LEFTWING Social Media Site.

Wil Wheaton sobs about his treatment.

And the quote that we riff on that reveals the stunning duplicitous nature of the prog left or the startling lack of self awareness, or just both.

The notion that “Leftist intolerance” needs to be curtailed is the very reason far-right radicalism has a stranglehold on the entire right-wing of politics in the United States. The paradox of tolerance, as developed by Karl Popper, is playing out right before our very eyes. The paradox is that society cannot ever be tolerant to everything, otherwise the society itself will be hijacked by the intolerant though means of scare tactics and blame.



Demanding that a woman do her job is bullying.


It turns out that men are the ones who can have it all.


  1. TechieDude

    Even if the lunatic dems take the house, which is dubious, they won’t take the senate.

    The house impeaches, the senate tries the impeachment charges. It takes 2/3 vote to remove or even convict. It’ll be a shitshow that will bury the democrats. It didn’t do the GOP any favors when they did it to Clinton.

    I see all this as a vestige of the participation trophy/mulligan culture we suffer in.

    Elections are for keeps. You can’t remove a guy because you and your guys don’t like them. You don’t get a do over. You do it over next time, and try to do better.

    I tell every democrat/lefty I meet that they did this to themselves. By corrupting the primary process (Running a proven loser-criminal, and a socialis who wasn’t a democrat) they cleared the decks of someone that may have won. Shuddup and take it.

  2. Phil

    Adam can you link the 2 cigars that you and the great one talked about.

  3. TechieDude

    Great recommendation for movies, Sideways. Rented it this weekend. Paul Giamatti was hilarious. I wouldn’t have put up with half of what he did. And his beta grovelling was cringe inducing.

    I was thinking the sub plot was going to be “Two post wall women do OK despite themselves” as in most flicks these days. Pleasantly surprised it wasn’t.

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